Authorities behaving as if the Germanwings plane crash was a False Flag

I’m not saying it was a false flag, or a hoax, but so far we haven’t seen the plane nor any of the bodies. The bodies are supposed to be scattered all over, and a plane does not simply disintegrate. It leaves a wreckage.

I pointed out yesterday how it’s suspicious how French president Hollande said they do not know what happened to the plane, but expect there will be no survivors. They cannot make the judgement before they’ve actually gathered up all of the bodies, which may take days. Also alps council president Gilbert Sauvan said fairly early yesterday that the plane disintegrated. Was he sitting in his luxury zeppelin over the alps, and just happened to see the plane run into some sort of interdimensional rift that caused it to disintegrate? Sounds unlikely.

Deutsche Welle reports that German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said yesterday: “We must now stand together. We are united in our great grief.” Sounds like more of the “Je suis Charlie” victimization glorification Borg-hivemind psy-op.

When a false flag occurs, opposed to a normal accident, the media and authorities seek to offer people an explanation early on. People are in shock, not using their brain and wanting to find any explanation they can. In other words they are easily programmable. If you get them to accept one explanation in this mentally weakened state, it is difficult for them to question the explanation later. Doing so entails crossing a barrier of strong emotional trauma, which many people are unwilling to do.

Once again, I’m not saying this was a false flag, but the authorities are behaving as if it was. This is highly suspicious.

Other news today is that the black box they found was damaged. From YLE. Convenient for them to not be able to find out certain facts, if need be. Planes have two boxes, the other has not been found.

Also from YLE. The information from the black box has apparently revealed that the pilots were unconscious, yet somehow managed to steer the plane into a steady descent. So had the Joker filled the cockpit with knockout gas, but the sheer willpower of the pilots allowed them to stabilize the plane, although it still hit the mountain from a magical angle that disintegrated the plane?

BBC has a graph on the altitude pattern:

Is this normal during a crash? Maybe the plane was forced to land by someone?

BBC also has pictures of the alleged crash site:

Where is the plane, where are the bodies? How stupid do they expect us to be?



+++ Germanwings recovery operations: live updates +++:

Saksalaiskoneen musta laatikko vaurioitunut – turman uhrien etsintä jatkuu:

Viranomaistiedot: Onnettomuuskoneen ohjaajat olleet tiedottomia – kone välillä myös vaakalennossa:

Germanwings plane crash: Alps recovery operation resumes:


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