Culture of Critique

I used to consider myself a leftist before I “woke up” and realized the left-right paradigm in politics is made up of all sorts of false choices. Then I tried to disassociate myself from both political directions, although in recent years I’ve found myself going a bit to the right for two reasons: because the majority of leftists seem to be completely spineless hypocrites, and right-wing thought nowadays is at least somewhat grounded in reality, while leftism has went completely off the deep end.

One of the main reasons why I considered myself a leftist, because I was anti-war. I thought that’s one of the basics of leftist thought, that war should be avoided at all costs. I was of course against the War on Terror started by Bush. When Obama, a supposed leftist, became the king of the world you’d think he would’ve stopped the War on Terror, or when he didn’t do that all of the leftists would have called him out for the liar that he is. Of course they haven’t since they’re spineless Gollums, who are anti-war only, because under normal circumstances they’d consider themselves to be on the losing side. Then there’s the insanity of Cultural Marxism, which claims the highest values in our life is homosexuality, transgenderism and erosion of all natural culture, particularly Western culture.

I certainly believe that homosexuals have a right to do what they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms, but nowadays quite ironically leftists want to invade that privacy. They want all of us to peek in on gays couples doing their business, clapping and rooting for them for being so brave. I believe in the right of gays to be gays, but not in the sexual equality heterosexuality and homosexuality. If mine or your parents had been gay, we probably wouldn’t have been born. There’s this practical natural function that heterosexuality provides, which makes it more relevant than gay sex. I don’t want to see this small minority of homosexuals being persecuted for the way they are, nor celebrated for being aberrant. Just let them be.

Transgenderism, like the Bruce Jenner transformation, I’d allow since I believe in the right of human beings to do harm to themselves if they so desire. I guess they should be politely dissuaded from it first. However people like that are emotionally and hormonally very imbalanced, and their insanity should not be praised.

Criticism of one’s own culture is one of the corner stones of leftist thought, and something I agree with in principle. The Western civilization has done  a lot of morally questionable things in the last few centuries, such as imperialism, murdering and forcing people from their lands in the Americas, imposing Christianity on others, implementation of corporations, communism, excess social inequality and so on…

These are things we Westerners should not be very proud of, instead we should look at the mistakes of history and try learn from them. Look at history to provide constructive criticism. Modern leftism however is very critical of most things Western, but offers mostly deconstructive criticism. It basically says: “We’ve sinned in the past so we should perish in a fiery inferno.” Leftists no longer care about improving things, they just wanna fuck shit up. Modern leftists also tend to ignore the failings in other cultures, and focus on deconstructing the West. I still have that leftist view that I wish to be more critical of my own culture than especially a culture I’ve never even visited. I think that is a sensible view, since I cannot properly criticize a culture if I don’t know much about it. But the important thing in all criticism, be it of art, science or culture, is to point out potentially fatal flaws and offer hints for improvement. That is something modern leftists vehemently despise.

Right-wingers, in my experience, tend to rather look at the positive aspects of their own culture. If taken to extremes, this can lead to completely ignoring the fact that people of all cultures and races are capable of mistakes and atrocities, and pretty much every culture has done something nasty against other. A fine example would be the bible belt people in America who supported Bush on his crusade simply, because they perceived Bush to be one of them against the middle-eastern Islamic terrorists.

Like I said, we should offer constructive criticism and advice, so here it is; let’s try to find some degree of balance and sanity. I think society needs both types people, the leftist thinking, and the rightist thinking, but both need to have a grasp on reality. Nowadays mainly it’s the leftists who have gone totally crazy, but there are some signs of some right-wingers heading off the cliff as well. For example I’m all for “White” people or Europeans being proud of their race and culture, and I oppose the mass immigration forced on us, but protection of one’s borders and culture should not devolve into a reptilian brain-dominated xenophobia where everything is seen in terms of race or nationality.


One thought on “Culture of Critique”

  1. Obama was made by the Chicago jewish elite (their own words!):

    They needed a Mulatto “Liberal” after 8 years of Bush II, jews have been manipulating the “Left vs Right” paradigm since the 19th century at least, during that period they already controlled International Finance/Banks and the Revolutionary Marxist/Communist movements, some 19th century thinkers like Dostoeyvsky and Bakunin recognised the reality of jewish domination and that Russia would be the target for a Communist revolution made by the money of Anglo-American jewish bankers.

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