Germanwings crash “crisis actors”

In last couple of years the term “crisis actor” has become quite popular among conspiracy researchers in connection with dubious events like Sandy Hook or the Boston marathon bombing. Be they false flags, hoaxes or something else. Some alleged victims or relatives of victims are interviewed and they don’t behave at all like somebody who has undergone a distressing ordeal. Certainly not like someone who has recently lost family members. These people are often dubbed “crisis actors”. It seems there are people like this involved also in the Germanwings “crash”.

One alleged father of an alleged American victim is quite creepy. He acts very calmly like a cult members who is always high on propaganda that instead of focusing “our hearts and minds” on the last minutes of the victims, “we prefer to think about the 37 years we’ve been together”. Focus on the shared lives and experiences. “I don’t feel anger”, and he’s sad for the parents of Andreas Lubitz. This interview was published March 27, 3 days after the crash. Either this guy’s son did not just die, or he is not human.

The crisis actors usually behave like him. Try to focus on the “positive”. That behaviour is not human. Either they’re trying to program people to forsake their humanity, or the guy is completely controlled by drugs or mind control, or he’s a robot. More of this “happy to be victim” like Je Suis Charlie.

The interview is from The Telegraph. The description under the Youtube video says: “The father of one of the three American victims of the Germanwings plane crash told media he was advised not to go to the crash site as “there’s nothing to see there.””


Then there’s two young girls, who are allegedly friends of a victim. interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper (first sign of dubiousness). They don’t seem obviously fake, but the video was published March 25, the day after the “crash”. The girls act somewhat distraught, but the whole scenario doesn’t make sense. If their good friend was killed in a plane crash the day before, they wouldn’t be on international TV reminiscing about the funny stuff their friend did. They don’t look truly broken. They don’t look like they have a hard time holding back tears. Nothing like that. For “crisis actresses” they’re not bad, at least the taller one isn’t, but not good enough.

Then there’s an Iranian girl who is allegedly a family member of a victim. She says something like her relative told her prior to getting on the plane that if he dies in a “fly crash” it’s alright, since he has to suffer only for one minute and then his soul will go to heaven. Considering that there have been lots of disappearing planes and crashes and all that recently, I don’t think it’s impossible the guy would have said something like that. But. The girl is not delivering her lines in a believable manner. She’s not acting surprised or anything that the guy’s unfortunate prediction turned out to be true. She’s more like another brain washed “focus on the positive”-drone.

Before this I haven’t thought of the Germanwings “crash” as a false flag or hoax, but that the plane was hi-jacked and the people on it were taken captive. However, the existence of these “crisis actors” do suggest that maybe the whole thing is a hoax, since if real people were really missing, and some fake actor was saying they’re related to the victims, the real relatives would say something. So maybe it’s all fake after all. I’m not jumping on that band wagon yet, though but it’s something worth considering.

I’d like the address the concept of “crisis actors”, and why I don’t like it. It has been noted by several people that there is indeed this phenomenon of people acting like victims or relatives of victims after some sort of crisis. The emphasis is on the fact that they appear to be acting, i.e. they are not genuine. I agree wholeheartedly that these people are disingenuous, but I cannot say whether they are actors or not.

The term “crisis actors” relies on the assumption that they are actors hired to do a job, but I’m not willing to make the assumption. There used to be the website for hiring crisis actors. It’s entirely possible these people were hired and used for false flags and hoaxes. Then again perhaps these people were used only for drills by the authorities, and it is incorrect to claim crisis actors have been used in false flags and such.

I’d rather call these people Disingenuous Victims (DV), or Disingenuous Relatives of Victims. (DRV) It’s less catchy, but more neutral and has less underlying assumptions embedded. I’m going to list various possible reasons why these people seem to be acting and deceiving people by pretending to be relatives of victims.

A: They actually are crisis actors hired to deceive the people.

B: They actually are relatives of victims. They behave in a weird manner, because they are drugged or brainwashed.

C: The people are members of Satanic networks who are used to deceiving people, but clearly not used to acting well. For some reason they’re crawling out of the woodwork.

D: They are some sort of simulacra automatons, robots or pod people. They don’t know how human beings act, but are trying to pretend to be human regardless.

E: They’re aliens or reptilian shapeshifters who are deceiving people for their eldritch schemes.

First of all, I’m not being very serious with option D and E, although when I listen to the father who is not angry at all, I can’t help but think I’m at least 50/50 serious with option D. You should see Simon Pegg’s The World’s End if you haven’t done so already.

Personally I’d say it’s probably a mix of A and C, and I lean heavier on option C. But honestly speaking, I haven’t a clue. The truth is probably F: Something completely different.



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