Andreas Lubitz was not suffering from depression

YLE reports that the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane, Andreas Lubitz, was not being treated for depression. The hospital that treated him denied allegations of depression. This was as I called it; conjecture. The media has convicted Lubitz already, although in civilized countries you are innocent until proven guilty. Lubitz’s guilt is so far only conjecture, allegations and repetition in the media.

YLE also says Lubitz has been hiding an illness, and allegedly he was supposed to have a sick day off when the plane disappeared, but he hid this fact. I cannot say whether this is genuine or made up yet. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the accusers come up with a scenario that says something like Lubitz found out he had cancer or other terminal illness, and therefore committed the alleged murder-suicide.

I don’t know much about Lubitz, but based on everything I’ve seen it seems much more likely the real perpetrators of this disappearing aeroplane act are trying to hide their crime by framing an innocent man. This is conjecture, I must admit, but I find extremely distasteful how the media, and most people following it, just want someone to hang in the court of public opinion. I saw on the TV news someone compare him to Anders Breivik, who is infamous for the Utøya massacre in Norway. There’s a good possibility Lubitz is innocent. He was probably just a man trying to do his job. I find it reprehensible that he is being blamed for this, and compared to scum like Breivik.

I could be wrong on Lubitz, but he is innocent until proven guilty.

I also heard on the TV news that ALL of the bodies in the crash had been shredded into tiny parts. No body was intact. This settles it, the plane along with the crew was put through a gigantic meat grinder. The remaining debris was scattered all over the mountain. They just have to point to the location of the gigantic meat grinder on the French alps, and case closed.

Seriously, it must be really convenient for anyone who has anything to hide regarding this alleged crash that ALL of the bodies are shredded into bits.



Sairaala: Turmakoneen perämies ei ollut hoidettavana masennuksen takia – väitteille mielenterveysongelmista ei vahvistusta:


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