Alternative Media morphing into the Main Stream Media

Why is much of the alternative media hiding its head in the sand in regard to the Virginia TV reporter shooting incident? They’re not looking at the facts, but promoting their own particular agendas.

In an interview with Richie Allen, Michael Rivero of What Really Happened said he believes the shooting was real.  Rivero points out that TV and movies exaggerate the blood splatter,  and that real shootings look different. Fair enough, he’s probably right, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the video that Flanagan supposedly filmed himself of shooting Alison Parker looks fake. Even the other video looked fake before I saw the shooting video.

Rivero says that even though shooting was real, everyone’s going to use it to push their agenda, such as the anti-gun agenda. A few minutes later Rivero starts pushing his own agenda that antidepressants make people go crazy and shoot others.

Another reason why Rivero does not think the shooting was fake is that it doesn’t fit his interpretation of the agendas the government is pushing; gun control and White on Black violence. He says the guy was crazy, so it doesn’t fit the gun control agenda, since people with mental illness already are forbidden by law to get guns. But as he stated already, most of the mass shooters have been on antidepressants, i.e. crazy, and the incidents have been used to push gun control, so I don’t really follow his logic. Another thing is since the Charleston shooting was used to demonize White people, this incident is reverse, with a Black guy shooting White people. It supposedly doesn’t fit the agenda. But I would say it just doesn’t fit Rivero’s perception of what the agenda is. The enemy isn’t as simple-minded and predictable as Rivero is, apparently. And to me it looks like the Charleston shooting and the Virginia shooting complement each other perfectly if the manipulators want to cause a race war, or at least increase tensions between the races.

As Rivero said the alleged shooting will be used to push agendas, we can find another agenda from Infowars: “Williams [AKA Flanigan] was radicalized by the race war narrative that the leftist media has been pushing since last year, in addition to the toxic politically correct environment being pushed by social justice warriors wherein anything and everything is deemed “offensive” or “racist”. ” Nuff said.

I’ve previously mentioned how Red Ice Creations is pushing an angle that suggests the alleged shooter Flanagan being an Jehovah’s Witness was motive for the shooting. Additionally they’re playing into the left-right tug of war.

In the grand scheme of things, the alleged Virginia shooting may not be a big thing, whether or not it was fake or real. What concerns me more is how the alternative media is handling it, since the narratives they’re pushing do not really contest the allegations of the main stream media and the political establishment. They merely seek to twist the official narrative in a way that suits them. Although main stream media like Fox News and CNN are losing credibility and people are turning to the alternative media for information, but the alternative media is gradually becoming like Fox News and CNN. In the end, nothing ever changes.

Fortunately not all alternative media is like this. David Icke’s website did link to an article by Activist Post calling the shooting a hoax. 21st Century Wire wrote pretty nice and objective article on it. They did not call the shooting a hoax, but did not automatically believe everything the main stream media says either. Moreover the article points out that the shooting video has been removed from Youtube several times. In addition to this countless Youtubers have called out the inconsistencies and the dubiousness of the shooting incident.

Rivero, Infowars and Red Ice are looking at the shooting incident with their political agenda glasses on, instead of focusing on the facts. And sometimes the facts contradict your beliefs and don’t fit your agenda. In that case, the same of the main stream media, these alternative media seem to ignore them. At least Michael Rivero did address the shooting video, and he thought it was real. I can appreciate it, and he might be right. I heavily doubt it, but the possibility exists. The video isn’t the only evidence that the shooting was a hoax, however. The boyfriend and the father of Alison Parker have been all over the main stream media, and their performance is obviously fake. Moreover they appear to be actual actors. Not very good ones obviously.

If the alternative media wishes to remain relevant, they should address issues like these “crisis actors”, or Disingenuous Relatives of Victims, as I call them. Yet, much of the more institutionalized alternative media ignores these things. They might be alternative, but they don’t seem independent.

Or maybe I’m just crazy, since I cannot bring myself to believe these fake videos. I cannot pretend I buy the story when the basis of the story is ridiculous. I certainly feel like I’m going crazy looking at the media reporting on these things and not addressing the elephant in the living room.



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Is it really a big deal if the Virginia TV shooter was a Jehovah’s Witness?

In my previous article on the Virginia TV shooting hoax I berated Red Ice Creations for not delving into the topic from a conspiratorial viewpoint, and basically accepting the official line. Today I see the website has a new article on it written by someone called Tomfarrar Talley suggesting the fact that Vester Lee Flanagan was a Jehovah Witness might provide a motive for the shooting.

As far as I can tell the article is explicitly written for Red Ice and they’re not just publishing someone else’s newstory.

The article points out that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a weird apocalyptic cult that might screw with your mind. I agree with this assessment. However, the author Talley seems to base his suggestion that “a destructive religious cult shaped him in his formative years, so that later in life, he would be that powder keg he said he was, and would indeed ‘go off’” on the facts that Flanagan was reportedly a Jehovah’s Witness, and he allegedly said that: “Jehovah spoke to me that I should take action (against the white people).”

This sort of reasoning reminds me of blaming Marilyn Manson for the Columbine Shootings, or claiming that kids who play Dungeons and Dragons are dangerous Satanists. I agree that Jehovah’s Witnesses is a cult that can be harmful to its followers, but I don’t really think that Jehovah’s Witnesses suddenly “going off” and murdering people is a common phenomenon. I could find one case in Russia from 2008 when two JWs supposedly went on a killing spree. So I guess what Talley is suggesting is not unfathomable, just far off speculation.

However, if you don’t want to speculate and look at the facts on the incident, i.e. the video where the alleged shooter holds the gun next to the two alleged victims, and they don’t react until he starts firing at the woman, but there is no sign of impact or blood on the woman. This screams that the shooting is a hoax, a false flag, call it what you will. This is not speculation, it is evidence, very good evidence (although not 100% proof) of a criminal conspiracy to deceive the public. But I guess I’m just crazy conspiracy theorist whose eyes deceive him.

Then there’s the little detail that several videos showing this fake shooting have been pulled off Youtube. This is censorship, because they don’t want the truth to be out.

I can appreciate Red Ice exploring other angles on this story, but ignoring the facts is another thing. Perhaps it sounds a bit petty of me complaining about this single article, but it’s a larger problem as of late on Red Ice. They’ve been ignoring the conspiracy facts in many cases, and focusing on not seeming too conspiratorial. I was particularly disappointed with the silence on Red Ice, and most other alternative media, on the Germanwings crash this March that didn’t show the crashed plane, just some random debris, and no bodies.

You could argue that it is not the role of Red Ice Creations to be the Voice of Truth, and certainly they cannot discuss every issue in detail, but as they have grown fairly influential in recent years, they should use that influence to bring things like these into attention. Instead conspiracy facts seem to get pushed into the fringe again, i.e. conspiracy Youtubers and small blogs like mine. Since Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombings we have seen several false flags where no-one probably even died. “Crisis actors” or whatever you want to call them have become so commonplace, the topic shouldn’t get ridiculed or ignored in the media, instead it has to be discussed seriously.

I was a subscriber to Red Ice for many years, but I stopped subscribing this summer for several reasons, such as not wanting to use Paypal anymore, being short on cash, and Red Ice losing credibility as a truth-site. I have a lot of respect for Henrik Palmgren (and it’s not easy for a Finn to say that of a Swede), but in recent months that respect has been dwindling due to Red Ice’s new direction. To elaborate what that means, I don’t have a problem with the Holohoax denial shows, de-demonizing the Nazis, being anti-mass immigration or Europeans taking pride in their heritage. I think those are all laudable goals, however along with that has come their new right-wing attitude of trying to spin stories from a certain angle, instead of trying to make the facts the center of the story.

Most of their guests have been fine too, but then there’s a guy who says the government should ban interracial marriages, and a wanna-be politician who wants to emulate the Mormons, since they’re so successful. I can respect one’s opinion if they think people of different races shouldn’t intermarry, but saying the government should dictate who adults can marry is just stupidly insane or insanely stupid. I think I know why Mormons are so devoted to their cause; because it’s a weird cult like Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the followers are not individuals who think clearly and rationally. If you want intelligent nationalists, I don’t think you should take lessons from the Mormons.

I’ve rambled on long enough. Red Ice Creations has been a great source of truth and all sorts of information. Don’t throw it away.



Another article posted on Red Ice is complaining that the liberal media is hiding the alleged shooter Flanagan’s manifesto, and not telling that he was a big Obama supporter. This is the kind of bipartisan behaviour the main stream media usually exhibits, trying to pit the conservative narrative against the liberal narrative, instead of going for the meat and potatoes. It’s just a case of verbal ice hockey or football with one side trying to up-end the other. This is not a game.

I still haven’t seen Red Ice tackle the issue that the shooting was fake. They’re free to disagree, but so far any mention of the issue has been omitted. This is not the Beacon of Sanity from Northern Europe. It is merely promoting the insanity.



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Are Hatibow’s and Harald Kautz-Vella’s spiders the same?

I had ignored the enigmatic Russian scientist Khatib Alexander’s (Hatibow) research for a few months, mainly because I don’t know what to make of it. Today I read through another blogger’s account of it. Sagesigma has done great job trying to explain some of Hatibow’s ideas, and he links to my blog as well, which I appreciate.

Sagesigma’s synthesis of Hatibow’s work was quite enlightening in the sense I understand a bit better what the Russian believed, but I have no idea what to make of it. It could be true, science fiction, or something else.

Sagesigma (James Alfred) and Crrow777, the person who introduced Hatibow to the Western world, were interviewed on the Higherside Chats by Greg Carlwood, which was intriguing to listen. Crrow has also written a few articles on the Higherside Chats website. I’m just mentioning this in case someone isn’t aware of it yet.

My interest in Hatibow was rekindled yesterday by an interview by Freeman with a German guy Harald Kautz-Vella. He talks about chemtrails, Morgellons, the black goo (best known from the X-files, but allegedly a real thing), and he seems to have solid scientific background. I checked a couple of other videos on Youtube. In one of them Kautz-Vella also talks about alien spiders that are somehow inside us, because of Morgellons or something. I’m not quite sure. He also said they have the One Eye, and referred to Archons. I didn’t know they had the eye. The Chitauri do have third eye, but I digress.

Here’s an artist’s rendition of the spider. The red dot on the forehead is the One Eye, I guess.

Spiderbody Spiderface

I think the head looks a bit like a Celtic Cross.

Quite frankly I’m not sure what to make of Harald Kautz-Vella’s claims. What he says is really interesting to be sure, but I’m not sure if his claims are to be trusted. He uses a lot of complicated technobabble that regular folks like me won’t really understand. This generally can mean two things: either he really does know what he is talking about, or he is just talking crap which sounds nice to make people think he’s some sort of expert. I really cannot say which is the case. He, for example, refers to Scalar Waves like he knows what he’s talking about, but a layman like me I doesn’t really know what that stuff is and how it works, even thought I’ve been hearing about it for years. He also makes some claims that are intriguing, but I’d like to know what the source of his information is, such as he claims the Falklands War was fought over the black goo.

Whatever the truth behind Kautz-Vella’s allegations is, his mention of the alien spiders and some other stuff about the control system made me think of Hatibow. If in fact, Kautz-Vella has reached similar conclusions by his independent research, then it would somewhat validate Hatibow’s research. Alternatively maybe he’s just reading random stuff on the internet and trying to sound smart by compiling it together. I might be a bit paranoid, but I’ve seen stuff like this before.

I really do hope Kautz-Vella knows what he’s talking about, since if he’s right, his research might be groundbreaking, and he seems like a decent guy. So I recommend those interested in Hatibow to look into his work too.



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I’m tired of these fake shootings

There was an alleged shooting in Virginia, USA, today or yesterday. A black guy killed a white reporter, Alison Parker, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, live on TV for racial reasons. Or so they say. When I heard about the event, I didn’t go into it with any conspiratorial mindset, I honestly believed the story at first. Then I saw the video:

I cannot claim that it’s obviously a fake, but I certainly don’t believe that a double-murder occurred on the video. No, sorry. Pretty much anyone could stage a “shooting” like that with the camera on their phone and add some sound effects.

Then I saw another video, allegedly filmed by the killer, Vester L. Flanagan II. The video looks like a bad First Person Shooter-videogame. At first the “killer” stands pointing the gun at the reporter a couple of meters away, but no-one reacts. Then he takes the gun away for a while, and finally he shoots at the woman, and of course there’s no blood.

This video, to me, screams fake. There’s no other way around it. Yet the main stream of the alternative media just promotes this story like it was real. Infowars doesn’t point out the obvious fakery in it. They just berate the leftists for race baiting and promoting a race war. But in fact the Infowars is also promoting the race war by not calling out the obviously dubious story, and accepting the official story of Flanagan’s racism.

Red Ice Creations merely repost CNN’s article on the incident, as well as an Infowars article. The CNN articles describes the killer’s manifesto saying:

“I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!” ABC quoted the manifesto as saying. “You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!”

Come on, isn’t this a bit too obvious attempt at creating tension between the races? Also the alleged killer was motivated by the Charleston church shooting supposedly perpetrated by Dylann Storm Roof a couple of months ago. One contrived event followed by another with an overtly obvious agenda of promoting racial tensions.

Yet Red Ice Creations has become so right-wing and wishes to appear respectable it does not want to promote conspiracy theories, so instead it promotes the fake official stories and tries to describe them to fit their agenda. The truth no longer matters as much as appearing respectable. Still, this shooting incident is fairly recent so maybe they just haven’t had time yet to look into it properly. Perhaps an article will appear on the site in a day or two pointing out the fakery. But overall, in the past six months or so, Red Ice seems have become a vehicle for right-wing ideas, which I’m not saying is good or bad, but it’s at the expense of their tradition of focusing on conspiracy facts and the esoteric. Now it’s more political and mainstream, which also means pandering to the lowest common denominator.

At least David Icke’s site still has good ole reliable conspiracy theories. Supposedly the dead reporter’s boyfriend tweeted about her death 12 minutes before she was killed. If it is true, it’s pretty much proof the shooting was fake. Of course, the tweet might be fake as well, or the time on the picture has been altered to confuse people, or something like that.

Overall I’m quite disappointed in the alternative media. They often seem to care more about their PR than the truth. Thank Whatever-Deity-You-Believe-In for independent Youtubers like FYGP who point out the fakery. The best way to prevent a race war is to point out how contrived the whole situation is. It ain’t helping if the alternative media is afraid to point out the obvious. Conspiracies happen every day.


Seems like censorship has hit Youtube. The second video, by FYGP, I linked up there has been removed from Youtube. Police State Radio’s Arron mentioned that he got a video from someone called Truthaddsup Always with the alleged shooter showing his gun. But currently Truthaddsup Always’ channel says the newest video posted there was 2 weeks ago.

This is an obvious attempt to censor the video that shows how fake this shooting is.



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Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US president

Years before Barack Obama was elected the fact that a black guy would be president was heralded in science fiction. Already in the early nineties Star Trek Deep Space 9 had the black captain Benjamin Sisko. The movie Fifth Element had a black president of earth. The TV show 24 had a black guy become president. You can call that predictive programming, prophetic or just an interesting co-incidence, but I think it’s significant whatever the reason behind it is.

Science fiction shows, and has shown for a long time, that the next president will be a woman who rules over a time of great distress and upheaval. Already back in 2009 I discussed this topic on the David Icke forum. I said: “Star Trek Voyager points out that after Obama the president will be Hillary or something… ”

The idea in Star Trek Voyager, which started in the mid-nineties, is that the crew of the starship Voyager is stranded on the other side of the galaxy. It is surrounded by the unknown, and hostile races, and they’re trying to get back home. The captain is Kathryn Janeway, a woman.

The contemporary Battlestar Galactica is from the mid-2000s and suggests Hillary, or another woman, will be president. The story is that the human colonies on 12 planets are attacked by Cylons, a race of robots created by humans long ago. The Cylons massacre the majority of humanity while the survivors escape into outer space creating an exodus in space. The president, and the rest of the cabinet of human ministers is massacred, which leads to the Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin (Rosslyn chapel?), in effect inheriting the presidency.

Both shows, Voyager and Galactica, present the people on the show undergoing great ordeal and fighting for their survival in a harsh environment. The leader in both is a strong female who manages to do well despite the odds and all that. (Granted, in Galactica you could say that Commander Adama is equally important as a leader, possibly even more so than Roslin, but symbolically the president is the leader. The same as in real life. I don’t expect any real leadership from Hillary.)

That is why I’m fairly certain the next president of the US will be a woman. Hillary Clinton was my best bet 6 years ago, and still is. If Galactica’s model is anything to go by, Hillary probably won’t even get elected. Maybe another Democrat becomes the president, and Hillary will be his vice-president but then he gets killed or something. Or maybe a “freak” meteor will hit the White House killing Obama and most of the government and Hillary inherits presidency like Roslin.

I’ve been thinking of discussing this topic for months now, but just as I was watching a video by Youtuber SmokinJoeTrainer he said the market crash that happened August 24th will mean the financial system will finally collapse. Moreover, he said he thinks the next presidential election will not happen, that Obama might be last president. That’s when I felt compelled to write of this sci-fi scenario for US presidency. I don’t know if Joe is right or not on the economic collapse, but if the predictions hi-lighted in sci-fi are correct, the woman president should be inaugurated next year, if not sooner, as Obama’s term is coming to an end.

The female president will also herald a time of hardship, which will mostly likely be some of false flag or series of manufactured problems.

P. S. Donald Trump is most assuredly controlled opposition. Most of the stuff he says sounds nice. His purpose is just to agree with him so you’d keep nodding to what he says instead of actually doing something. Politics is so much like pro-wrestling it’s not even funny.



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So you say the Nazis were racist and hated everything?

Already back in the early to mid-2000s before I was seriously into conspiracy theories and facts, questioned the Holocaust and all that, the common depiction of Nazi Germany perplexed me. Supposedly they were racist and could not stand other races, but how then Japan had been one of their closest allies? Didn’t the Germans notice the Japanese were… different? Moreover I saw a TV documentary about the Nazi expedition into Tibet where they were trying to uncover traces of the alleged Aryan heritage. Back then I thought Tibet was so cool and mysterious, which raised my interest in the Nazis as well. If the Nazis hated all the other races, or thought them inherently inferior and repugnant, why would they bother to travel all the way to Tibet to look for evidence of their ancestry? The Nazi interest in Asia did not really fit the main stream narrative.

Moreover, I saw a DVD in a supermarket called The Occult History of the Third Reich. I was fascinated by it, and uncharacteristically I bought it although it wasn’t on sale. It was probably the first DVD I bought myself. When I watched it, I found it even more fascinating. The Nazis seemed to believe in something mysterious, something unknown and worth discovering. Compared to the main stream Western beliefs of both dogmatic Christianity and materialistic capitalism, the Nazi religion seemed more vibrant and alive.

I saw the documentary during the height of the War on Terror, in 2004-2005, and felt particularly trapped by the materialistic dogma of capitalism. As if the way we did things was the inherently best way of handling things, and there was no room for change or improvement. The Nazi beliefs hinted that they thought differently from the dogma of the West as well. It wasn’t all written in stone.

Back then, the Second World War looked like it was a conflict between the Old World Order of the Anglo-American Empire + France, and the Axis States that wanted to both bring something new and to revitalize something ancient. Although in my lifetime, decades after the war, the Axis States have been presented as intolerant, regressive and violent, I think that suits the Allies better. Back then I couldn’t imagine Britain, for instance, allying itself in an equal manner with a non-European nation, the way Germany did with Japan. The only way Britain would co-operate with non-Europeans is by conquering them into their empire, like India or Hong Kong. As far as I know, the Nazi expedition to Tibet was peaceful. The British expedition to Tibet in 1903-1904 wasn’t.

That was more or less my image of WWII ten about ten years ago, although I didn’t really dare to make too much of it, or bring the train of thought to its logical conclusion. So I didn’t look further until much later.

Modern media has made great effort to make people associate Hitler and the Nazis in a Pavlovian manner with hate and racism. However, if you bother to look, that’s not the whole story.

First let’s a couple of examples of anti-Nazi propaganda. This is an infamous clip from the Captain Planet cartoon with Hitler. Some bad guys apparently go back in time to sell a nuclear bomb to Hitler. When the superhero Captain Planet comes to save the day the mere presence of Hitler supposedly exudes such hate that it makes Captain Planet uncomfortable.

Who here really radiates hatred, Hitler, or the propagandists who made the cartoon? The same as contemporary Cultural Marxists who claim that everyone else is full of hate, the Cultural Marxists are the one’s who are only motivated by hate.

Apparenty this sort of propaganda originated already when Hitler was alive. There’s the infamous Jesse Owens affair. He was a black athlete who won a gold medal in the Olympics in Germany. According to the media Hitler snubbed him, because he’s black. This was a lie, and in fact Hitler congratulated him and shook his hand.

Modern research has also shown that Nazi Germany’s military was very multicultural. There were plenty of Jews, blacks, and Arabic Muslims who were in the military. Apparently the Germans trusted them enough to give them weapons.

In conclusion, like I’ve said before, the whole image of Nazis that we are presented by the main stream is mostly a fabrication. It is as real as the Captain Planet cartoon. This does not, of course, imply that the Nazis were necessary the good guys. History is not as black and white as a cartoon. But the Allies certainly weren’t fighting for any morally or spiritually lofty goals either.

P. S.

The Chinese (both nationalists and communists) were allied with the Allies, but that was mainly because they fought against Japanese, which I would say is mainly due an old ethnic conflict between the two countries.


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The Psychological factors behind Pathological Altruism

The term Pathological Altruism has been bouncing around in the alternative media for a few years now, and how especially Westerners have been afflicted by it. Pathological Altruism is the psychological malady of mostly caring about people you only know as abstract concepts and have no actual connection with, such as starving Africans, poor Muslims or the oppressed gay community. On the other hand, you’re not supposed to care about your own, your nation’s or your neighbour’s well-being. To do so is either meaningless, or even racist.

I think at the root of this phenomenon are two factors: self-loathing and the feeling of inability to affect the world in any significant manner. The West has been wallowing for decades in White Guilt due to its transgressions in the past. I agree that the West’s contemporary history has a lot to be ashamed of, from imperialism to world wars to socialism and capitalism/consumerism. However, bitching and whining how evil we are isn’t going to solve any problems, looking at our mistakes and rectifying them will.

So much of the West is afflicted by self-loathing, and on one hand we like to flagellate ourselves over our real and imagined sins, but on the other we like try to alleviate them with imaginary good deeds such as giving money to charity. Yet giving isn’t really doing anything. You’re not acting in the real world, most likely you’re just pressing a button or clicking a mouse and numbers are transferred from one bank account to another. Ultimately then this whole self-loathing thing is meaningless. The only thing it does is make us miserable.

Helping others is noble, I’m not bashing that, but I’m saying we’re really not helping others. Either we’re just throwing money away, or giving emotional support to some random “humanitarian” campaigns (Kony 2012), and your emotional support doesn’t mean much. Let’s take an example from the Japanese tsunami/earthquake/nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011. All the world felt sympathy for Japan and everyone donated money. Here in Finland too there were Red Cross workers standing at street corners collecting money, and I assume Finland wasn’t an exception. It’s nice that people care about Japan, I certainly do since I lived there for a year, but ultimately your emotions are worthless. What makes a difference is action, such as the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, in the Fukushima disaster. A few hours after the disaster occurred the Yakuza sent trucks with food, water and blankets to help the people who were suffering. Supposedly they even were the first to give aid to the people, not the Japanese government, the Red Cross or any professional organization that should do it. This means organized crime is actually more moral and humanitarian than any of your ideologically correct organizations, or the bleeding hearts of the West. Of course, if you live in Europe or America you can’t just drive your car there to help people in Japan, and that’s the point; your emotion is meaningless. If you cannot physically help the Japanese, how about physically helping someone within range.

Our generation (I was born in the early eighties) is the TV-generation. We’ve learned to be passive observers, instead of active actors. I think this is for two reasons: we’ve used to watching TV, playing computer games, voting at the ballot box, paying money to get what we want, and expect someone else to do it. My grandfather and his generation fought in the Second World War, but my generation plays games and watches movies based on the war. My grandfather’s brother built a house for himself to live in, but we just buy or rent a house someone else built. The second reason is that we feel the world is already so crowded with institutions, formal ways of doing things, and laws that there isn’t room for us to express ourselves. If you want to affect society you’re expected to join some political party and become part of the system. You want to be a musician, you have to prostitute yourself to the record companies. Thankfully this is changing thanks to the internet and Youtube and all that, and people are more able to express themselves by themselves, but we still have these institutions in play.

So how are these things connected to Pathological Altruism then? Since we feel self-loathing, we neither want to take care of what’s good for us, and alleviate the feeling of guilt by emotionally and ideologically supporting all sorts of benign-sounding efforts without actually doing anything about it. We’re also used to being passive, so we unconsciously prefer to support causes on the other side of the world so we can say we are doing the right thing, but as we are physically so distant from the starving Africans we don’t actually have to anything about it. Countless times I’ve seen Westerners be morally outraged by the human rights violations committed by China or North Korea, but when it happens in the West, most people just ignore them, because deep-down they realize were they to admit Western governments are just as reprehensible (possibly even more so) than those authoritarian or post-totalitarian regimes, they’d have to do something about it. And toppling tyrants isn’t easy, safe nor enjoyable.

Deep down Pathological Altruism is a psychological method of keeping the status quo of emotional complacency, yet deluding yourself you’re actually doing something.



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