Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit

The movie trilogy, The Hobbit, is an absolute piece of shit, and defecates on the memory of J. R. R. Tolkien. I am a bit tipsy as I type this, but it should detract from the point of my argument. The Hobbit movies are an affront toward the legacy of Tolkien and are in no way a celebration of his work, as they have very little to do with his book.

*Warning spoilers*

To anyone who has not seen The Hobbit movies, you shouldn’t bother. And in case you haven’t the movies movie add a lot of unnecessary stuff that first of all makes me think the screen writer, the producer, the director or all of the above thought Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit, or There and Back Again was atrocious and they had to tinker with the story to make it “interesting”. Therefore they added a lot of extra stuff into it like Legolas, that elf-chick + love story, Beorn being a former slave, “dark” and “edgy” stuff, and so on. This is absolutely atrocious.

I’m not a hard-core Tolkien fan, although I liked Tolkien’ stuff way before Peter Jackson made his Lord of the Rings movies. I liked them, and I wasn’t bothered by Tom Bombadil not being in it, or other stuff hard-core fans might get pissed at, however I do understand their qualms. But The Hobbit movies are way beyond that. I don’t care if you think Tolkien’s novels are boring and a piece of shit, but I do care when people make “blockbuster movies” based on Tolkien’s book and shit all over it.

The Hobbit movies are not merely a more popular or entertaining interpretation of Tolkien’s story, but an indirect admission that people behind the revised story presented in the movies do despise Tolkien and his work. To say anything less is meaningless, or possibly even dishonest. You can say The Hobbit (the novel) was childish and boring, and it wouldn’t make a good movie. Fine, perhaps you are right. But if you choose to do a movie about it, you should stay faithful to the original in some way. Peter Jackson and his cohorts obviously did not. They not only altered the story, but they altered the story in a very disrespectful manner in relation to the original. This is not acceptable. You are free to dislike or hate Tolkien, but if you go through the trouble of acquiring the trademark and all of that, and make movies based on Tolkien’s work, you should express appreciation for his work. It is despicable to buy the license to someone’s work only to shit all over it.

Nor is it an acceptable explanation that they stretched a single book into trilogy, while the LOTR trilogy was also merely three movies, out of the desire to make money. I’m sure making money played a part in their decision to do that, but it does not give them the moral excuse. After all is it somehow morally better if I kill someone for financial profit instead of personal satisfaction?

Regardless of one’s sentiment on the books Tolkien wrote, he is still one of the most influential fantasy writers of the 20th century. If you want to celebrate the stories he told, you should celebrate them instead of mutilating them. If you think he was a hack, point it out with clever arguments in a book review, not but by taking his novel and altering it beyond all recognition. Art does matter, after all. And we should not simply accept it quietly when Hollywood or other globalist agencies choose to violate the work of artists.


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