108morris108 censors his comments

108morris108, or Morris, is a Youtuber who comments on current issues. I’ve watched his videos every now and then for a few years. I even donated some money to him a few months ago, since he’s always asking for donations.

Yesterday he put out a video called When Iran and Zionists Share the Same Goals – Morris. Morris talks about in it about the custom of marrying one’s cousins, and how the Zionists are against the practice. He says cousin marriage helps keep the bloodties closer or something. Frankly I think what he is saying here sounds dumb, but then again maybe I’m being the dumb one here and not getting it.

So I read the comments on the video, and found that almost all of them were supportive of his odd claims. This is highly unusual on Youtube. Usually whenever anyone expresses any kind of opinion there are a bunch comments disagreeing with them. Especially among videos by “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists”. Anyways, I felt like I have to say something, so there would be a dissenting opinion on this cousin marriage stuff.

I said this:


Morris responded with:


I think I made it clear in my comment that I’m not worried about the New World Order’s plan to end cousin marriage, and not dismissing the NWO, but maybe I was not clear, so I replied him explaining what I meant. However that comment had disappeared. Apparently deleted by Morris. I didn’t take a screenshot of it.

Then I replied to him again:


Now that comment has been deleted as well. I think I should point out you can still see on the Youtube page that my original comment has 3 replies, while now only Morris’ reply is visible when you click the blue text.


Also there’s one other guy who had his comments deleted, and he pointed it out. Now that too is gone. (Yes, I’m ashamed of misspelling “your”.)


I think I saw his original comment where he questioned Morris’ claims that Iran is against cousin marriage, and yermomrhot posted a link to Wikipedia article.

I don’t think my comments were abusive, neither was yermomrhot’s. There was no need to remove them. This clearly suggests that Morris cannot take criticism. I’m not saying it means he’s necessarily controlled opposition or anything like that, but at least he has a very fragile ego if he cannot take criticism. You shouldn’t be out on the internet trying to spread new ideas if you cannot take the heat that comes with it.

Quite frankly what Morris did was cowardly and dishonest. Sure Youtuber’s are allowed to moderate the comments, but if you delete the opinions of those who disagree with you, your opinions don’t matter. I would advice anyone from giving him money, and I certainly won’t trust what he says anymore. Morris’ behaviour makes him seem like a parasite who just wants money and adoration from people.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but why would you go deleting people’s comments?

In addition to the cousin marriage stuff on the video, Morris is pushing an anti-Jewish, pro-Islam angle. I don’t think either extreme is something we should buy into. The internet is full of people either saying it’s the Jews, so we must ally with the Muslims, and the other half is saying the Muslims are brutes, so we must help the Jews. Why don’t we just stay away from their conflicts altogether?

Now I’m not making any comment on what sort of people you should associate with. If you have friends who are Jewish or Muslim, that’s none of my business, and it’s generally good to make friends anyways. But it’s the political aspect of Judaism and Islam I would say we should stay away from.

In closing, Morris, you’ve lost my respect. Deleting Youtube comments may not be the biggest crime in the world, but it reveals something about his nature. And I’m not the only one who had his comments deleted.



Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society: http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=34418



When Iran and Zionists Share the Same Goals – Morris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUtKAhBwD_k



5 thoughts on “108morris108 censors his comments”

  1. Whether he deleted the comments or not, it’s possible you may have misinterpreted his original response. I would have taken “You have the right to choose what you’re concerned about” as meaning it’s up to you to choose what battle you fight, or something to that effect. And if he did delete the comments, who cares really? How does this alter your path at all? There are tons of fragile people on the internet and in “real life” who follow such actions to protect their fragile self-images.
    It really seems that this is more you getting upset over his opinion being different than your own, than an issue that requires such an effort towards public shaming.
    Just my 2c though

    1. I’m upset because Morris clearly does not allow dissenting opinions on his channel, as I’m not the only one whose comments he deleted. I may or may not have misinterpreted his original response, and he may have misinterpreted mine, that’s why I posted a second comment to explain what I meant. Not allowing me to do that is dishonest, and makes me seem like some noob who scoffs at the idea of NWO, and doesn’t care about the fact that they are waging wars where-ever. I care about the real issues, not about declining cousin marriage rate, although I sort of wrote the first comment to see how he responds. Maybe he could convince me cousin marriage is a pertinent issue. Censorship only convinces me that he does not have confidence in what he is saying.

      Morris asks for people’s money, and they give him that (as I did). It’s important people know what sort of person he is. Call it shaming, call it calling him out on his dubious behaviour. It’s all the same to me.

      1. Noted and thanks for the well thought reply. I do see where you’re coming from, and I agree with your correlation of censorship to confidence.

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