It’s not the Illuminati, reptilians, or Jews. It’s the Abdication of Responsibility

Let’s stop with looking for someone else to blame for this mess the world is in. I’m not the first one to say this by a mile. Max Igan, David Icke or someone else has said before many times, but back then it was more like “I agree with your point intellectually”, but now I’m getting genuinely pissed off at it.

There’s always someone to blame for our problems. It’s the Illuminati, reptilians, Jews, Freemasons, Muslims, leftists, right-wingers, ad nauseam. Sure, it matters who has conspired to do what exactly, but they’re not the reason the world is fucked up. It’s the abdication of responsibility we’ve done that’s to blame.

The Zionist media has fed us with all sorts of lies, but ultimately the blame lies with us for buying it for so long. Sure they’re not innocent, but we chose to believe their bullshit. We chose to fight all of those senseless wars in the last 100 years although someone else started them. We chose to believe their words about this and that, and that’s mainly because we didn’t want to bother to find out how it actually works.

That’s the name of the game in the 20th and 21st centuries. We have this democracy thing in most parts of the world, and no-one is responsible for anything, and everyone is responsible for everything. We vote those people in, so it’s our fault when they fuck up. But then again it’s not us who do the fucking up, so it’s not our fault. How were we to know their campaign promises wouldn’t hold? (After all, it’s not as if the same pattern hasn’t repeated for decades…) It’s not the politician’s fault, since they’re in office only a few years. They Obama didn’t cause the mess that Bush caused, otherwise he would’ve fixed it. Sure…

If your kitchen is full of dishes that haven’t been washed in months, and they’re gathering all sorts of bugs and bacteria. If your backyard is badly kept, full of vermin, snakes and crap. If the dingos steal your baby, it’s not the fault of the animals, bugs, demons, politicians, Jews or God. It’s your fault for not taking care of your own business. Do you trust someone else to wipe your ass? If you’re two years old, it’s fine, but not after twenty.

That’s the key to the whole fucking conspiracy, abdication of responsibility. Perhaps the Satanic Freemason elites have been scheming among with their reptilian overlords for centuries to implement the New World Order hell on earth, but the only reason why it’s looks like they’re succeeding is because we sit on our asses, and eat whatever synthetic shit they feed us, and say “thank you sir, may I have another”. It’s our fault for believing all sorts of stupid ideas someone we’ve never met came up with, and then we chose to build our whole society around them. Whether or not the person has benevolent or malevolent intent doesn’t matter as much as the fact that we chose to adhere to their insane ideas.


One thought on “It’s not the Illuminati, reptilians, or Jews. It’s the Abdication of Responsibility”

  1. I agree, I represent the enlightened ones and I can tell you from the horse’s mouth. We are not into promoting violence or mystic thinking. We are for the betterment of mankind along with the same ideals as those who falsely accuse us to this debased level of existence. The government is into that, not us. Unite and fight the real enemy and get your facts straight. You morons are all the same. You hear something and you all jump on that bandwagon. Come call me a reptilian to my face and see what happens.

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