Black Box memory card stolen from the “disintegrated” Germanwings plane

The first alternative media news site I’ve seen comment on the alleged crash is Natural News, for which I must commend them.  The article says that a memory card from the black box had been taken, possibly to prevent people from knowing what happened to the plane.

Another poignant point Natural News is making is that black boxes are designed to be really sturdy, and survive crashes and explosions. According to the official story the recovered black box was damaged. If that is the case, perhaps someone damaged it on purpose.

A cover-up is underway, it seems, and I think the passengers of the plane are being held hostage. We can’t let them get away with this.



Black box memory card stolen from crash site of Germanwings jetliner? Plausible cover-up theories now taking shape:


One thought on “Black Box memory card stolen from the “disintegrated” Germanwings plane”

  1. from: david t. krall

    I have been following this closely since it was very first reported and have written on it extensively since “early on”.. Lubitz is a “dead-fall guy” after the fact, so to speak…the FIRST black box looks like its been forced open or accessed. I’d like to see the condition of its outer protective, hi-grade, heavy duty casing…That’s not also missing is it??? Just like the actual second black box/ data recording devise/software.which is still unaccounted for and hence “missing !.And oh yea!, the protective outer encasement/box for the second black box was found just not the important inner recording device that was meant to be in it…what a coincidence.
    Also, very interestingly, early on ,one of the local town’s residents when he heard the plane above, flying low before the crash said he thought, as I recorded this from one of the networks (CNN, MSNBC or F-24), , “thought it was military aircraft, as they are always flying around here” ..To me, “Somebody” got to that crash site fast ! “Swept” it, and got the black boxes and knows,,,I’ll bet the same person, or an affiliated one,, who was reported by CNN/Erin Burnett a few nights ago as being “a Military Official” has told the New York Times that the pilot left the cock-pit and the co-pilot was alone at the time of descent”. I watched and recorded this…It was like “manner from heaven” as an “explanation” was needed to circumvent intelligent
    growing questions. WHO is the “military official” who fed that release to the NYT and picked up by CNN!!! “Someone is still continuously “feeding” unconfirmed
    reports via the NTY. aka “foggy” dis or mis-information here. I’ve written much on this at one of the portals regarding “missing” flight 370″ at…From the data recorders they heard what was happening or what happened on the plane, apparently normal and innocuous and built false scenario out of it to cover up what really happened…There’s a reason
    by the French Prosecutor was trembling and shaking. He was “given the ball”
    to “run with” in order to “explain” what would be the public / overt slant.
    david t. krall

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