Is The Matrix a psy-op?

The movie The Matrix has been very influential in the so called truth movement. Countless people have used various bits from the movie as analogies of our experience, myself included. There’s blue pill/red pill, the Platonic idea of us living in a false reality, and this world being  a prison. On one hand I’ve always sort of liked The Matrix (way before I “woke up”), but on another I’ve found something off about it. Especially since V for Vendetta came out from the Wachowski siblings (who directed The Matrix), which is a clear psy-op. I’m always creeped out when I see all those “rebels” wearing identical Guy Fawkes masks. I liked the V for Vendetta comic book (or “graphic novel” if your shit don’t stink), and generally like Alan Moore’s stuff, but the movie was quite different.

The Matrix, of course, has something that speaks to our current state of existence, and that’s why we identify with the story, but then there’s another element to it. I think there’s three different ideas that the popularized idea of the Matrix brings up:

1. The physical world is not as solid as we think. Matter is solid only because we think it is. On some level the world is an illusion, or rather a projection, like a movie or computer game. Yet although a movie or game is scripted or programmed, it’s not entirely unreal. The actors, some of the props are real, in games the code is real.

2. Matrix is an analogy of our mental state. It’s the “world pulled over our eyes” as Morpheus says. This means the illusion or deception is mental, and we unwittingly yet willingly contribute to it by believing falsehoods.

3. The world we inhabit is a prison designed to leech energy off of us.

These three different interpretations of the Matrix are not interchangeable. I agree with definitions 1 and 2, but not with 3. I do think that this physical world is in many ways aching to a computer game, such as World of Warcraft. It has plenty of nice looking characters and places, but when you play it, you know the polygons the (physical) world in the game consists of are merely illusions with the purpose to make the gaming experience more pleasurable. They do not really affect the mechanics of the game, instead the coding, which is below the surface and cannot be seen while playing the game, is what runs things. It does not mean this world unreal, it simply means this is how this world works.

The second definition is the real Matrix, which that most of what we are thought to believe is false. Whether it’s simplified ideas of religion, or materialism that says most things in life are meaningless, or dysfunctional political or financial systems are told are best option we have. All these artificial, social and religious constructs, they are the evil kind of prison Matrix we are trapped in. The solution then is, as Jesus said, the truth will set you free.

The third definition I think is the psy-op. While currently the Earth acts as a prison for us in some sense, yet I don’t think that is the original function of the Earth. It is a prison, because we (or our distant ancestors) allowed their minds to be taken over by something. I think something wants us to think this world is a prison, so we would leave it, or give it to them.

Tracy Twyman says in Clock Shavings that demonic entities are trapped within a prism in hell (which is also a Saturnian black box). They are dead, but do not truly exist yet they do, they are being tortured and can somehow contact us. She thinks they’re trying to change places with humanity, so we’d be trapped in hell, and they’d be free on Earth. Freeman of the Freeman Perspective has noted that the media, like Disney, is trying to convince to children its cool to be possessed by demons. Katy Perry sings:

“Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison
Take me, take me
Wanna be your victim
Ready for abduction
Boy, you’re an alien
Your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural

There might not be much difference between a demon or an ET. Of course CERN is considered to be attempting to open a portal to hell or other worlds. Demonic possession and portals to hell are becoming a popular theme.

I think the demonic entities imprisoned in a prism box in hell are the ones in the Matrix. Naturally they want out, and are trying to convince us we are in the Matrix so we’d try to escape. It’s some sort switching of the minds, or exchange of perception.

The Matrix promotes a mindset that we should try to escape from our problems instead of facing them. All of the suicide cults, UFO cults, and people awaiting rapture have a similar mindset that this world is prison and freedom is out there. This world has many problems, but we do not fix them by escaping somewhere else. For the demons in hell though, the situation might be different. Escape might be the only solution.

In the vein of the Rolling Stones, I do have some sympathy for the devil. Twyman’s description of the predicament of Cain and Baphomet in Clock Shavings does make me want to know more about their situation, but that’s another issue.



CERN: Unlocking the Gates of Hades (R$E):

Freeman Perspective:



7 thoughts on “Is The Matrix a psy-op?”

  1. There is two of the Matrix movie:

    1 – It was a “Revelation of the Method” by jewish Hollywood, preparing the goym for the coming decades.

    2 – I was a “inversion of the narrative”, Zion is the good place where the machines don’t control, something that is very common among jewish intellectuas is a inversion of narrative, jews are victims and the goyim is evil.

    1. I don’t think the original meaning of Zion is anything nasty. I think it refers to some actual spiritual state (of being) or place. Modern Zionism has merely hi-jacked the word and turned it into an agent of evil.

  2. wow, very insightful…thank you
    I agree “I think the demonic entities imprisoned in a prism box in hell are the ones in the Matrix. Naturally they want out, and are trying to convince us we are in the Matrix so we’d try to escape. It’s some sort switching of the minds, or exchange of perception.”
    bait and switch
    and the name Wachowski sounds like “watch out” ski or hidden in plain sight; unwittingly giving consent for something we don’t want by watching or joining in to their altered reality

  3. tracy twyman is one of ‘them’. Genrally freemasons and order of the eastern star people love alliterative names, or names that encode gematria injokes. However in this case I believe number 3 to be a strong possibility- we ‘feed’ our own angels and ‘gods’…religions automatise this process, but we are all ‘batteries’ so to speak. Also, although I dislike TT, her idea is a very good possibility. You may like Peter F Hamilton’s Reality Dysfunction for a good scifi elucidation. I think its in finnish as well as english.

    Also, using children as hosts for ghosts/demons is one of the main things that freemasons get up to. They have a special way of having children too, that makes their kids vehicles from conception for ‘dark souls’. Hence cloning, and hence trying to make sentient robots or rather robots you can put a ‘consciousness’ into.

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