Andreas Lubitz seems like a Fall Guy

Now we know it all. The co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, of the allegedly crashed Germanwings plane hi-jacked it, locked out the captain and the rest of the crew, and flew the plane into a mountain. Except that it still does not explain how the plane managed to vanish without leaving any proper wreckage in the mountains. The same goes for the bodies.

Perhaps what they are telling about Lubitz is the truth, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I think it’s all a distraction. Create a monster out of this one guy we know nothing about so we can all hate on him. Natural News wrote a pretty good article initially pointing out how the memory card of the black box was stolen, but now there’s another article suggesting anti-depressants caused Lubitz to be suicidal. It’s just conjecture, and pointless anyways, since whether or not Lubitz did any of the stuff he’s being accused of, he was not working alone.

I’ve pointed out previously how the alps council president Gilbert Suivan seemed to know of the fake story of the plane being disintegrated just a few hours after the plane disappeared. French president François Hollande wanted us to believe everyone is dead before the bodies were found. As far as I know, most of the bodies are still allegedly lying around on the mountain. Hollande (the Flying Dutchman) did not say the passengers are feared dead, he basically said they’re dead. Move along, nothing to see here.

Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars points in his video that possibly the captain who was allegedly locked out maybe could have re-entered the cockpit again by inputting a code to open the door. Quartz website reports the same thing. If this is correct, then it would put in question the story about Lubitz locking out the captain to do a suicide run.

Paul Joseph Watson does not really inquire much further on this relevant piece of information, but instead spends most of his time arguing whether or not Lubitz should be called a terrorist. And then he cements my already existing belief further that he is a passive-aggressive piece of shit by calling conspiracy theorists mentally ill. He refers to people who think the plane crash had something to do with CERN. I think it sounds stupid and irrelevant see any connection to CERN, but I don’t how Watson, who works for Alex Jones’ Infowars, can condemn conspiracy theorists as being mentally ill? I don’t mean to pick on him, but it’s so consistent whenever I watch a video by Paul Joseph Watson he pisses me off by being a complete prick.

Let’s get back on track. Assuming the story that Andreas Lubitz locked everyone else out from the cockpit is correct, then it would follow that people elsewhere in the plane have no way of communicating with the outside world, such as sending a distress message. I assume this is the case, since no-one has mentioned that the crew could have send a message out.

I cannot prove this story about Lubitz is wrong or anything, but I certainly do not trust it. He sounds like a fall guy, a distraction. People are arguing over his mental health or whether or not he should be called a terrorist. How about the obvious elephant who is missing from the living room? The lack of a plane and the victims. How about the way the French authorities tried to steer the conversation? This is not conjecture, this is not semantics. This is the real stuff. I know I’m repeating myself, but these are questions everyone should be asking.

Where is the alternative media on all of this? Have they done any actual investigative reporting, with the exception of Natural News? The alternative media is proving itself irrelevant by not calling out the bullshit. I think they’re scared of being labelled a conspiracy theorist. The alternative media is has become more respectable in recent years, and now they don’t want to tarnish their good name by saying something they cannot be absolutely sure of, so they can be called crazy conspiracy nuts later if it turns out they were wrong. I don’t know what happened with the plane, but I know what I see. And so far I have not seen plausible evidence of any plane crash. I could be wrong. The plane may have crashed as they say. They may a good reason why they haven’t showed any proper pictures, but I’m sure as hell not going to come up with excuses why the main stream media and the authorities have not provided evidence. The burden of proof is on them. I’m just saying based on the evidence at hand, this smells like a cover-up. And where the fuck is the alternative media on this?



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One thought on “Andreas Lubitz seems like a Fall Guy”

  1. Lubitz’s whole life story reminds me of Dr Weir and all those freaks from the astronaut horror flick “Event Horizon” (1997) — can’t help but feel sorry for him with that much bad luck stacked.

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