Charleston “Crisis Actors” and the Victimhood Agenda


It appears that some of the family members of the victims of the Charleston church shooting seem rather fake. Some call them Crisis Actors, but I prefer to use the awkward moniker Disingenuous Relatives of Victims (DRV).

There are videos on Youtube where alleged family members of the victims of the alleged church shooting do not seem at all upset by their family members having been brutally murdered. This suggests that either those people are really bad actors, or they’re hypnotized or drugged in some way. But one more disturbing detail is that most of them claim to forgive the attacker immediately, try only to focus on the positive and all that. They’re basically a robotic alien’s view of how a human being, who has recently experienced a great trauma, behaves.

Youtuber Redsilverj also points out how the Crisis Actors/DRVs behaved similarly in the Sandy Hook hoax. This happy victimhood has become a trend in other suspected false flags as well. In my opinion this is an agenda to try condition people to accept victimhood for the bad things that are happening to them or will happen in the near future, and refrain from blaming or protecting themselves from the source of this violence.

This is quite curious, since on the other hand in movies and video games there is a lot of programming of the dark avenging hero. The bad guy kills their wife or brother and this gives them justification to go kill people. This reminds of the Aeon of Horus the Avenger that Aleister Crowley talked about. The super-passive Disingenuous Relatives of Victims and the avenging heroes clearly are clearly contradictory. I’m not sure what the greater agenda is. Of course these two aspects of social engineering may be fabricated by two different groups with little or no interaction with the other. But I’m considering another option.

Maybe Crowley wasn’t just making stuff up, nor was he trying to bring about any “Satanic” Age of Horus, but it is the normal next step in the spiritual matrix of this world. Our current era has been full murder, oppression and lies. Perhaps the revenge of Horus basically just means that the identity of these global criminals are being revealed, and they will get their just desserts. These DRVs who avoid blaming the murderer that killed their family members are there to persuade you to do the same when the darkest conspiracies on this earth are truly revealed to the public. This revelation of both conspiracies and conspirators has been going on for a few decades now, but I wouldn’t say any complete revelation has occurred yet, since most people still have their own idea on who the real culprit is, but they don’t really know. We’re all pointing our fingers around; it’s the Illuminati, lizards, Jews, Jesuits, Masons, crypto-Nazis, capitalists, communists and so on. Some of those groups are no doubt involved, but it’s a different matter saying who’s really the mastermind.

I cannot say with any certainty the DRV’s blasé attitude toward the murder of family members is related to what I wrote, but I find it interesting how it seems to be in complete contrast to the avenger-mentality that seems to be going on as well.



Redsilverj on the Charleston shooting:

Aleister Crowley & the Aeon of Horus by Michael Tsarion:

The Beast & the Hidden God by Freeman:


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