What’s the Conspiracy surrounding the crash of the Germanwings flight?

I want to say it’s criminal negligence. I really do. For those who haven’t heard, a German flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Düsseldorf has disappeared, probably crashed, around the French alps. No survivors are expected to be found.

The plane in question is 24 years old. It was originally owned by Lufthansa, but sold to a cheap flight company Germanwings (a name I hadn’t heard before). The plane had underwent a check-up Monday, i.e. yesterday, and passed the inspection. This flight should not have crashed. Accidents do happen, but people who ignore common sense and basic safety cause accidents to happen much more often than they should. I call this a conspiracy of criminal negligence, although I’m not saying this is what necessarily happened to flight 4U 9525, but I’m gonna say it’s the most likely cause.

Last year a ferry in South Korea, the Sewol, sank killing over 300 people. Most of them high school students. The accident was due to a conspiracy of criminal negligence: “The 6,825-tonne Sewol had undergone an illegal redesign and was carrying twice as much cargo as it was designed to accommodate – flaws that did not come to light until it was too late. Observers blamed this on collusive ties between ferry operators and regulators that had also enabled the Sewol’s owner to skimp on safety features to save money.” The captain had escaped the sinking ferry leaving children to die, and was sentenced for 36 years in prison.

I think something like this may be the cause of the Germanwings plane crash. However, and this time I really hate to say this. I don’t wanna find any complex conspiracy in this case. There are some suspicious circumstances around the incident.

Finnish YLE news says the authorities deny the plane sent any Mayday message. If the plane encountered serious mechanical failures, shouldn’t they at least be able to send a message? Also YLE mentions that a man living near the assumed crash site, Pierre Polizzi, said he heard a sound, lasting around 8 seconds, but not explosion. The weather was supposed to be decent as well.

BBC says:

“Gilbert Sauvan, a local council official, told Les Echos newspaper that the plane had “disintegrated”.

“The largest debris is the size of a car,” he said.”

How does he know that? I thought they haven’t found the plane yet. How does it “disintegrate”? Like what happened to the buildings on 9/11 according to Judy Wood?

CNN quotes the French president Hollande:

“The conditions of the accident are not yet clear but lead us to believe there will be no survivors”.

What the fuck? Is he a clairvoyant? Or is he just that pessimistic? “I could take a shower, but I would probably just trip on a soap and die, so why bother?” How about some leadership, trying to at least keep the spirits up?

As I was writing this, new news appeared saying they discovered one of the black boxes of the plane at the crash site. YLE just focuses on the black box they found, but mentions only in passing that the hull of the plane was badly crushed in the crash. The news somehow doesn’t make it sound like they actually found the plane, but just a black box.

I thought there are radars and surveillance equipment to track the planes. The plane should be able to send a distress call at least before crashing. It doesn’t make sense how it mysteriously just disappeared and allegedly crashed. Hopefully it all clears out and there will be a perfectly rational explanation for everything. I don’t want this to be another multinational conspiracy. I’d settle for a banal conspiracy of criminal negligence instead.


EDIT: This is bullshit. The time is around 20:00 in Finland as I type this. I’m gonna post an image from Google.


Note the lowest article from Sky News. It was posted 6 hours ago, that would be 14:00 Finnish time. The article repeats: Gilbert Sauvan, from the local council, told Les Echos newspaper: “The plane is disintegrated. The largest debris is the size of a car.”

How did Gilbert and Sullivan know 6 hours ago that the plane had disintegrated? Had he found the plane back then?


Another article from Metro.co.uk repeats Gilbert’s comment too. The comment is timestamped 2:42 PM. Thats’ GMT, I assume. That would be 16:42 Finnish time. This sounds really premature to be claim to know what happened to the plane.



Wikipedia already says survivors: 0. This seems so unreal. They haven’t even been able to land the helicopters there yet.



EDIT 2: Apparently the plane left the airport 30 minutes late. The mother company of Germanwings, Lufthansa, does not know why. They say the incident is investigated as an accident. Everything else is speculation.

I hope the Mr Gilbert and Hollande and these guys would have kept their speculation to themselves too. I hope they’re not trying to pull some story that the plane was hi-jacked by terrorists. I’m not buying it.



EDIT 3: Apparently everyone from the flight is dead. They haven’t shown any pictures of the bodies, or the wreckage (at least I haven’t seen any), but everyone is dead and the plane has disintegrated. Not good enough.

International Business Times says: “It could take several days to retrieve the bodies of those killed in the Germanwings A320 air crash”.

They haven’t gathered all of the bodies together, yet they say everyone is dead. I thought it was customary to find out who is dead first, then see if anyone is found alive, and if anyone is missing. Then pronounce those who are missing to be missing, presumably dead. Apparently this is different since Hollande can use his Palantir to find out the truth.

(French prime minister: no survivors): http://yle.fi/uutiset/ranskan_paaministeri_turmapaikalle_paasty_ei_eloonjaaneita/7887594



EDIT 4: I’m writing this 22:10 Finnish time. Another weird timing issue can be found on Google.


The third article from the top, from Express, says it was published 9 hours ago. That would be 13:00 Finnish time. I think that’s around one hour after the crash or so. However, it already talks about the black box that was uncovered, and shows a dubious picture of debris from the plane. I’m assuming the article was created 9 hours ago, but has been updated after that. The same may apply to the earlier Google pic I posted. However, the earlier article’s url name mentions “disintegrates”, so its content is probably intact. I think if you change the url name, Google treats it as a different page. I could be wrong, though.

Regardless of whether it’s too early for Gilbert and Sullivan to say the plane has “disintegrated” the claim that it has disintegrated is dubious. I’m no physicist, but I don’t think it should disintegrate if it crashes into a mountain or explodes midair. Disintegration sounds like the plane has been shot with some scifi disintegration beam, and I don’t think that has happened. I’m more inclined to think Gilbert and Sullivan is singing out of tune and making things up.



EDIT 5: German magazine Der Spiegel confirms the plane had a technical glitch yesterday with the “Nose landing door”, but it was fixed.



EDIT 6: There’s one video I saw a couple of hours ago that supposedly shows debris from the plane. I’m still saying they haven’t shown pictures of the wreckage or the bodies. The footage shows a mountain with some garbage thrown about. There should be pieces of the hull, bodies should be scattered everywhere, there should be blood. I don’t see any, although the computer I’m using currently has issues with the screen, so maybe this is why I don’t see it. I’ll have to re-watch after I get back to my luxury computer.




South Korea ferry verdict: Sewol captain sentenced to 36 years in prison: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/11/south-korea-ferry-verdict-sewol-captain-sentenced-to-36-years-in-prison

Viranomaiset kiistävät hätäviestitiedon – Turman syy yhä mysteeri (Finnish): http://yle.fi/uutiset/viranomaiset_kiistavat_hataviestitiedon__turman_syy_yha_mysteeri/7887453

Germanwings airliner 4U 9525 crashes in French Alps: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-32030270

France plane crash: No survivors expected, French President says: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/03/24/europe/france-plane-crash/index.html

Yksi turmakoneen mustista laatikoista löytynyt (Finnish): http://yle.fi/uutiset/yksi_turmakoneen_mustista_laatikoista_loytynyt/7887835


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