I don’t think the Germanwings plane crashed, nor did the crew die

Based on the information available currently it seems flight 4U 9525 did not crash, and the crew is not dead. It’s been over 24 hours and no pics. They claim the plane disintegrated or was obliterated, which sounds almost impossible. The corpses of the victims are supposed to be scattered all over the mountain. Yet there are no pictures of the wreckage and no pictures of blood or bodies. There are some pictures and footage of the mountain, and the area. The weather seems just fine. There just a little bit of garbage strewn about. No plane, no passengers.

The fact that there is no trace of the plane having been destroyed, and no trace of the dead passengers leads me to suspect they did not crash into the mountain. Moreover, French president Hollande and the alps guy Gilbert Sauvan are telling us to believe this crap very early on, much too early for them to know anything, unless they have prior or inside knowledge. If this was an honest accident, Hollande and Sauvan could not possibly know anything about what happened to the plane.

The plane did not slide down in an exceptionally steep manner, says Petri Pitkänen, chairman of Finnish aviation security association, or something. The descent happened during a period of 8 minutes. The investigators into the alleged crash are wondering if the pilots were partially conscious or unconscious and were able to steer the plane in some way. They did not send a distress call, or contact anyone outside the plane. If they were conscious, they should have. Yet the evidence supposedly suggests they did control the plane somehow.

To me this looks like the plane was forced to land. The pilots were told not to send any distress message, or were prevented from doing so with jamming technology. Either someone had hi-jacked the plane from the inside, or there was someone outside forcing it to land, such as the French airforce. Based on the evidence available, this is how the situation looks like. Of course I could be wrong, since I don’t know the full story, but based on what I know this is the narrative that makes most sense.

1. The plane has not crashed, since there is no physical evidence, such as wreckage or bodies.

2. President Hollande (or the Flying Dutchman) and Gilbert and Sullivan were trying to tell us the cover story too early. This suggests they had inside information of this.

3. The plane descended in a controlled manner. Somebody must have been steering it down.

4. The pilots did not send a distress call. They must have been prevented from doing so.

I believe a terrorist group somehow affiliated with the French government hi-jacked the plane. The crew may be held hostage somewhere. What the terrorists want, why they did this, I have no idea.

I’m doing my best not to create another conspiracy theory, but looking at this incident rationally it’s hard to ignore the facts that do suggest a conspiracy had been underfoot. So please, prove me wrong. Prove me the plane crashed to the mountain, prove me the crew is dead lying on the mountain. Please explain to me why no evidence of this has yet been produced. Prove to me that the Flying Dutchman and Gilbert and Sullivan were merely psychic in knowing what the official story of the crash would become before the crash site was properly investigated.

If I am correct, we should not lose hope. The crew, or at least a part of it, may be alive. Let’s try find someway to help them.



8 minuutin liuku tuhoon ja 8 avoinna olevaa kysymystä: http://yle.fi/uutiset/8_minuutin_liuku_tuhoon_ja_8_avoinna_olevaa_kysymysta/7889005


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