Second Black Box of the Germanwings plane found, so what?

I changed the visual theme for my blog yesterday. I don’t know if it looks better or worse than the old one, but I’ve wanted to try something different for a long time.

Back to the Germanwings “crash”. The second black box was discovered a few days ago, and apparently it confirms “not only that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the Airbus 320 on March 24th, but that he increased the speed as the plane descended to achieve maximum destruction on impact”, The Irish Times writes. I wasn’t buying this story last week, and I’m not buying any more. Even before Lubitz was made out to be the lone nut patsy, the crash story was dubious. The black box was mysteriously missing for over a week and then found. To me this indicates only that it took them that long to fabricate the data to support the lone nut-theory.

Fact still is the plane mysteriously disintegrated, and it was called by the alps council guy just a couple of hours after the “crash”, and there are no bodies. The same as with the missing black box, the bodies too are conveniently missing so they fabricate their DNA evidence in peace. Finnish YLE reports that French authorities stopped looking for the bodies, and it might take weeks to conjure up… I mean analyse the DNA of the victims.

None of these three vital details all of the alleged crash make sense. There is hardly any wreckage, there are no bodies and the black boxes both are dubious at best. The first black box was missing a memory card according to New York Times, and the other one was missing for a long, long time.

I don’t see much need to try to prove Andreas Lubitz’s innocence, since there are more concrete facts hinting a larger conspiracy. Although I’m not really being a conpiracy theorist here. I’m simply using  Occam’s Razor to ascertain what happened with as little assumptions as possible. The French authorities have not proven that the plane crashed, therefore I must conclude it has not done so. According to my understanding the people on board are missing though. Therefore they were most likely taken prisoner. If these facts are true, then it suggests heavily there is a cover-up going on, and at least the French government is involved.

As a pleasant surprise two other people have noted the lack of evidence of a crash. Arron the Barbarian said the remains of the plane look like confetti. Another Youtuber, R Klaus, of whom I hadn’t heard before wasn’t buying it either that the “confetti” was a plane. Free Radio Revolution has also done several videos on the Germanwings “crash”, but I haven’t watched all of them.

Despite this, the more well-known alternative media websites have been relatively quiet on this alleged crash. I haven’t seen any of them point out the obvious fact that the plane appears missing, not lying in pieces on the alps. Disappointing to say the least.

EDIT: I’ve found another Youtuber who points out the elephant on the alps, the lack of physical evidence of a crash. His obsequious name is Fuck You Google Plus.

Here’s a couple of his videos:



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