Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud

Richard C. Hoagland allegedly worked for NASA decades ago, but then he figured out they were covering something up, and became a whistler-blower of sorts. In the last 10 years he’s been interview in several alternative media programs. He usually makes all sorts of outrageous claims, while saying he speaks based on facts. Unsurprisingly his claims rarely, if ever, come true.

I have the book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA by Hoagland and Mike Bara. I read it several years ago, and found it interesting, although I had problems believing some of the claims, such as glass structures being on the moon. Nevertheless, back then I respected Hoagland’s opinion, and came up with some excuse why none of his predictions and claims ever came true. Now, years later it’s hard for me to deny the fact that, to put it lightly, Hoagland seems to talking out of his ass.

I just listened Hoagland’s recent interview with Richie Allen, and Hoagland was being a complete ass. Simply spouting how great he is and merely denigrating those with a brain who criticize him. But you could argue that that particular interview only deals with opinions, so I think we should go back in time a bit and take a look at a couple of Hoagland’s predictions that did not come true.


Failed Predictions

In 2010, Hoagland claimed it would be year of disclosure on aliens. He was quite sure about it. According to him the clues from NASA or the elites hinted that would happen. Guess what, still waiting for disclosure.

In 2011, he claimed that asteroid YU55 will hit the moon. It didn’t. The comet Elenin was also supposed to be triangle-shaped and a message from friendly aliens, or something like that.

They’re not minor things. They’re very far out claims and yet nothing of the sort happened. Not only that, Hoagland says he bases everything on facts and science and all that, yet he constantly engages in conjecture and innuendo. He talks about secret priesthoods, special occult dates, and every now and then he throws in his Hyperdimensional Physics Model that makes him sound much smarter than anyone can understand.


The Red Ice interview

For example, in an interview on Red Ice Creations May 30, 2010 hour 2 ( from 18:30 on), Hoagland rambles on about some “ritual calendars” of secret priesthoods, how they are realizing that its their time to reveal free-energy and other secret technologies to the public, he name-drops Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Hoagland says they need to save the planet. I think he’s simply putting out words and concepts that sound grandiose to impress people, then again I’m not attuned to his hyperdimensional model of thinking. Eventually the interviewer Henrik asks (at 20:22) Hoagland if he thinks they are talking about human beings or they (the priests?) are under the control of something else? I think it’s a decent question. Hoaxland responds: “I try to deal with science. In this political realm it’s impossible to know.” Then he starts to ramble on something about the human proclivities to fragment, the civil rights movement and how it’s difficult to work together without any external threat.

I don’t understand if Hoagland’s answer is in any way related to what Henrik asked. I guess he’s sort of hinting that the “external threat” is aliens, but I don’t know. I don’t think he knows either. I think he’s an actor playing a scientist. He rambles on more and then throws in “Yuga cycles of the ancient Vedas”. I think he’s saying that just to sound smart and mystical. It makes no sense. Let’s move on.

About 5 minutes after Hoagland said it’s difficult to know about the political realm, and that he deals with science, then he goes on to conjecture something about the Norway Spiral of 2009 suggesting there is conflict within the secret priesthood. What priesthood? Like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Adeptus Mechanicus? The spiral supposedly suggests that there are two factions, one of them wants disclosure and the other doesn’t. I guess the non-disclosure faction won, although Obama was a leader on the disclosure side…

Later on in the interview Henrik asks Hoagland about the moon. Hoagland rambles on and eventually he mentions the “Data’s head” on the moon depicted below.

It does look like a robot’s head, or C-3PO from Star Wars, but it does not mean it is. The picture isn’t very clear. But if I was feeling generous I might agree it looks artificial. That’s all.

Yet Hoagland is not content with merely promoting the idea that it is a robot’s head, but he suggests the astronauts that allegedly went on the moon might have been able to talk to it, and even extract ancient videos from it. Sounds like a decent scifi-movie, but Hoagland only deals with science as he constantly points out in his interviews. However, this is hardly only dealing with the facts and science.



I have little doubt that Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud. I cannot say what motivates him. Whether he’s actually controlled opposition paid by “the secret priesthood”, or if he wants to be genuine but he’s just bit crazy and convinces himself that what he says makes sense, I don’t know. He’s clearly just not an actual scientist that has uncovered something significant about the moon, NASA or space.

The funny thing is, I believed him for many years mainly because I wanted to. The things he says sound cool and exciting, and you want to root for him, but that can only happen when you suppress your critical thinking, your reason. Just a year and a-half ago I wrote:

“Hoagland has said a lot of things that aren’t true. Yet I don’t think he’s disinfo or anything. I think he has done a lot of good research, and brought out useful information, but he’s sometimes like an excited school boy with an overactive imagination, saying things that seem true in his mind, but that’s as far as it goes.”

I wanted to believe his claims. I don’t anymore.

If you think I am slandering Hoagland or criticizing him merely out of spite, then I suggest go back and listen to a few of his older interviews with a critical mind. He tends to say a lot of things that are not true, and make predictions that never come true. He keeps on talking about stuff that sounds smart but ultimately does not make sense, shifting from topic to topic so your mind cannot keep up. In his interview with Richie Allen he just kept talking to avoid addressing the criticism Richie mentioned. Basically he’s using the Emperor’s New Clothes -method of talking. You’re confused and dumbfounded by what he says, but he seems smart so you play along because you don’t want to feel stupid.

I have no doubt that NASA has been lying about a lot of stuff, and there’s certainly something suspicious about the moon we should know about, but I’m fairly certain Mr. Hoagland won’t be the one to enlighten us. For example, Youtuber Crrow777 seems much more scientific and genuine to mention one.

The glass structures on the moon mentioned in Dark Mission is just a silly idea. Jay Weidner’s Kubrick’s Odyssey points that out too.



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7 thoughts on “Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud”

    1. In the Red Ice interview I referred to, Hoagland does suggest the astronauts may have talked to the head, although I don’t think he outright claims they talked to it. Interesting blog you have there. I’ll take a look.

  1. Yep read the Dark Mission book and as soon as I saw SRI mentioned it was game over. You don’t get NYTimes bestseller status unless you are pimping an approved text.

  2. At first listen, Richard sounds like he has some intriguing info, and since he’s basically a good “BS’er” for a while you swallow some of it.

    However after a while you realize he is taking a few facts and extrapolating huge fantasies which fit comfortably into his political worldview, which is quite skewed to say the least.

  3. Hoagland is part of the digital birdcage and actually I think henrik palmgren is taking cia money nowadays too. You can be sure when someone had a good channel but is now a ‘white rights’ obsessive, he’s redirecting us in a way that’s easy to control and mock. This also goes for Millenial Woes who I now believe to be a ‘neocon’ for monetary reasons. The vast majority of everyone are either shills or outright psychopaths. That said, there are gems of information from all these guys…and behind all the disinfo and posturing lies the truth. The freemasons double headed eagle represents this dialectic of lies inside truth.

    1. I don’t thinK Henrik Palmgren takes CIA money, unless the CIA is subscribed to Red Ice, which is possible if they want to know what Red Ice is talking about. I do think that some of the company that Henrik is keeping have a bit too black and white view of the world, but I don’t disagree with having “white rights” motives. I also think that the amount of shills and psychopaths in the “truth movement” is exaggerated, and they’re not too hard to spot if you’re paying attention.

      1. well sometimes I agree but alas in this dark world it becomes hard to trust any information. Of course this is a desired effect to make horizontal trust networks impossible so we become trapped in layers of verticality….as above so below as it were. Verticality over horizontality is the the pyramid way.

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