Get off your Manichaean Band Wagons

Certainly all throughout main stream society we have these dichotomies where you’re supposed to pick a side and root for it; left-wing vs right-wing, pro-choice vs pro-life, Christian vs atheist, blue team vs red team, ad nauseam. Yet similar behaviour applies to the “truth movement” and alternative media. There’s socialists vs nationalists, Christians vs “neo-pagans” vs New Age, and so on. Then there’s of course the various It’s The _______-crowds. Fill it _______ with anything you like from the Jews to crypto-nazis, to the Jesuits or reptilians. Quite frankly I’m starting to be nauseated by all the people who pretend that as long as they’re vocal enough, their favourite story will become truth.

Another thing that has started to nag me recently is that people recognize the various the occult symbols in the media and elsewhere that the “elites” seem to be using, and conclude the symbolism itself is evil. I do agree that the symbolism is obvious from the all-seeing eyes and triangles people do with their hands, and references to goddess Isis/Semiramis (including the Statue of Liberty), or that one statue of George Washington has his arms pointing exactly as Baphomet is in the picture by Eliphas Levi. These occult symbols are out there, and I think people use them for a reason. And many of the people using the symbols are evil, or are working for some sort of evil masters, but it does not necessarily follow that the symbols themselves are evil or perpetuate evil by their mere existence.

“By their fruit you will recognize them.” I do think there is great evil at work in our world, but the evil does not lie in a person’s ideology, the symbols they use, the words they utter, and not necessarily even the people they associate with, but in their deeds. For example, the main stream media perpetuates evil by lying and deceiving people, and omitting various truths. This is not some abstract statement, but a fact anyone can corroborate by observation and rational thought. The New World Order military-industrial complex is evil as is evidenced by the death and destruction it brings, and the financial enslavement the vultures of the IMF bring as it moves in after the smoke has cleared. The conglomerate of political correctness, feminism and anti-racism breeds evil rather than fights it, as is evidenced by the Rotherham rape scandal. Deception, murder, enslavement and rape are all evil acts, and those who consistently perpetuate them are evil.

These are concrete examples of the evil that goes in the world, opposed to someone making a triangle sign on TV or having Isis symbolism on display. Now I am not saying this symbolism is meaningless, on the contrary, as I said earlier, these people are doing it on purpose, but I’m tired hearing the same old “occult symbol=evil”-dogma. I would rather look at what is the fruit that these symbols bear. How do they affect people, why do they affect people, do they have some metaphysical effect as well? Could we possibly use these symbols for good?

I find a lot of these predetermined definitions meaningless, such as Christian, pagan, nationalist, anarchist… since everyone has their own idea of what they mean by it. Several years ago I had discussion with a friend who is Christian, and I was complaining how Christianity has been responsible for so much blood-shed and oppression in history. He responded by saying that ‘it’s just the Catholics. They’re not real Christians.’ A Catholic would of course say that Catholic are the only real Christians, and somehow justify or excuse the violent actions of the Catholic church. I don’t even think that me, my friend or the imaginary Catholic would necessarily be wrong. We are merely looking at and talking of different issues, but we are confused by overly generic words like Christianity. After all what Christianity was 2000 years ago is very different to what it was a 1000 years ago to what it was 30 years ago to what it is now. Then you can confuse the issue further by comparing Christianity in medieval England to the Byzantine Empire, or the countless different denominations and sects, and add in really different heretics like the Cathars. Traditionally the gnostics and Essenes are thought of as Christian, but some disagree with that…

So what I’m trying to say we should recognize that there are always great differences with what I think a word means and things I associate with than what you do. Sometimes people try to frame issues a certain way, that itself could be considered a form of magic to control the other person’s mind. Like the question that is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor has been repeated in the main stream media a countless times. I think he’s a bit of both. It is heroic to reveal the stuff that he revealed, however it wasn’t really any great revelation since anyone who had been paying attention more or less new about all the spying anyways. He is being a traitor by quite probably working as an agent in some sort of psy-op.

So stay off the band wagon, and look at things as they are and not as you think they are or as you want them to be.


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