Our Society is not Materialistic, it’s Idealistic

People sometimes bemoan how society only cares about the accumulation of materialistic possessions, and how people are just hedonistic and seeks pleasures of the flesh. I don’t think that’s really true anymore. The material side of life is somehow connected to reality, whereas where society is headed today seems to detach itself more and more from reality each passing month.

For one, you’d think materialistic people care about their most precious material possession, the body, yet people are increasingly growing more sick due to the amount of artificial ingredients in their diet, GMOs, chemtrails and all that. And they don’t really care. The multi-million drug industry is really just to distract them from the discomfort their unhealthy body brings them.

Accruing symbols of material wealth such as the latest plasma screen TVs and iPhones is not as much about being materialistically wealthy, but about the idea of being a successful person. Additionally these electronic devices are there to distract us away from the material world into games, movies and social media.

Nowadays the greatest virtue is… well it’s mostly non-existent. It’s mainly about avoiding being an intolerant, right-wing terrorist and a hater. As long as you haven’t said or done anything that someone might construe as homophobic, sexist or racist, you are clean. But if you do something like that, you’re fair game to be hunted down by the angry mob. It’s all about your social image, or the idea that people hold about you.

There’s something very teenage girl-like in society these days. You’re supposed to follow the latest fashion on who to hate, because hating the right target such as Christian homophobes is not hating really. Only when Christians hate homos, it’s hate. This week the object of hate is the Confederate Flag, of course. As long as you hate it like everyone else, you are a good citizen, but if you don’t, you’re evil.

A couple of days ago I changed my Facebook pic to the Confederate Flag to support freedom of speech, and preservation and understanding of history. Today I noticed one guy commented on it disapprovingly and unfriended me. I think this is hilarious. Now this one image offends everyone so much, while a week ago it was acceptable. All because a guy allegedly killed a bunch of people, and happened to have pictures of himself with the flag. I wonder if next week someone goes on a killing spree, and then they find pictures of him on Facebook eating strawberries, and there’s a text saying “I love strawberries”. I guess strawberries are the next symbol of hate.

It’s only about the image that an object, a person or a word represents to the majority. Or rather what the media claims the thing represents, and the soulless masses adopt it as gospel. It doesn’t matter that American civil war wasn’t as black and white deal of good versus evil as the propagandists these days say it was. It won’t matter that countless people have eaten strawberries for thousands of years without being evil, but since in this moment in time the people with mindset of a goldfish feel that this particular item symbolizes evil, it must be banned.

On the other hand, now that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate, the Rainbow Flag of the LGBT people is a positive symbol. So positive symbol in fact that even the White House became the Rainbow House. It’s just fucking disgusting. Not because I mind gays being gay, but how it is being used in political manipulation. Homosexuality too is no longer about two people of the same sex having a romantic relationship together. It has been reduced/elevated into a sacrosanct ideal. You’re supposed to be sporting this multi-coloured flag of tolerance. That’s what matters, not the actual act of being gay by doing gay stuff.

These days society brainwashes you to believe that as long as the idea you believe in sounds good in theory, all is good. It doesn’t matter what the reality is. Democracy sounds nice of paper; people get to decide what they want to do with their lives, but to anyone who still has a soul notices quite fast that de-facto democracy is a tyranny of the mind. These modern ideas of tolerance and inclusiveness sound nice on the surface, but in fact they are a severe form of totalitarianism, except that it’s not really about the state; it’s about the ideology of the month. It all comes down to despising reality, and trying to create a mass illusion to replace reality. The only way it can appear to work is to forbid everyone from speaking the truth, and cajoling them into promoting the illusion.



3 thoughts on “Our Society is not Materialistic, it’s Idealistic”

  1. I always enjoy your crisp clear message.With a loving heart, thank you for this one today. True truth, inside to the outer, shows beauty. You make feelings that can expand; those to me,too. Ina.

  2. I think that the biggest sign that there is a global conspiracy and that human beings are becoming less capable of independent thought and individual thinking is the fact that we have this intellectual and emotional fascism. People are afraid to express themselves freely and even just humorous personal behaviour in public causes alarm. Humans are becoming personally ineffective as the state, media, technology, politics and all the ‘machinery of the modern world clips our personal wings; having a personality, character and the capacity for independent thought is not something people aspire to these days. I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with the flag and everything wrong with the society which forms the circumstances under which a killer’s choice of icons leads to censure of the icon. Of course the US government wants to disarm the populace and the killing was a false flag action to bring down public opinion on the South of the USA and their sense of freedom; ironically the false flag event leads to calls for a real flag to be banned. Anyway good article and good thoughts, sadly too many people afraid to join in the debate foir fear of seeming ‘different’.

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