White Genocide

The term White Genocide has been thrown around recently here and there, and I’m not sure what to think of it. On one hand I can agree that there is an agenda to get rid of the “White” race, but on the other, the term has a lot of underlying assumptions I’m wary of.

The first is that “we” or the “White” people are assuming a victim mentality. A very Jewish mindset, if you will. While the word “genocide” was allegedly first used for the Armenian genocide, since WWII it has been heavily associated with the suffering of the Jews. It’s been argued that the Holocaust has become a religion for certain Jews; something that unites them, instead of traditional religious doctrine. While every race and ethnic group has suffered in history, it’s not sane to make it the central feature of your identity. This applies to both Jews and us Goyim alike.

I do think that some people who use the term White Genocide are subconsciously wanting it to happen, so we too would be validated as genuine victims, and therefore somehow become spiritually elevated. That’s the universal religion of today.

The second assumption is that there is such a thing as a “White” race. I don’t agree with  categorizing a race with a simple colour. Race is deeper than that, and my skin colour is not white. There are a few white objects on my desk. Compared to my skin colour, they look quite different. There are also some black objects here, like my keyboard. I can agree that my skin colour looks more white than black, but it still is not white.

Also, there are various different ethnic groups whose skin colour is “White”. I’m thinking maybe when the most people say the White race, they mean Anglo-Saxons. I’m Finnish, which makes me quite different. I’m not a geneticist or anything, so I don’t know if ultimately all the different “White” peoples of the world descend from the same original tribe, but until someone proves otherwise, I am going to say no. I think race is more than just the genetic makeup of your body. Culture, language and religion are also related to one’s race, and I think our Finnish race is in many ways very different from the English, for example.

The third assumption, or more like narrowing of one’s focus, is that “they” only want to genocide the White race. I think it’s quite clear the globalist (transhuman, archontic) mindset sees human beings only as units. We are numbers, not names. It cannot comprehend the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of humanity and nature, and deems them inconsequential or a threat to get rid of. This mindset wants to get rid of, or make uniform, all race and cultures.

Although, if you are a member of the “White” race then it is sensible, of course, to be more concerned about your own people. There’s nothing wrong with caring more about what happens in your backyard than your neighbour’s, as long as you aren’t exclusively concerned about your own.

The term White genocide can function also as sort of punch in the face for those who are in denial of what the ultimate goal of political correctness and Cultural Marxism is. They are not merely misguided yet well-meaning ideologies, but utter evil masquering as something else. If you can use the phrase White genocide to highlight that, then that’s good. Yet I don’t think that’s always the case.

I think I’ve seen some people who are using the phrase get a bit too reptilian brain, fight or flight when they’re talking about it. It makes them lose perspective and focus only on survival. A little bit of that reptilian survival instinct is necessary, but if it goes overboard you’re gonna back yourself into a corner.

I don’t know who introduced the term White Genocide, but I don’t trust it. For one, I’d rather call it the White Genocide Agenda, since I can agree that there is an agenda to accomplish it, but if you call it White Genocide, then you’re sort of subconsciously wanting it to happen just so you can say “told you so” to skeptics. And to get back to the first objection, the whole thing sounds very Jewish to me. The world isn’t Anti-Semitic anymore, now it’s Anti-White. There’s even the saying that Anti-Racist is Anti-White. Maybe it is, but let’s not be whiney bitches about it.

We’ll always have enemies who want to do us harm, but instead of coming up with these mantras on how they discriminate us, let’s just say “bring it, bitch”.




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