Are Freemasons running the world?

It’s one of the oldest and well-known conspiracy theories (I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense) of our time that Freemasons are either running the world or trying to do so. I’m by far not an expert on Freemasonry, but based on what I know the conspiracy theory seems somewhat factual. Let’s jump in.



We should start with the modern ideas of freedom, equality and democracy. Two of the pivotal moments leading up to the plague that has stricken most of the “first world” countries, both in the West and the East, are the United States declaration of independence and the French Revolution. Both are well-known Masonic events.

Many of the US founding fathers were Masons, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock. The French Revolution was heavily influenced by Freemasons as well. The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon website writes: “While it is both simplistic and specious to lay the responsibility for the French Revolution at the door of Freemasonry, there is no question that freemasons, as individuals, were active in building, and rebuilding, a new society.”

Notice, as Michael Tsarion pointed out years ago, it says Freemason first, and First President is second.

Now you could argue that even though some of the founding fathers were Freemasons, they were only a small minority and therefore them being Masons is of little consequence. Only 9 out of 56 (16%) of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons. Also British Columbia and Yukon lodge’s website comments on the influence of the Masons in the French Revolution that although many Masons were involved in it, they “were probably unaware of each other’s masonic association and clearly cannot be seen as acting in concert. Yet they did share certain beliefs and ideals.”

Perhaps the Freemasons did not conspire together to mold the world according to their “beliefs and ideals”, but these revolutionary events in world history were quite clearly based on Freemasonic “ideals”, and in effect both France and United States became heavily Masonic countries. And now most of the world has adopted that belief system. It matters little how you fill in the blanks; whether you think the Masons conspired together in their lodges to bring about the Luciferian New World Order, or if the Masons were merely acting based on their spiritual beliefs and promoting their ideals, they seem to have succeeded. The problem is that most of us aren’t aware that we are living in a Masonic society.


Masonic Values

The motto of the French Revolution was: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” Liberty, equality, fraternity (or brotherhood). Liberté, liberty, freedom, free is connected to the word “free” in Freemasonry. Equality is a Masonic ideal, as in the Masonic lodges a baker is equal to a prince, unless one is of a higher degree than the other. The sentence “All men were created equal” is well-known from the US Declaration of Independence. And the Masonic lodges are fraternal organizations, or brotherhoods.

On the surface liberté, égalité, fraternité may sound harmless or even benign, but when Freemasons use these words they have a different meaning. First of all it is false to say that we are all equal, since it does not work mathematically, logically nor in reality that I am you, or you are the same as your aunt. We are all different, with different abilities and experiences. The brotherhood in these fraternities does not refer to actual filial bonds of blood that brothers or other close kin have, but to artificial bonds, such as political goals. I’m not quite sure what the “free” in Freemasons stands for, so I had a little look.

H. L. Haywood, who I think was a Mason, discussed the meaning of “free” in Masonry. He writes: “Why the “free” in it? Far back in the Middle Ages a freemason was the name of a builder who could design buildings as well as construct them. He was what we should now call an architect.”

Later on he discusses several different possibilities and interpretations, but I think that is the best explanation Haywood gave for “free”. It’s about designing “buildings” and “constructing” them. Back in the Middle Ages the meaning may have been literal, but I think nowadays it means Masons are “active in building, and rebuilding, a new society [or societies]” as they were in  the French Revolution. In other words, “free” refers to social engineering? They engineer the way people think and act, they don’t engineer machines or buildings, at least that is not their primary purpose.


Masonic Education System

Freemason beliefs and customs have influenced various different aspects of society, in my opinion. Let’s look at some of them.

First is the education system. You join an academic institution, suffer throught their initiatory rites and eventually earn a degree. Much the same as the Masons, as far as I know. I have an academic degree, Bachelor of Arts or something. I consider it a worthless piece of paper, I don’t think so of all of the education I’ve received in universities, but I don’t see any sane or practical purpose for this piece of paper.

There’s of course the squaring the circle Masonic hat your receive in many countries (not here in Finland) when you get a degree.

And I think the whole idea of modern education where you sit in a classroom and learn regurgitate information is Masonic in origin. I don’t know if the idea of sitting in class is in any way Freemasonic, but the modern education systems where you learn to repeat information, instead of empirically finding out things for yourself, seems Masonic. You’re told that the mass of the moon is 7.34767309 × 1022 kilograms, or that the core of the earth is molten, or that the sun is a giant nuclear reactor. You’re not supposed to research these alleged facts for yourself. You have to believe them.

We all have had to go through nearly ten years of education where a teacher tells you this is how things are, and if you don’t do it, you are penalized. You’re stupid, crazy, or unruly. This practice extends beyond the classroom to society. For example, if you do not accept the official line of 9/11 that Arab hijackers brought down three buildings with two planes you are a crazy conspiracy theorist. Although anyone with a bit of common sense and does some research on the facts, finds the story highly suspect.

However in Masonic lodges, according to my understanding, you’re supposed to rely on the people with the higher degree to tell you what to believe, instead of empirically looking at reality for yourself.



The cable-tow (not camel-toe) is a noose Freemasons put around their neck in some ritual. I believe that is the origin of the practice of wearing neckties. This might be a minor issues, but I’ve never understood why people nowadays have to wear suits and ties when they do something important or serious. I don’t like suits, and I hate ties. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a tie, unless I tried on my father’s tie when I was 3 or something. Now that I’m older I understand at least that I don’t want wear a tie, because I am not a Freemason. You can have your cable-tow’s, but it’s not for me. Sorry.

The Masonic dictionary comments on the cable-tow: “The Cable Tow is a symbol of the First Degree and represents the candidates bond to his guide. In some esoteric circles it represents the umbilical cord.” Basically if you work for a corporation or governmental organization where you have to wear a suit and tie, it means you are a First Degree Freemason without even knowing it, and you are bonded to some sort fo guide? Not for me, thanks. But I must concede that tie looks good on some people.


Other Social Influences

I’m gonna mention one more aspect of influence of Masonicism (?) in society. The Eurovision song contest was last weekened, and I hadn’t really paid any attention to it, since I don’t really care. Yet I felt curious this morning googled who won, and seems like it was some Swedish guy. I found an article on Gaystarnews, some sort of news site for gays, I guess. The article is titled ‘Anti-gay’ singer takes top prize at Eurovision 2015, because the singer supposed made some comment that could be interpreted as anti-gay. Whatever, I don’t care whether he is pro-, anti- or neither on gays. But the term of anti-gay is what caught my eye. This appears to Masonic thinking. As if homosexuals were a secret brotherhood that had to hide its allegiances from the rest.

The Freemasons have a concept of anti-Mason, a person who opposes the goals and ideals of Masons. Proper Masons are not supposed to talk to them, listen to them or anything. Sort of sounds like anti-semite to me… Now gays are like that too? I don’t think Gaystarnews is a Masonic website, I merely think they’ve adopted a Freemasonic mindset as much of our society seems to be Masonic.



I’m gonna finish things here. I have to go cook curry. I’m not necessarily saying the Masons have systematically conspired to ruin society and civilixation, but I think the Masonic influence in society is overwhelming and obvious when you know how to look. This I find most alarming, since we are hardly ever told of this. I am not saying Freemasons or Masonry is necessarily inherently evil either, but I think it would be foolish not consider that the possibility is rather high. So therefore you can label me an anti-Mason. So if you are a Freemason and you read my post, the jokes on you. Haahaa.

However, I should point out that in order not to contradict my previous article, the ultimate culprit for us being to a large degree unaware of the Masonic influences  is us. The information is out there. The reason we’ve been ignorant is by choice, by refusing to take a look. As this topic is a very old school conspiracy topic, I’m going to go old school and say wake the fuck up.



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