Minions movie promotes service to Evil

If you live on Earth summer of 2015 you may have seen the new Minions movie being advertised here and there. It has yellow, cartoonish suppository-looking generic characters, and I find it annoying. It’s another ploy by the corporate machine to try make you excited about something very average by excessive ad-campaigns and hype. I’ve despised crap like this all my life. There’s been Harry Potter, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, Twilight and now Minions.

But wait, there’s more. A couple of days ago I saw poster on the movie with the description: “Yay evil”. That, and the fact that the movie is called Minions, says it all.

The movie is trying to tell children (and adults who are dumb enough to fall for it) that it’s cool to serve evil. I haven’t seen the movie, but simply based on the propaganda campaign behind it I can say for a fact it won’t be that great. It might be entertaining, but won’t be anything better than that. I cannot say much about the plot that apparently these yellow suppositories are creatures who love to become minions of evil overlords, or something like that. Is that the message you want to send? You’re a powerless little piece of shit, but at least you can follow someone strong and cause havoc before someone wipes you out. It’s definitely more fun than being the victim of such a group, so why not join ’em?

When I was a child my heroes were characters like He-Man or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He-Man was the strongest man in the universe and always did the right thing. The turtles were a bit mischievous and unruly, but there was little doubt they were the good guys. Kids these days get these generic little servants of evil to look up to. I’m sure they’ll grow up with honorable and worthwhile values.

The promotion of evil that Minions does openly is pretty much what I was talking about two years ago when I wrote an article titled Minionism. Notice the similarity?





3 thoughts on “Minions movie promotes service to Evil”

  1. There is also the Monster’s High brand of clothing that is being promoted for little girls, the mass media is just establishment propaganda.

    I used to read “Super-hero” comics when I was younger (I didn’t know that was a 100% judaic genre), Marvel and DC went full Neocohen during the Bush II years but became more Liberal after Obama was elected, its just propaganda for the Zionist Anglo-American Empire.

  2. I should also note I caught an ad for the last minions where the narrator said the theme of the movie is the minions have to help the earth move up through worlds to meet their maker….I never heard that variation again, but it was fun as a quasi subliminal catchline….apparently we’re all slaves in some dark gnostic mandela effect process to climb back to god ( I assume not the demiurge) and ask ‘why?’

    Similar to a lot of the recent sci fi esoteric films recently.

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