A Picture tells the absence of a Thousand Bodies


Here are some pictures circulating in the media regarding the alleged Germanwings crash.

Garbage Junkyard Letters Moretrash Planepart Germanwings A320 crashes over French Alps-Dobrindt and Steinmeier TrashcanyonJunk

It mostly looks like trash. Some of them look like plane parts, but where’s the rest of the plane? Where are the bodies? Where is the blood? The Mirror says: “We are hearing that many of the bodies are not in a condition that makes it easy for them to be identified by family.” I couldn’t agree more. The bodies seem to have disappeared into thin air.

This is supposedly from the black box. For all I know they took this thing out of a box to claim it’s from the plane.



There seem to be lots of people there on the mountain doing stuff. They look alive to me. I see cars and helicopters. No crashed plane though.

Mystery Surrounds The Germanwings Airbus That Crashed In Southern France Killing All On Board Media German Airbus A320 Crashes In Southern French Alps A rescue helicopter from the French Securite Civile flies over the French Alps during a rescue operation following the crash of an Airbus A320 Redcars FRANCE-GERMANY-SPAIN-AVIATION-ACCIDENT


Then there’s of course some pictures just try to make you get into an emotional victim mentality. Just grieve, don’t ask why or how.

Hugging Emotionalwomen


For the record, I haven’t heard a single media source say they aren’t showing us the bodies because the sight is so gruesome. They’re just not showing them. Probably for the same reason they never show the Easter Bunny on TV.


EDIT: Here are some pictures of what happens when a plane crashes.

Last year an Algerian military transport plane crashed into a mountain, or hit a mountain slightly and crashed after that. 78 people died, but one managed to survive. The plane doesn’t disintegrate completely.

The Daily Mail wrote:

“-Hercules C-130 was on route to Constantine from the Sahara Desert garrison town of Tamanrasset when it crashed in Oum El Bouaghi province
-99 passengers and four crew members had been on board the plane
-Search and rescue teams have found 74 bodies and just one survivor
-They continue to search the mountainous area but fear the remaining 28 missing people will have perished in the crash”

Compare the last sentence to how the Germanwings incident is treated. It was concluded long ago that the people died. In the Algerian crash they are said to be missing, but feared dead.



In 2011 a smallplane crashed into a mountain in Switzerland. It looks like this.



Here are pictures of some other crashed planes.

The Germanwings plane may have hit the mountain harder than the planes in the pics above, and therefore be more broken, but it should not disintegrate. This is not a videogame.



Germanwings A320 plane crash: Recap updates: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/germanwings-a320-plane-crash-recap-5395227


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