This life is not a Movie

Several years ago I participated in a few Live Action Role-Playing games (LARP). It’s when you dress up and act as a fantasy character for one night. Sort of like acting and improvised theater, but there’s no central script you follow.

Anyways, a certain portion of the games were really much fun, but some parts were disappointing, since often not much anything interesting happened. This was to a large degree due to most other players being really boring passive. In the games I took part in maybe 25% of the players actually sought to Consciously Co-create™ an interesting story, whereas most people simply sat on their asses waiting for something to happen, as if the game was a play or a movie in a threater where you are supposed to be a passive observer. I found that rather annoying.

It’s been over 10 years since I participated in a LARP, but I’ve noticed similar attitudes in many people. They expect society, the world or life itself to behave like a movie where you just sit on your ass, and the most you are supposed to do to influence the world is to press a button to choose what channel you are watching. This applies to politics, religion, and arts and entertainment.

When you vote for a politician you write a number on a ballot or press a button which may or may not in the end have some influence whether or not some guy you’ve never even met gets elected, and gets to make decisions that affect your life. Ultimately the influence you wield over society is at best a cosmetic one. Do you want your politician to represent the red, blue, green, pink or purple party?

There’s loads of premade packages on religion to choose from, so you don’t have to do the hard soul-searching yourself. Do you want to follow buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or atheist dogma? Oh, you choose Christian. Catholic, protestant or orthodox? And so on.

What irks me even more than people choosing the prepaid package on politics and religion is when they do it on art, music and all that. It’s represents a complete lack of personal taste. I’ve seen too many people like the music that’s in the Top 40 charts this month. The next month you have to have different favourites. It’s not too difficult to look beyond the corporate regurgitated crap to find music you actually like. Yet many people seem unwilling to make the hard decision of actually finding out what makes them feel good. A lot of people just listen to the Rihannas and Lady Gagas, because that’s what everyone is supposed to do. They read Harry Potter, because you are a terrorist if you don’t.

The world is truly an extension of your consciousness. I don’t mean that in some New Age mystical sense, but it simply means you have the power to affect your environment. If you have to have that new plasma screen TV just because everyone else has it, you’re doing it wrong, but if you really like to watch movies on that big screen, then good for you. Nevertheless if you have that TV in your living room it’s proof of conscious action, whether it’s the masterful manipulation of the advertiser, or your own decision to acquire it.

There’s no script to life. No predetermined way we’re supposed to act. We’re certainly not supposed to follow the agendas of our insane governments or corporate overlords. Just because some so called elites have formulated a plan for a New World Order or Agenda 21 doesn’t mean reality necessarily has to submit to that plan. The only, and I do mean only, way these insane plans can succeed if we go along with them. If we choose to go our own way and/or oppose their plans, they cannot succeed. This life is not a movie. The world will not follow anyone’s script, we might if we choose to, but we don’t have to.

We have to power create a paradise on earth, or a hell. It’s doesn’t mean either option will be easy, and that’s why we often don’t bother trying to create things for ourselves. It takes some effort, so we’d rather watch the movie than do it ourselves.


One thought on “This life is not a Movie”

  1. Terrence McKenna once said that religion is a “Operating System” for human interaction.

    Most people live in a World of escapism, I put myself in it, enterteinment has replaced religion for a lot of people, the discussion about certain fictional characters is like the discussion of the Divinity of Jesus in Early Christianity.

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