Are Freemasons running the world?

It’s one of the oldest and well-known conspiracy theories (I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense) of our time that Freemasons are either running the world or trying to do so. I’m by far not an expert on Freemasonry, but based on what I know the conspiracy theory seems somewhat factual. Let’s jump in.



We should start with the modern ideas of freedom, equality and democracy. Two of the pivotal moments leading up to the plague that has stricken most of the “first world” countries, both in the West and the East, are the United States declaration of independence and the French Revolution. Both are well-known Masonic events.

Many of the US founding fathers were Masons, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock. The French Revolution was heavily influenced by Freemasons as well. The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon website writes: “While it is both simplistic and specious to lay the responsibility for the French Revolution at the door of Freemasonry, there is no question that freemasons, as individuals, were active in building, and rebuilding, a new society.”

Notice, as Michael Tsarion pointed out years ago, it says Freemason first, and First President is second.

Now you could argue that even though some of the founding fathers were Freemasons, they were only a small minority and therefore them being Masons is of little consequence. Only 9 out of 56 (16%) of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons. Also British Columbia and Yukon lodge’s website comments on the influence of the Masons in the French Revolution that although many Masons were involved in it, they “were probably unaware of each other’s masonic association and clearly cannot be seen as acting in concert. Yet they did share certain beliefs and ideals.”

Perhaps the Freemasons did not conspire together to mold the world according to their “beliefs and ideals”, but these revolutionary events in world history were quite clearly based on Freemasonic “ideals”, and in effect both France and United States became heavily Masonic countries. And now most of the world has adopted that belief system. It matters little how you fill in the blanks; whether you think the Masons conspired together in their lodges to bring about the Luciferian New World Order, or if the Masons were merely acting based on their spiritual beliefs and promoting their ideals, they seem to have succeeded. The problem is that most of us aren’t aware that we are living in a Masonic society.


Masonic Values

The motto of the French Revolution was: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” Liberty, equality, fraternity (or brotherhood). Liberté, liberty, freedom, free is connected to the word “free” in Freemasonry. Equality is a Masonic ideal, as in the Masonic lodges a baker is equal to a prince, unless one is of a higher degree than the other. The sentence “All men were created equal” is well-known from the US Declaration of Independence. And the Masonic lodges are fraternal organizations, or brotherhoods.

On the surface liberté, égalité, fraternité may sound harmless or even benign, but when Freemasons use these words they have a different meaning. First of all it is false to say that we are all equal, since it does not work mathematically, logically nor in reality that I am you, or you are the same as your aunt. We are all different, with different abilities and experiences. The brotherhood in these fraternities does not refer to actual filial bonds of blood that brothers or other close kin have, but to artificial bonds, such as political goals. I’m not quite sure what the “free” in Freemasons stands for, so I had a little look.

H. L. Haywood, who I think was a Mason, discussed the meaning of “free” in Masonry. He writes: “Why the “free” in it? Far back in the Middle Ages a freemason was the name of a builder who could design buildings as well as construct them. He was what we should now call an architect.”

Later on he discusses several different possibilities and interpretations, but I think that is the best explanation Haywood gave for “free”. It’s about designing “buildings” and “constructing” them. Back in the Middle Ages the meaning may have been literal, but I think nowadays it means Masons are “active in building, and rebuilding, a new society [or societies]” as they were in  the French Revolution. In other words, “free” refers to social engineering? They engineer the way people think and act, they don’t engineer machines or buildings, at least that is not their primary purpose.


Masonic Education System

Freemason beliefs and customs have influenced various different aspects of society, in my opinion. Let’s look at some of them.

First is the education system. You join an academic institution, suffer throught their initiatory rites and eventually earn a degree. Much the same as the Masons, as far as I know. I have an academic degree, Bachelor of Arts or something. I consider it a worthless piece of paper, I don’t think so of all of the education I’ve received in universities, but I don’t see any sane or practical purpose for this piece of paper.

There’s of course the squaring the circle Masonic hat your receive in many countries (not here in Finland) when you get a degree.

And I think the whole idea of modern education where you sit in a classroom and learn regurgitate information is Masonic in origin. I don’t know if the idea of sitting in class is in any way Freemasonic, but the modern education systems where you learn to repeat information, instead of empirically finding out things for yourself, seems Masonic. You’re told that the mass of the moon is 7.34767309 × 1022 kilograms, or that the core of the earth is molten, or that the sun is a giant nuclear reactor. You’re not supposed to research these alleged facts for yourself. You have to believe them.

We all have had to go through nearly ten years of education where a teacher tells you this is how things are, and if you don’t do it, you are penalized. You’re stupid, crazy, or unruly. This practice extends beyond the classroom to society. For example, if you do not accept the official line of 9/11 that Arab hijackers brought down three buildings with two planes you are a crazy conspiracy theorist. Although anyone with a bit of common sense and does some research on the facts, finds the story highly suspect.

However in Masonic lodges, according to my understanding, you’re supposed to rely on the people with the higher degree to tell you what to believe, instead of empirically looking at reality for yourself.



The cable-tow (not camel-toe) is a noose Freemasons put around their neck in some ritual. I believe that is the origin of the practice of wearing neckties. This might be a minor issues, but I’ve never understood why people nowadays have to wear suits and ties when they do something important or serious. I don’t like suits, and I hate ties. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a tie, unless I tried on my father’s tie when I was 3 or something. Now that I’m older I understand at least that I don’t want wear a tie, because I am not a Freemason. You can have your cable-tow’s, but it’s not for me. Sorry.

The Masonic dictionary comments on the cable-tow: “The Cable Tow is a symbol of the First Degree and represents the candidates bond to his guide. In some esoteric circles it represents the umbilical cord.” Basically if you work for a corporation or governmental organization where you have to wear a suit and tie, it means you are a First Degree Freemason without even knowing it, and you are bonded to some sort fo guide? Not for me, thanks. But I must concede that tie looks good on some people.


Other Social Influences

I’m gonna mention one more aspect of influence of Masonicism (?) in society. The Eurovision song contest was last weekened, and I hadn’t really paid any attention to it, since I don’t really care. Yet I felt curious this morning googled who won, and seems like it was some Swedish guy. I found an article on Gaystarnews, some sort of news site for gays, I guess. The article is titled ‘Anti-gay’ singer takes top prize at Eurovision 2015, because the singer supposed made some comment that could be interpreted as anti-gay. Whatever, I don’t care whether he is pro-, anti- or neither on gays. But the term of anti-gay is what caught my eye. This appears to Masonic thinking. As if homosexuals were a secret brotherhood that had to hide its allegiances from the rest.

The Freemasons have a concept of anti-Mason, a person who opposes the goals and ideals of Masons. Proper Masons are not supposed to talk to them, listen to them or anything. Sort of sounds like anti-semite to me… Now gays are like that too? I don’t think Gaystarnews is a Masonic website, I merely think they’ve adopted a Freemasonic mindset as much of our society seems to be Masonic.



I’m gonna finish things here. I have to go cook curry. I’m not necessarily saying the Masons have systematically conspired to ruin society and civilixation, but I think the Masonic influence in society is overwhelming and obvious when you know how to look. This I find most alarming, since we are hardly ever told of this. I am not saying Freemasons or Masonry is necessarily inherently evil either, but I think it would be foolish not consider that the possibility is rather high. So therefore you can label me an anti-Mason. So if you are a Freemason and you read my post, the jokes on you. Haahaa.

However, I should point out that in order not to contradict my previous article, the ultimate culprit for us being to a large degree unaware of the Masonic influences  is us. The information is out there. The reason we’ve been ignorant is by choice, by refusing to take a look. As this topic is a very old school conspiracy topic, I’m going to go old school and say wake the fuck up.



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It’s not the Illuminati, reptilians, or Jews. It’s the Abdication of Responsibility

Let’s stop with looking for someone else to blame for this mess the world is in. I’m not the first one to say this by a mile. Max Igan, David Icke or someone else has said before many times, but back then it was more like “I agree with your point intellectually”, but now I’m getting genuinely pissed off at it.

There’s always someone to blame for our problems. It’s the Illuminati, reptilians, Jews, Freemasons, Muslims, leftists, right-wingers, ad nauseam. Sure, it matters who has conspired to do what exactly, but they’re not the reason the world is fucked up. It’s the abdication of responsibility we’ve done that’s to blame.

The Zionist media has fed us with all sorts of lies, but ultimately the blame lies with us for buying it for so long. Sure they’re not innocent, but we chose to believe their bullshit. We chose to fight all of those senseless wars in the last 100 years although someone else started them. We chose to believe their words about this and that, and that’s mainly because we didn’t want to bother to find out how it actually works.

That’s the name of the game in the 20th and 21st centuries. We have this democracy thing in most parts of the world, and no-one is responsible for anything, and everyone is responsible for everything. We vote those people in, so it’s our fault when they fuck up. But then again it’s not us who do the fucking up, so it’s not our fault. How were we to know their campaign promises wouldn’t hold? (After all, it’s not as if the same pattern hasn’t repeated for decades…) It’s not the politician’s fault, since they’re in office only a few years. They Obama didn’t cause the mess that Bush caused, otherwise he would’ve fixed it. Sure…

If your kitchen is full of dishes that haven’t been washed in months, and they’re gathering all sorts of bugs and bacteria. If your backyard is badly kept, full of vermin, snakes and crap. If the dingos steal your baby, it’s not the fault of the animals, bugs, demons, politicians, Jews or God. It’s your fault for not taking care of your own business. Do you trust someone else to wipe your ass? If you’re two years old, it’s fine, but not after twenty.

That’s the key to the whole fucking conspiracy, abdication of responsibility. Perhaps the Satanic Freemason elites have been scheming among with their reptilian overlords for centuries to implement the New World Order hell on earth, but the only reason why it’s looks like they’re succeeding is because we sit on our asses, and eat whatever synthetic shit they feed us, and say “thank you sir, may I have another”. It’s our fault for believing all sorts of stupid ideas someone we’ve never met came up with, and then we chose to build our whole society around them. Whether or not the person has benevolent or malevolent intent doesn’t matter as much as the fact that we chose to adhere to their insane ideas.

Salvationism in Christianity and atheism

Last summer made a post saying that atheism is the fourth Abrahamic religion. There’s one aspect, salvationism, that seems to be a key feature in both Christianity and atheism. It may or may not apply to Islam and Judaism as well, but I not so well versed with their ways of thinking so I cannot say for sure.

Way back when I was younger there was one aspect of Christianity that made it clear for me that faith wasn’t meant for me; the salvationist ideology. This was decades before I heard of John Lash’s criticism of the concept in Not in his Image. Christians used to say “Do you accept Jesus into your heart?” or “Do you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour?” I might have accepted that Jesus was some transcendental being and spiritually superior to the rest of us, but this particular dogma of having accept something external into me was like accepting a spiritual microchip into my soul, or, pardon the vulgar expression, having his dick rammed into my mouth. I neither liked the idea of having to accept some external, outer thing into me, nor did I see how it would make me better.

I have no problem looking at myself or human beings in general as somehow sinful, although I don’t mean it necessarily in any religious sense. We’re simply all screw-ups, we’ve all done something immoral, there are limits to what we know and can know, nobody’s perfect and so on. I think the best way to handle it is to stop whining, and do the best you can. Try to be a decent person. I fail to see how the mythological remedy Christianity claims to possess can fix our sinful state. I would say it rather gives us an excuse to continue living sinfully since somehow the act of Jesus unjustly being murdered on the cross makes it OK for us to be sinful. It never made sense to me, still doesn’t.  And certainly accepting a murdered Jesus into my heart won’t fix anything either. It is merely an attempt to abdicate one’s responsibility to a “higher power”.

This is also what the atheists do. They don’t believe in God, Jesus or sin for that matter, but they do believe in the marvels of “progress”. To them vaccination is merely an updated version of the Eucharist. Christians drink the blood of Christ and eat his body in order to be saved. Atheists take the jab to be safe from the germs. This is very much the impression I’ve gotten from some atheists and their blind belief in vaccines. I’m not saying all vaccines are necessarily harmful, but some are. But to these atheists saying this is heresy.

Modern medicine in some respect has become the church for the atheists. As now we have all of the viruses and bacteria, the atheists don’t believe there’s anything they can do to fight against these invisible demons, so they give their money to the pharmaceutical companies in order to be safe. Here too I’m not saying all modern medicine is useless or harmful, but I would rather rely on the natural healing properties inherent in my body rather than rely on this multimillion Dollar industry.

In political matters particularly the leftist atheists view the government as a God-like figure to be obeyed, unless you want to invoke its ire or lose it favour. The media serves a role similar to the inquisition. You don’t want be known as a crazy conspiracy theorist/heretic, so you don’t discuss these and those matters in public. It all goes together, the statism, the media, the pharmaceuticals. They’re all a religion. The ultimate goal of it all seems to become a sublim victim like Jesus. Just look as the Je suis Charlie-stuff, or how the alleged crisis actors are always happy to be victims. Don’t get angry. Don’t blame the attacker. Be complacent, be passive, be a victim because it makes you better than the rest since according to this religion there are only victims and oppressors. And the meek shall inherit the earth…

This is the religion of the New World Order. You’re a meek victim while they inherit the earth. Whoever they may be.



The Fourth Abrahamic Religion:


Kilrathi cats from space are real! OMG!!!!11

I watched a lecture, The Alien Agenda, by someone called Simon Parkes. His website describes him as follows: “Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified.  Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office, he is currently taking a break from politics but is likely to resume later this year. ”

I hadn’t heard of Parkes before, and at least that particular lecture left me thinking that I hadn’t missed much. For the most part he seemed to be repeating a lot of the information already available about aliens and exopolitics, and some David Ickey-stuff on conspiracies and the nature of reality. Parkes did not seem to bring anything new or relevant to the table. This naturally makes me wonder whether he’s even genuine or not, or just another false prophet to add to the mix.

I was trying to refrain from making any judgement on him, until one comment at 1:46 in the video when my bullshit meter sounded an alarm. Parkes talks about a feline race of aliens he calls the “kilrothi” or something like that. It’s a name that sounds very familiar as in the computer game series from the nineties,Wing Commander, the Kilrathi are a race of feline aliens.

I guess it’s possible that the game developers were privy to confidential information on ETs and presented it as fiction in Wing Commander, but I think the most likely scenario is that Mr. Parkes is just copying information off the internet and making shit up to gain attention. But that’s just my interpretation of this “co-incidence” between fiction and what Parkes presents as fact.

Overall I cannot say whether Simon Parkes is being genuine or not, but even if he is, most the stuff he says is anecdotal evidence at best. His vagueness does not fill me with confidence.



The Alien Agenda – Conspiracy Documentary Simon Parkes 2015:

His official website:

Wing Commander:


Why I doubt that Israel controls the New World Order

Obviously Israel and Zionists wield a lot of influence in  the world and are responsible for a lot of deception and immoral acts. However, I do not think they are on top of the pyramid, as it were.

More and more accounts of Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians, and unwillingness to accept African immigrants, are being reported in the media, even the mainstream media. The tide is turning on Israel, partly because the people are starting to see Israel and lot of these powerful Jewish organizations for what they really are. But there’s the other side that ultimately what Zionism and Israel stand for are not compatible with the transhumanist, digital, archontic mindset where we are all equal. We’re all just numbers to be controlled the same. Israel’s Jewish supremacist mindset is ultimately at odds with the New World Order’s goals, although Israel has done a lot of work for them.

Israel, and the Jewish people, do consider themselves special and unique, and this is not allowed in the New World Order where everyone is gray, neuter, nameless and faceless. There are no Jews nor Goyim, no Europeans, Africans, Asians or Arabs. Everyone is just a drone according to this mindset. That is why criticism of Israel is becoming more mainstream.

Jews and/or Zionists have served the New World Order well in destabilizing the rest of the world, as the Jews consider themselves the chosen ones, and therefore many of them have happily undermined other countries and cultures. A very good example of this is Barbara Spectre is saying that Jews are behind the multiculturalism in Europe.

The documentary Defamation starts off with the film maker saying he’s making a film about anti-semitism. Another guy asks him what’s that. He answers it’s when people hate the Jews. The guy responds: “No way. The Jewish people control the world.” This is exemplary of the mindset that many Jews have. They themselves believe they are in control, but I don’t think they are. They have been a very good asset for the New World Order, but they are about to outlive their usefulness. The cover of committing crimes under a Jewish mask, and then calling everyone anti-semite to divert attention away has worked well in the past, but it’s not working so well anymore, which is why Israel is unable to serve its purpose for much longer. Another phase in this insane master plan has already begun.

I don’t have much sympathy for Israel, but it should be understood that it’s not necessarily a thing to rejoice if Israel gets destroyed, literally or figuratively, as ultimately it is just another nail sticking out to be hammered down by the machine.

While Jews, Zionists and Israel have played an integral part in this global conspiracy I do not  think the conspiracy itself is Jewish. I don’t think the Elders of Zion are the mastermind. If I knew who was on top of the pyramid, I would say so, alas I don’t. But from my perspective, the Jews are not truly in control. It is not prudent to lose sight of the bigger picture when looking at the individual crimes that do have a Jewish fingerprint on them.



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White Genocide

The term White Genocide has been thrown around recently here and there, and I’m not sure what to think of it. On one hand I can agree that there is an agenda to get rid of the “White” race, but on the other, the term has a lot of underlying assumptions I’m wary of.

The first is that “we” or the “White” people are assuming a victim mentality. A very Jewish mindset, if you will. While the word “genocide” was allegedly first used for the Armenian genocide, since WWII it has been heavily associated with the suffering of the Jews. It’s been argued that the Holocaust has become a religion for certain Jews; something that unites them, instead of traditional religious doctrine. While every race and ethnic group has suffered in history, it’s not sane to make it the central feature of your identity. This applies to both Jews and us Goyim alike.

I do think that some people who use the term White Genocide are subconsciously wanting it to happen, so we too would be validated as genuine victims, and therefore somehow become spiritually elevated. That’s the universal religion of today.

The second assumption is that there is such a thing as a “White” race. I don’t agree with  categorizing a race with a simple colour. Race is deeper than that, and my skin colour is not white. There are a few white objects on my desk. Compared to my skin colour, they look quite different. There are also some black objects here, like my keyboard. I can agree that my skin colour looks more white than black, but it still is not white.

Also, there are various different ethnic groups whose skin colour is “White”. I’m thinking maybe when the most people say the White race, they mean Anglo-Saxons. I’m Finnish, which makes me quite different. I’m not a geneticist or anything, so I don’t know if ultimately all the different “White” peoples of the world descend from the same original tribe, but until someone proves otherwise, I am going to say no. I think race is more than just the genetic makeup of your body. Culture, language and religion are also related to one’s race, and I think our Finnish race is in many ways very different from the English, for example.

The third assumption, or more like narrowing of one’s focus, is that “they” only want to genocide the White race. I think it’s quite clear the globalist (transhuman, archontic) mindset sees human beings only as units. We are numbers, not names. It cannot comprehend the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of humanity and nature, and deems them inconsequential or a threat to get rid of. This mindset wants to get rid of, or make uniform, all race and cultures.

Although, if you are a member of the “White” race then it is sensible, of course, to be more concerned about your own people. There’s nothing wrong with caring more about what happens in your backyard than your neighbour’s, as long as you aren’t exclusively concerned about your own.

The term White genocide can function also as sort of punch in the face for those who are in denial of what the ultimate goal of political correctness and Cultural Marxism is. They are not merely misguided yet well-meaning ideologies, but utter evil masquering as something else. If you can use the phrase White genocide to highlight that, then that’s good. Yet I don’t think that’s always the case.

I think I’ve seen some people who are using the phrase get a bit too reptilian brain, fight or flight when they’re talking about it. It makes them lose perspective and focus only on survival. A little bit of that reptilian survival instinct is necessary, but if it goes overboard you’re gonna back yourself into a corner.

I don’t know who introduced the term White Genocide, but I don’t trust it. For one, I’d rather call it the White Genocide Agenda, since I can agree that there is an agenda to accomplish it, but if you call it White Genocide, then you’re sort of subconsciously wanting it to happen just so you can say “told you so” to skeptics. And to get back to the first objection, the whole thing sounds very Jewish to me. The world isn’t Anti-Semitic anymore, now it’s Anti-White. There’s even the saying that Anti-Racist is Anti-White. Maybe it is, but let’s not be whiney bitches about it.

We’ll always have enemies who want to do us harm, but instead of coming up with these mantras on how they discriminate us, let’s just say “bring it, bitch”.



Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud

Richard C. Hoagland allegedly worked for NASA decades ago, but then he figured out they were covering something up, and became a whistler-blower of sorts. In the last 10 years he’s been interview in several alternative media programs. He usually makes all sorts of outrageous claims, while saying he speaks based on facts. Unsurprisingly his claims rarely, if ever, come true.

I have the book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA by Hoagland and Mike Bara. I read it several years ago, and found it interesting, although I had problems believing some of the claims, such as glass structures being on the moon. Nevertheless, back then I respected Hoagland’s opinion, and came up with some excuse why none of his predictions and claims ever came true. Now, years later it’s hard for me to deny the fact that, to put it lightly, Hoagland seems to talking out of his ass.

I just listened Hoagland’s recent interview with Richie Allen, and Hoagland was being a complete ass. Simply spouting how great he is and merely denigrating those with a brain who criticize him. But you could argue that that particular interview only deals with opinions, so I think we should go back in time a bit and take a look at a couple of Hoagland’s predictions that did not come true.


Failed Predictions

In 2010, Hoagland claimed it would be year of disclosure on aliens. He was quite sure about it. According to him the clues from NASA or the elites hinted that would happen. Guess what, still waiting for disclosure.

In 2011, he claimed that asteroid YU55 will hit the moon. It didn’t. The comet Elenin was also supposed to be triangle-shaped and a message from friendly aliens, or something like that.

They’re not minor things. They’re very far out claims and yet nothing of the sort happened. Not only that, Hoagland says he bases everything on facts and science and all that, yet he constantly engages in conjecture and innuendo. He talks about secret priesthoods, special occult dates, and every now and then he throws in his Hyperdimensional Physics Model that makes him sound much smarter than anyone can understand.


The Red Ice interview

For example, in an interview on Red Ice Creations May 30, 2010 hour 2 ( from 18:30 on), Hoagland rambles on about some “ritual calendars” of secret priesthoods, how they are realizing that its their time to reveal free-energy and other secret technologies to the public, he name-drops Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Hoagland says they need to save the planet. I think he’s simply putting out words and concepts that sound grandiose to impress people, then again I’m not attuned to his hyperdimensional model of thinking. Eventually the interviewer Henrik asks (at 20:22) Hoagland if he thinks they are talking about human beings or they (the priests?) are under the control of something else? I think it’s a decent question. Hoaxland responds: “I try to deal with science. In this political realm it’s impossible to know.” Then he starts to ramble on something about the human proclivities to fragment, the civil rights movement and how it’s difficult to work together without any external threat.

I don’t understand if Hoagland’s answer is in any way related to what Henrik asked. I guess he’s sort of hinting that the “external threat” is aliens, but I don’t know. I don’t think he knows either. I think he’s an actor playing a scientist. He rambles on more and then throws in “Yuga cycles of the ancient Vedas”. I think he’s saying that just to sound smart and mystical. It makes no sense. Let’s move on.

About 5 minutes after Hoagland said it’s difficult to know about the political realm, and that he deals with science, then he goes on to conjecture something about the Norway Spiral of 2009 suggesting there is conflict within the secret priesthood. What priesthood? Like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Adeptus Mechanicus? The spiral supposedly suggests that there are two factions, one of them wants disclosure and the other doesn’t. I guess the non-disclosure faction won, although Obama was a leader on the disclosure side…

Later on in the interview Henrik asks Hoagland about the moon. Hoagland rambles on and eventually he mentions the “Data’s head” on the moon depicted below.

It does look like a robot’s head, or C-3PO from Star Wars, but it does not mean it is. The picture isn’t very clear. But if I was feeling generous I might agree it looks artificial. That’s all.

Yet Hoagland is not content with merely promoting the idea that it is a robot’s head, but he suggests the astronauts that allegedly went on the moon might have been able to talk to it, and even extract ancient videos from it. Sounds like a decent scifi-movie, but Hoagland only deals with science as he constantly points out in his interviews. However, this is hardly only dealing with the facts and science.



I have little doubt that Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud. I cannot say what motivates him. Whether he’s actually controlled opposition paid by “the secret priesthood”, or if he wants to be genuine but he’s just bit crazy and convinces himself that what he says makes sense, I don’t know. He’s clearly just not an actual scientist that has uncovered something significant about the moon, NASA or space.

The funny thing is, I believed him for many years mainly because I wanted to. The things he says sound cool and exciting, and you want to root for him, but that can only happen when you suppress your critical thinking, your reason. Just a year and a-half ago I wrote:

“Hoagland has said a lot of things that aren’t true. Yet I don’t think he’s disinfo or anything. I think he has done a lot of good research, and brought out useful information, but he’s sometimes like an excited school boy with an overactive imagination, saying things that seem true in his mind, but that’s as far as it goes.”

I wanted to believe his claims. I don’t anymore.

If you think I am slandering Hoagland or criticizing him merely out of spite, then I suggest go back and listen to a few of his older interviews with a critical mind. He tends to say a lot of things that are not true, and make predictions that never come true. He keeps on talking about stuff that sounds smart but ultimately does not make sense, shifting from topic to topic so your mind cannot keep up. In his interview with Richie Allen he just kept talking to avoid addressing the criticism Richie mentioned. Basically he’s using the Emperor’s New Clothes -method of talking. You’re confused and dumbfounded by what he says, but he seems smart so you play along because you don’t want to feel stupid.

I have no doubt that NASA has been lying about a lot of stuff, and there’s certainly something suspicious about the moon we should know about, but I’m fairly certain Mr. Hoagland won’t be the one to enlighten us. For example, Youtuber Crrow777 seems much more scientific and genuine to mention one.

The glass structures on the moon mentioned in Dark Mission is just a silly idea. Jay Weidner’s Kubrick’s Odyssey points that out too.



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