Gnostic Sophia symbolism in Björk’s videos?

Björk is an Icelandic female solo-artist and you’ve probably heard of her. I have most of her CDs, but in recent years I’ve lost interest in her music. Today I saw the music videos to a few of her newer songs and found the symbolism perplexing.

I’m not, in the words of Ralph Wiggum, “a Viking” when it comes to analyzing music video symbolism so naturally this is just my impression. The first song on my radar is Family.

The video starts off in an oily, black, dead world. A barren underworld like hell. Reminds me of H. R. Giger’s work, who is best known for designing Alien. There’s a woman on a rock, Björk. The camera moves around. Then suddenly the rock with the dead woman is lying on earth with greenery around. Purple goo starts pouring out of the wound on her chest. The goo brings her back to life.

This is from the video, and the cover for Björk’s latest album, Vulnicura.

I think the videos refers to the Gnostic goddess Sophia. The video starts off in a period after Sophia has fallen from the pleroma (center of the galaxy), as John Lash explains it, but has not become the earth yet. There is only the archontic, artificial realm. She is dead, and perhaps the camera represents the archons watching and lamenting her state. Sophia is the mother of the archons after all.

Later Sophia rejuvenates and creates the earth. Perhaps the archons were allowed to enter this world through Sophia’s wound, as in the picture. The opening of Björk/Sophia’s chest resembles “fertility” goddess Sheela na Gig’s opening. In the end of the video even that wound is healed. says: “The title comes from a latin word where “Vulnus” means “wound, injury”, and “Cura” means “heal, care”.”

Another video, Black Lake, has a similar theme. In it Björk is in a cave, the barren underworld, dressed in black bondage dress or something. She’s lamenting something, and in the end beating herself on the chest, either trying to stab herself with an imaginary knife, or resuscitate herself. In this video also she ends up on green land, walking around. At one point she starts spinning around, then floats in the air when something like spirits detach from her and fly into the sky. (Giving birth to the archons?)

Both videos remind me of the video game Dark Seed from the nineties. Wikipedia says that Dark Seed “exhibits a normal world and a dark world counterpart, which is based on the artwork by H. R. Giger.” There’s a parallel world whose inhabitants try to take over our world, or something like that. The parallel world is a dark, Gigerian cybernetic world. I’ve never played it, but I watched a Youtube playthrough of it once.

I think H. R. Giger may have been able to perceive the world of the archons somehow. His art may be based on something real.

I think both of these videos by Björk tell a similar tale of Sophia suffering in the cybernetic underworld, and then creating the earth. Both songs, Family and Black Lake, are from her latest album Vulnicura.

The third video I’m going to address is Mutual Core, from the album Biophilia. In the video Björk has blue hair, and she’s standing with her legs in sand. She seems to represent some sort of earth goddess (Gaia Sophia), since lyrics say: “I shuffle around the tectonic plates”. There are weird Fragglerock-looking dragon-thing tectonic plates rubbing against each other. The video is OK, and the symbolism isn’t so Gnostic to me, but the lyrics are a different thing. From 0:48 on in the video it sounds to me like Björk is singing: “Trying to match archontic mess”. However according to the lyrics it’s: “Try to match our continents”, so maybe my mind is just making it up.


I don’t know to what extent Björk is behind the videos on her latest album, but it seems Gnostic to me. However, not just Gnostic, but Gnostic from an archontic standpoint. The video, or the music, do not seem spiritually uplifting. It’s just tired, confusing and unappealing to me.

I’m not sure what the Gnostic gospels’ or John Lash say about how the archons view their mother Sophia, but I’ve gotten the impression they have an unheathy obsession with her. Like an undead Oedipus-complex or something.



Dark Seed:

Mutual Core lyrics:



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