Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit

The movie trilogy, The Hobbit, is an absolute piece of shit, and defecates on the memory of J. R. R. Tolkien. I am a bit tipsy as I type this, but it should detract from the point of my argument. The Hobbit movies are an affront toward the legacy of Tolkien and are in no way a celebration of his work, as they have very little to do with his book.

*Warning spoilers*

To anyone who has not seen The Hobbit movies, you shouldn’t bother. And in case you haven’t the movies movie add a lot of unnecessary stuff that first of all makes me think the screen writer, the producer, the director or all of the above thought Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit, or There and Back Again was atrocious and they had to tinker with the story to make it “interesting”. Therefore they added a lot of extra stuff into it like Legolas, that elf-chick + love story, Beorn being a former slave, “dark” and “edgy” stuff, and so on. This is absolutely atrocious.

I’m not a hard-core Tolkien fan, although I liked Tolkien’ stuff way before Peter Jackson made his Lord of the Rings movies. I liked them, and I wasn’t bothered by Tom Bombadil not being in it, or other stuff hard-core fans might get pissed at, however I do understand their qualms. But The Hobbit movies are way beyond that. I don’t care if you think Tolkien’s novels are boring and a piece of shit, but I do care when people make “blockbuster movies” based on Tolkien’s book and shit all over it.

The Hobbit movies are not merely a more popular or entertaining interpretation of Tolkien’s story, but an indirect admission that people behind the revised story presented in the movies do despise Tolkien and his work. To say anything less is meaningless, or possibly even dishonest. You can say The Hobbit (the novel) was childish and boring, and it wouldn’t make a good movie. Fine, perhaps you are right. But if you choose to do a movie about it, you should stay faithful to the original in some way. Peter Jackson and his cohorts obviously did not. They not only altered the story, but they altered the story in a very disrespectful manner in relation to the original. This is not acceptable. You are free to dislike or hate Tolkien, but if you go through the trouble of acquiring the trademark and all of that, and make movies based on Tolkien’s work, you should express appreciation for his work. It is despicable to buy the license to someone’s work only to shit all over it.

Nor is it an acceptable explanation that they stretched a single book into trilogy, while the LOTR trilogy was also merely three movies, out of the desire to make money. I’m sure making money played a part in their decision to do that, but it does not give them the moral excuse. After all is it somehow morally better if I kill someone for financial profit instead of personal satisfaction?

Regardless of one’s sentiment on the books Tolkien wrote, he is still one of the most influential fantasy writers of the 20th century. If you want to celebrate the stories he told, you should celebrate them instead of mutilating them. If you think he was a hack, point it out with clever arguments in a book review, not but by taking his novel and altering it beyond all recognition. Art does matter, after all. And we should not simply accept it quietly when Hollywood or other globalist agencies choose to violate the work of artists.


Get off your Manichaean Band Wagons

Certainly all throughout main stream society we have these dichotomies where you’re supposed to pick a side and root for it; left-wing vs right-wing, pro-choice vs pro-life, Christian vs atheist, blue team vs red team, ad nauseam. Yet similar behaviour applies to the “truth movement” and alternative media. There’s socialists vs nationalists, Christians vs “neo-pagans” vs New Age, and so on. Then there’s of course the various It’s The _______-crowds. Fill it _______ with anything you like from the Jews to crypto-nazis, to the Jesuits or reptilians. Quite frankly I’m starting to be nauseated by all the people who pretend that as long as they’re vocal enough, their favourite story will become truth.

Another thing that has started to nag me recently is that people recognize the various the occult symbols in the media and elsewhere that the “elites” seem to be using, and conclude the symbolism itself is evil. I do agree that the symbolism is obvious from the all-seeing eyes and triangles people do with their hands, and references to goddess Isis/Semiramis (including the Statue of Liberty), or that one statue of George Washington has his arms pointing exactly as Baphomet is in the picture by Eliphas Levi. These occult symbols are out there, and I think people use them for a reason. And many of the people using the symbols are evil, or are working for some sort of evil masters, but it does not necessarily follow that the symbols themselves are evil or perpetuate evil by their mere existence.

“By their fruit you will recognize them.” I do think there is great evil at work in our world, but the evil does not lie in a person’s ideology, the symbols they use, the words they utter, and not necessarily even the people they associate with, but in their deeds. For example, the main stream media perpetuates evil by lying and deceiving people, and omitting various truths. This is not some abstract statement, but a fact anyone can corroborate by observation and rational thought. The New World Order military-industrial complex is evil as is evidenced by the death and destruction it brings, and the financial enslavement the vultures of the IMF bring as it moves in after the smoke has cleared. The conglomerate of political correctness, feminism and anti-racism breeds evil rather than fights it, as is evidenced by the Rotherham rape scandal. Deception, murder, enslavement and rape are all evil acts, and those who consistently perpetuate them are evil.

These are concrete examples of the evil that goes in the world, opposed to someone making a triangle sign on TV or having Isis symbolism on display. Now I am not saying this symbolism is meaningless, on the contrary, as I said earlier, these people are doing it on purpose, but I’m tired hearing the same old “occult symbol=evil”-dogma. I would rather look at what is the fruit that these symbols bear. How do they affect people, why do they affect people, do they have some metaphysical effect as well? Could we possibly use these symbols for good?

I find a lot of these predetermined definitions meaningless, such as Christian, pagan, nationalist, anarchist… since everyone has their own idea of what they mean by it. Several years ago I had discussion with a friend who is Christian, and I was complaining how Christianity has been responsible for so much blood-shed and oppression in history. He responded by saying that ‘it’s just the Catholics. They’re not real Christians.’ A Catholic would of course say that Catholic are the only real Christians, and somehow justify or excuse the violent actions of the Catholic church. I don’t even think that me, my friend or the imaginary Catholic would necessarily be wrong. We are merely looking at and talking of different issues, but we are confused by overly generic words like Christianity. After all what Christianity was 2000 years ago is very different to what it was a 1000 years ago to what it was 30 years ago to what it is now. Then you can confuse the issue further by comparing Christianity in medieval England to the Byzantine Empire, or the countless different denominations and sects, and add in really different heretics like the Cathars. Traditionally the gnostics and Essenes are thought of as Christian, but some disagree with that…

So what I’m trying to say we should recognize that there are always great differences with what I think a word means and things I associate with than what you do. Sometimes people try to frame issues a certain way, that itself could be considered a form of magic to control the other person’s mind. Like the question that is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor has been repeated in the main stream media a countless times. I think he’s a bit of both. It is heroic to reveal the stuff that he revealed, however it wasn’t really any great revelation since anyone who had been paying attention more or less new about all the spying anyways. He is being a traitor by quite probably working as an agent in some sort of psy-op.

So stay off the band wagon, and look at things as they are and not as you think they are or as you want them to be.

108morris108 censors his comments

108morris108, or Morris, is a Youtuber who comments on current issues. I’ve watched his videos every now and then for a few years. I even donated some money to him a few months ago, since he’s always asking for donations.

Yesterday he put out a video called When Iran and Zionists Share the Same Goals – Morris. Morris talks about in it about the custom of marrying one’s cousins, and how the Zionists are against the practice. He says cousin marriage helps keep the bloodties closer or something. Frankly I think what he is saying here sounds dumb, but then again maybe I’m being the dumb one here and not getting it.

So I read the comments on the video, and found that almost all of them were supportive of his odd claims. This is highly unusual on Youtube. Usually whenever anyone expresses any kind of opinion there are a bunch comments disagreeing with them. Especially among videos by “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists”. Anyways, I felt like I have to say something, so there would be a dissenting opinion on this cousin marriage stuff.

I said this:


Morris responded with:


I think I made it clear in my comment that I’m not worried about the New World Order’s plan to end cousin marriage, and not dismissing the NWO, but maybe I was not clear, so I replied him explaining what I meant. However that comment had disappeared. Apparently deleted by Morris. I didn’t take a screenshot of it.

Then I replied to him again:


Now that comment has been deleted as well. I think I should point out you can still see on the Youtube page that my original comment has 3 replies, while now only Morris’ reply is visible when you click the blue text.


Also there’s one other guy who had his comments deleted, and he pointed it out. Now that too is gone. (Yes, I’m ashamed of misspelling “your”.)


I think I saw his original comment where he questioned Morris’ claims that Iran is against cousin marriage, and yermomrhot posted a link to Wikipedia article.

I don’t think my comments were abusive, neither was yermomrhot’s. There was no need to remove them. This clearly suggests that Morris cannot take criticism. I’m not saying it means he’s necessarily controlled opposition or anything like that, but at least he has a very fragile ego if he cannot take criticism. You shouldn’t be out on the internet trying to spread new ideas if you cannot take the heat that comes with it.

Quite frankly what Morris did was cowardly and dishonest. Sure Youtuber’s are allowed to moderate the comments, but if you delete the opinions of those who disagree with you, your opinions don’t matter. I would advice anyone from giving him money, and I certainly won’t trust what he says anymore. Morris’ behaviour makes him seem like a parasite who just wants money and adoration from people.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but why would you go deleting people’s comments?

In addition to the cousin marriage stuff on the video, Morris is pushing an anti-Jewish, pro-Islam angle. I don’t think either extreme is something we should buy into. The internet is full of people either saying it’s the Jews, so we must ally with the Muslims, and the other half is saying the Muslims are brutes, so we must help the Jews. Why don’t we just stay away from their conflicts altogether?

Now I’m not making any comment on what sort of people you should associate with. If you have friends who are Jewish or Muslim, that’s none of my business, and it’s generally good to make friends anyways. But it’s the political aspect of Judaism and Islam I would say we should stay away from.

In closing, Morris, you’ve lost my respect. Deleting Youtube comments may not be the biggest crime in the world, but it reveals something about his nature. And I’m not the only one who had his comments deleted.



Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society:



When Iran and Zionists Share the Same Goals – Morris:


Mimir’s Well and Baphomet’s Wisdom

I’m continuing on the parallel’s between Norse and Judeo-Christian mythology, particularly the stuff related to Baphomet and Cain as Tracy Twyman describes in Clock Shavings. Now that was an exessively long-winded sentence.

There are some striking similarities between Baphomet and Mimir. Wikipedia says that Mimir “is a figure in Norse mythology renowned for his knowledge and wisdom who is beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War. Afterward, the god Odin carries around Mímir’s head and it recites secret knowledge and counsel to him.” The Knights Templar allegedly had the head of John the Baptist through which Baphomet advised them. Sounds eerily similar to me. John the Baptist was beheaded at the request of the femme fatale, Salome.

Not only was Mimir a provider of secret knowledge, but the Well of Mimir, or Mimisbrunnr, is situated below the world tree Yggdrasil. Apparently the other eye of Odin located in the well, the eye he sacrificed to gain wisdom. The well appears to be a source of “wisdom and intelligence”. Twyman spoke of Baphomet’s Baptism of Wisdom, and that he/she is located in the underworld in or near the abyssal, primordial waters known as Absu or Abzu in ancient Sumeria. I think there is a connection.

Moreover, Tracy Twyman supposedly contacted Jesus using the Ouija board. Jesus told her that the Dohir kings of the pre-diluvian world hid (Noah’s) Ark at a well. As I mentioned in my previous post that the Ark appears be a cube, and referred to as New Jerusalem in the book of revelations. Then there’s the other, black cube in hell, or on the moon. Perhaps the black ark is at Mimisbrunnr. If the moon is somehow connected to the underworld, and it controls the tides and women’s menstruation, this might somehow be connected to the rivers in the underworld, such as in the Greek Hades.

I also think John 4:4-26 from the bible where Jesus meets a Samaritan woman, who has five husbands, at the well is related somehow.

The Norse Edda describes a character named Gylfi who “was the earliest recorded king in Scandinavia (in Sweden).” He used the name Gangleri when he was in disguise. He was apparently tricked by the virgin goddess Gefjon. Gylfi promised her as much land as she could plow in a night, but she used her found giant sons who turned into oxen and plowed lots of land. This caused the Danish island of Sjaelland (Zealand in English, apparently) to detach from the greater land mass. Gylfi was also “a wise man and skilled in magic”.

I’m considering whether Gylfi could be the same as Cain. Note that Twyman claims Cain was a sorcerer-king. Gylfi was the first king in Sweden. Cain was a tiller of the soil, whereas the story does not explicitly mention that Gylfi was, but there is the story with Gefjon, the oxen and plowing related to him. The plowing event lead to movement of landmasses, whereas Cain supposedly caused the biblical flood. Gylfi’s story is not as epic as the flood that destroyed most the world, but still has a similar theme.

One blog, LadyoftheLabyrinth describes Gylfi: “When I first tried to look up the meaning of the name Gylfi, I found only one dictionary dating back to 1886[3] which provided a clue. It literally said that Gylfi refers to a “werewolf”, “shape-changer”, or a “sorcerer who changes into a woman every ninth night”. The other word that composes the title Gylfaginning is ginning, which means “illusion”, “hallucination”, “trick” or “vision”. In my opinion, the most correct interpretation of the title of Snorri`s first book would translate something like “The Vision of the Sorcerer”.” The blog also suggests Gylfi might actually be Odin himself.

So what does this all lead to? Mimir seems rather similar to Baphomet in many ways, but I’m not so sure about the Gylfi/Cain connection. Yet let’s say for the sake of argument they are the same, then it would be quite fascinating how Odin/Gylfi/Cain sacrifices his eye to Mimir/Baphomet for wisdom and receives information from the decapitated head. A friendship made in hell?

BTW, Odin’s horse Sleipnir has eight legs. I wonder is it has a connection to this thing from Rennes-le-Chateau:




Well of Mimir:

Brazen Head:




The Sources to Old Norse Myths:



Killing Miranda – Salome:

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Prism Monolith on the Dark Side of the Moon and it’s connection to Bifröst

I’ve still been obsessed by what Tracy Twyman wrote about Cain and Baphomet in Clock Shavings, and I think I found some parallels to it in Norse myth. But first, I wanna get one thing out of the way.

Pink Floyd’s album cover for Dark Side of the Moon is (in)famous, with a black triangle or pyramid acting as a prism to reflect a white beam into a rainbow beam.


This quite obviously has something to do with the black cube in hell, which is a prism where Cain and Baphomet are trapped. Except this black monolith is on the moon according to the album name. Perhaps the moon and hell are actually the same thing, in realms without time or space such details do not matter whether they are above or below. Alternatively the moon might be a reflection of hell.

There’s one Christian Youtuber, Round SaturnsEye, discussing lot of the same stuff as Twyman is. In one video he showed that the Dark Side of the Moon picture is lacking something. It makes a circle like the Ouroboros serpent.


That made me think of two things: Saturn and Bifröst from Norse mythology. A year ago I wrote about the European Space Agency showing a picture of Saturn’s rainbow rings. I also questioned the gay pride movement’s usage of the rainbow flag: “Perhaps this “pride” stuff is not about gay pride after all. Maybe the seemingly noble goal of sexual equality is used to entice useful idiots as bannermen for another cause. Could this cause be the Saturnian rainbow perchance?”

What this all means then? I don’t know, but I’d wager somehow the black prism somehow (alchemically?) changes the nature of light, it circles around Saturn and comes back to the moon to do another loop. This, I guess, would be David Icke’s moon-Saturn matrix. However, I couldn’t tell you whether it’s some evil satanic plot to imprison us in a this loop, or if this simply a metaphysical function of the world.

Anyways, for the sake of completeness I have to include this picture before moving on:


In Norse mythology the Bifröst is the rainbow bridge that connects the different worlds on world tree, Yggdrasil. I’ve long thought there are similarities to the Kabbalistic tree of life. Both have spheres suspended from it, and each contain worlds. The worlds on both trees may differ in their content, but the basic idea is very similar.



Would the tubes that connect the spheres on the tree of life be the Bifröst then? Is the dark monolith on the moon used to create the Bifröst to connect the worlds, or perhaps the monolith is used to create an artificial version of the Bifröst for demons to escape hell? Or the monolith prism is used to connect to the Bifröst so demons gain access to it. During Ragnarök, the Norse version of the apocalypse, the Muspell or sons of Muspell, who are fire giants or fire demons, attempt to cross the bridge, but it breaks.

Tracy Twyman mentions that many mythologies refer to a war in ancient times between two brothers. In the Judeo-Christian context this is the war in Eden between Cain and his brother aided by the Dohir kings (and the fall of Atlantis according to Baphomet). In Norse myth there’s the war between  Æsir and Vanir. It’s not quite clear what the difference between these two groups is.

Wikipedia shows these two pictures about the Vanir:





It makes me think Aryan. Wikipedia comments that the Vanir “are a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future.” Perhaps they are the Nordic aliens. And I’ve heard it theorized that the aliens are merely people from the future. This could be why they can see the future. But I’m getting side-tracked here. The point is there was this war between two powerful factions in the ancient Norse world as in the Judeo-Christian world.


According to Tracy Twyman there isn’t just one cosmic cube, but two. In addition to the black cube, which she says is the city, Enoch, there’s a white cube, in heaven, I think. When the cubes meet the world will be destroyed except for the ones safe in the white cube. She associates the white cube New Jerusalem from the New Testament. New Jerusalem is a shining city that lands of earth after all of the turmoil and suffering after the events of the apocalypse have passed, and does something nice for the righteous survivors. I’ve wondered about New Jerusalem previously, and I’ve thought it sounds like a cosmic false flag or problem-reaction-solution alien mother ship. After people are exhausted with the end of the world scenario, the mother ship comes down and promises them all sorts of nice stuff. At this point no-one bothers to ask what their true intentions are. Anyways, this is just my paranoid conception of it.

Assuming the off-chance that I am wrong, New Jerusalem might be this white cubical floating city, or Ark. I think Asgård, the home of the Æsir might be the same exact thing. The kingdom of Asgård is the heaven in the Norse mythology, but also there is the city of Asgård, which is sometimes depicted as a floating city.


There are other parallel’s that I see, but I have to do something else, so I’ll finish here for now. I’ll continue with the stuff later.

Jolan tru! (It’s a Romulan greeting from Star Trek. I don’t know why I felt like saying it.)



“2015: Year of Light” // How Lucifer is using CERN to crack time (R$E):

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Is The Matrix a psy-op?

The movie The Matrix has been very influential in the so called truth movement. Countless people have used various bits from the movie as analogies of our experience, myself included. There’s blue pill/red pill, the Platonic idea of us living in a false reality, and this world being  a prison. On one hand I’ve always sort of liked The Matrix (way before I “woke up”), but on another I’ve found something off about it. Especially since V for Vendetta came out from the Wachowski siblings (who directed The Matrix), which is a clear psy-op. I’m always creeped out when I see all those “rebels” wearing identical Guy Fawkes masks. I liked the V for Vendetta comic book (or “graphic novel” if your shit don’t stink), and generally like Alan Moore’s stuff, but the movie was quite different.

The Matrix, of course, has something that speaks to our current state of existence, and that’s why we identify with the story, but then there’s another element to it. I think there’s three different ideas that the popularized idea of the Matrix brings up:

1. The physical world is not as solid as we think. Matter is solid only because we think it is. On some level the world is an illusion, or rather a projection, like a movie or computer game. Yet although a movie or game is scripted or programmed, it’s not entirely unreal. The actors, some of the props are real, in games the code is real.

2. Matrix is an analogy of our mental state. It’s the “world pulled over our eyes” as Morpheus says. This means the illusion or deception is mental, and we unwittingly yet willingly contribute to it by believing falsehoods.

3. The world we inhabit is a prison designed to leech energy off of us.

These three different interpretations of the Matrix are not interchangeable. I agree with definitions 1 and 2, but not with 3. I do think that this physical world is in many ways aching to a computer game, such as World of Warcraft. It has plenty of nice looking characters and places, but when you play it, you know the polygons the (physical) world in the game consists of are merely illusions with the purpose to make the gaming experience more pleasurable. They do not really affect the mechanics of the game, instead the coding, which is below the surface and cannot be seen while playing the game, is what runs things. It does not mean this world unreal, it simply means this is how this world works.

The second definition is the real Matrix, which that most of what we are thought to believe is false. Whether it’s simplified ideas of religion, or materialism that says most things in life are meaningless, or dysfunctional political or financial systems are told are best option we have. All these artificial, social and religious constructs, they are the evil kind of prison Matrix we are trapped in. The solution then is, as Jesus said, the truth will set you free.

The third definition I think is the psy-op. While currently the Earth acts as a prison for us in some sense, yet I don’t think that is the original function of the Earth. It is a prison, because we (or our distant ancestors) allowed their minds to be taken over by something. I think something wants us to think this world is a prison, so we would leave it, or give it to them.

Tracy Twyman says in Clock Shavings that demonic entities are trapped within a prism in hell (which is also a Saturnian black box). They are dead, but do not truly exist yet they do, they are being tortured and can somehow contact us. She thinks they’re trying to change places with humanity, so we’d be trapped in hell, and they’d be free on Earth. Freeman of the Freeman Perspective has noted that the media, like Disney, is trying to convince to children its cool to be possessed by demons. Katy Perry sings:

“Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison
Take me, take me
Wanna be your victim
Ready for abduction
Boy, you’re an alien
Your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural

There might not be much difference between a demon or an ET. Of course CERN is considered to be attempting to open a portal to hell or other worlds. Demonic possession and portals to hell are becoming a popular theme.

I think the demonic entities imprisoned in a prism box in hell are the ones in the Matrix. Naturally they want out, and are trying to convince us we are in the Matrix so we’d try to escape. It’s some sort switching of the minds, or exchange of perception.

The Matrix promotes a mindset that we should try to escape from our problems instead of facing them. All of the suicide cults, UFO cults, and people awaiting rapture have a similar mindset that this world is prison and freedom is out there. This world has many problems, but we do not fix them by escaping somewhere else. For the demons in hell though, the situation might be different. Escape might be the only solution.

In the vein of the Rolling Stones, I do have some sympathy for the devil. Twyman’s description of the predicament of Cain and Baphomet in Clock Shavings does make me want to know more about their situation, but that’s another issue.



CERN: Unlocking the Gates of Hades (R$E):

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Baphomet, Chess, goat money, contracts and Ringwraiths

I recently started reading Tracy Twyman’s book Clock Shavings, which is pretty amazing. In it she recounts her Ouija board sessions with Cain and Baphomet. Crazy stuff, but I find her credible.

According to the usual understanding the Knights Templar revered Baphomet, as Twyman also says, but she suggests that most the secret societies following them, such as Freemasons and the Priory of Sion, have been started by Baphomet in some manner. She links Baphomet with the Gnostic goddess of wisdom Sophia. I wonder what John Lash would say about it?

Twyman writes that Baphomet has been known through many names in different times, and suggests that Mithras, the god of contracts, is one of Baphomet’s identities. She states: “Originally a Persian deity, Mithras came to be worshipped throughout the ancient world. His greatest act was to be sacrificed in exchange for the eternal salvation of mankind. Mithras was known as the god of contracts. He was the mediator between the Persian “Ahura Mazda” (God) and “Ahriman” (the Devil). Indeed, Mithras’ name actually means “contract”.”

Commonly Baphomet is equated with the devil and other evil things, but the truth isn’t that black and white, it seems. Also Freemasons apparently revere Baphomet as well, and while I cannot say for sure to what extent the conspiracy theories that blame the Freemasons for all sort of stuff are true, I’d be very surprised if there was no truth to the accusations. So I would say that there are a lot of nasty people who do somehow employ Baphomet’s powers for their own gain, yet Baphomet him/herself would be neutral in a moralistic perspective. After all if Mithras was Baphomet, and Mithras was a mediator between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, Baphomet would definitely fit in a moral gray area.

Another interesting revelation in Clock Shavings is the game Ageio, the predecessor to chess, Chinese Xiangqi and Indian Chaturanga. This game, however, isn’t about competing, but a device for making magical rituals of some sort. It also uses tokens called agei. The tokens have alchemical power to transmute somewhat meaningless items into something of value. Pretty much like money these days. It’s just pieces of paper or numbers on a computer screen, but still if you have lots of it, you can use it to gain things of real value. Cain, who tells Twyman about Ageio, calls agei “goat money”. Twyman notes that Ageio and agei come from the Greek root word “ag”, which means goat. Another possibility is “agios”, which stands for “sacred,” “holy,” or “saint.”

The word “aegis” comes from the same root probably. It’s a word used in many fantasy roleplaying games, and it has haunted me since childhood. Usually an aegis is a shield or other protective device. Athena and Zeus in Greek myths carry one, and no-one is quite sure what it is, but usually its regarded as an animal skin or shield. Possibly a shield made from animal skin, or goat skin. Wikipedia even mentions the possibility the aegis was some sort of shamanic pouch.



Baphomet, of course, is depicted as a goat. And now finally we are getting to the point I’m trying to make. This Baphometic influence seems to be so prevalent in our society, most people don’t think anything of it. Baphomet is somehow behind the fiat currency system of making something out of nothing. Was Baphomet the creature from Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve was birthed? Baphomet being the god of contracts is somehow also behind the need for the “Illuminati” to always tell people in advance what they are going to do, predictive programming and all that. I think subconsciously the masses even know it, but it’s part of the contract between the elites and the masses that the masses get to keep their ignorance and live in their Disney Worlds’ while the dark occultists do their thing. However, now that contract is breaking down for some reason.

Then there’s Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard. I think in the recent Red Ice interview Alexander Dugin said that Brzezinski commented that he had never considered that chess is a game for two. Maybe Brzezinski wasn’t thinking about chess, but Ageio.

Assuming there is any truth to this, I don’t think Baphomet is somehow controlling and enslaving humanity, but rather humanity is using Baphomet to enslave itself. To escape some ancient trauma, perhaps.

Cain, according to Twyman, was not just some peasant who killed his brother, but a god-king in the pre-diluvian world. There was a cataclysmic war that lead to the biblical flood. In the war the Dohir kings, who were sons of Cain, fought against him. For some reason when I think of the Dohir kings, I cannot help but imagine the kings from the Lord of the Rings who were corrupted by the Rings of Power and became Ringwraiths, the Nazgûl.

Another thing, according to Cain, is that Aegean Sea (east of Greece) is where the Land of Nod used to be, but now it’s under water. In the world of Song of Ice and Fire, better known by the TV series Game of Thrones, there is a place called Valyria. It’s similar to myths of Atlantis with great magic and all that, but it was destroyed in a great catastrophe. To me the location on the map has always looked like Greece. I thought it natural since the legend of Atlantis comes to us from Greece, so the author George R. R. Martin made Valyria look like Greece. But maybe there’s more to it than that.


This is a screenshot of Valyria (after the cataclysm) from the game Crusader Kings 2, A Game of Thrones-mod.


Compared side to side with the map of Greece and Aegean sea Valyria does not look alike, but on a subconcious level I do find them similar.



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