De Vere appears to confirm my ideas on demons in the DNA

A couple of months ago I asked Are demons embedded in our DNA or Genetic Memory? I recently started reading a book that seems to suggest yes.

I wrote: “In a Ouija session the entity uses the hand of the people involved to move the planchette. Perhaps the entity has been in the people to begin with, it is part of their DNA or genetic memory, or in the blood already. It is an ancient program that is activated, similar to a suppressed instinct. The person allows this program to run its course and control him or her, this results in some degree of possession. Using a Ouija board is a slight form of possession, since the entity uses the hands of the participants to use the planchette.”

The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg says: “The Witch was possessed by this daemon, because the Witch by descent and heredity was that daemon itself. It was his or her genetic inheritance and part of his or her racial consciousness. To that the Witch would yield, when occasion necessitated, placing the Witch and the words wicce or Wicca firmly in the tradition of the trance seer (Derkesthai), practice rooted in Scythian shamanic culture.”

Nicholas de Vere was a member of the true royal bloodline, the dragon bloodline of witches, according to himself. He refers to most of the European royalty as “Tinker Kings”, who are not of the blood. De Vere’s bloodline is not of reptilian shapeshifters, but the “Derkesthai”, the one’s who see clearly, and view life from a more spiritual viewpoint than normal people. His book The Dragon Legacy got published because Baphomet asked her to.

When I wrote about demons and DNA I had no idea of who De Vere was or what his book says. All I knew was that De Vere was the name of some guy. Naturally I was aware of Twyman at that point, as I refer to her experiences, although I hadn’t read Clock Shavings yet. I find De Vere’s depiction of the witch being possessed by the daemon in his or her genetic inheritance some degree of corroboration of my ideas. At least someone else has considered it.



Are demons embedded in our DNA or Genetic Memory?:


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