Germanwings, Honeywell Autopilot System and Air France 296

I did some new research on the alleged Germanwings crash, but didn’t find much new stuff. Instead I discovered some old stuff that might be interesting.


Investigator Remi Jouty

I reviewed a press conference by a French investigator, Remi Jouty, in the alleged crash, which was published March 25th (the day after the crash) by CBS news. The investigator says it will take weeks or months to analyse the sounds from the black box to determine what happened. However, I believe it was the next day, 26th, when the media got hold of the story that Andreas Lubitz crashes the plane on purpose and ran with the story.

Jouty is asked about rumours that the investigators have discovered pieces of the second black box, but it has been “fragmented into several pieces”. He says they are unfounded, they haven’t found the second box. Jouty comments that in the history of crashes there have been some recorders that have been badly damaged and dented, but he cannot remember any incident where a recorder has been so badly scattered. The fact that one of the black boxes is missing, and the other is badly damaged, makes this Germanwings crash quite unusual. I take it to suggest someone wanted to damage the black box and took the other. Jouty says the data recorders are sturdy equipment, and he’s optimistic they will find it in good shape since they’re combing the site. I don’t think they’ll find it.

Jouty is asked about the possibility of depressurization of the cabin. He responds: “We don’t even have the beginning of a scenario”. At this point Jouty can not give a proper interpretation of what happened. The next day the prosecutor seemed to have come up with the explanation that most of the world is buying.

Jouty mentions the possibility of the automatic pilot controlling the plane. This is the possibility I find the most likely at this point as well. Certainly a more reasonable explanation than the demonization of the co-pilot Lubitz. The plane may have been remotely controlled from somewhere else.

Remi Jouty seems like a genuine investigator who is trying to find out the truth. However, I don’t think he will be able to do that. The people on top probably are not going to let him.


Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System

21st Century Wire ran article last August on the Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System, which allows planes to be remotely hi-jacked by the intelligence agencies.  The article says: “There is some evidence to suggest that these may have been operational in some Airbus planes since 1989.”

I don’t know if the Germanwings Airbus had the system installed, or if it was used March 24, 2015, but it’s certainly a possibility worth exploring, since I’m not buying the crazy co-pilot story. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to corroborate the hunch, or Remi Jouty’s suggestion that some sort of remote control or autopilot was used to cause the plane to descend. Nor have I been able to disprove the possibility either.

The Daily Mail has an article “Why can’t airlines seize control of doomed jets from the ground? The technology exists but pilots and companies refuse to use it”, which sounds like a bunch of problem-reaction-solution. The article implies the Germanwings plane did not have any such technology installed, but it seems to be the authors do not know for a fact the plane didn’t have the technology installed. They merely assume this is the case, because Andreas Lubitz did what he is accused of having done. If the plane had had any such control system, Lubitz would not have been able to do it. It’s all based on the assumption that Lubitz is guilty.

While I failed to find anything new relating to the Germanwings crash allegation, I did discover something else.


Air France Flight 296

In 1988 Air France Flight 296 was flying as part of an air show. As it tried to land it crashed into a forest killing 3 people. Wikipedia ominously says: “This was the first crash of an A320 aircraft.”

There seems to have been some sort of conspiracy afoot in regard to the investigation of the crash. Wikipedia is trying to white-wash the conspiracy, but has a fairly detailed account of it.

Captain, the main pilot of flight 296, Michel Asseline, first officer Pierre Mazière were “accused for injury and manslaughter”. The captain received most of the blame. Prior to crashing into the trees the plane was 30 ft above ground, but the captain said the altimeter of the plane said it was 100 ft. This suggests there was something wrong with the equipment, not the pilots. Moreover some of the flight recorder data had been altered: “since May 1998 it is proven by the report of the Lausanne IPSC that the Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) was substituted after the crash.”

Intriguingly a pilot, Norbert Jacquet, who supported the captain Asseline “was suspended from duty and had his licence withdrawn by Air France on the grounds of “mental instability”. Meanwhile he has got five psychiatric certificates which unanimously state that he is completely sane and does not have any signs of mental trouble. One understands that co-pilot Pierre Mazière, who has continued to fly for Air France after the accident, cannot dare to express himself on the subject.”

There’s a short video of the plane crash on Youtube. There’s a narration saying: “This is the first fully automated plane flown by a computer.” And then it crashes into the trees. This confused me whether the plane was automated or flown by pilots. One website debunks the automation claim by saying: “The common misconception of Air France Flight 296 being an unmanned plane flown by a computer was created after TLC released a show without researching the crash appropriately, and mistook fly-by-wire as a fully automated system, not requiring pilots.”

Clearly the pilots were on the plane if they were convicted at court, and admitted to being on the plane themselves, but maybe the crash was due to something going wrong with a computerized system, such as they were trying to control is remotely and it malfunctioned. Maybe they were testing the Honeywell Autopilot System. However, I’m just guessing here. The captain’s account does suggest a technical malfunction of some sort, though.

I also cannot say if this plane crash from the 80s has anything to do with the Germanwings crash, except that it set a precedent on Airbush crashes in France complicated by a conspiracy to fabricate evidence.

When it comes to the Germanwings plane, it’s been a week and as far as I know they haven’t shown evidence of the bodies nor the wreck of the plane. This does suggest they are covering it up, as does the difficulty in finding the second black box.



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