Zero Carbon Agenda

We’ve all heard the propaganda and religious mass of the anti-carbon crowd. We shouldn’t have any carbon footprint, no carbon emissions, no nothing. It’s supposedly for the good of the environment, but to anyone who’s paying attention it’s obviously a lie. It’s about money and control, the same as everything.

In addition to this there’s another element to this Zero Carbon-agenda. Something almost demonic. I don’t shy away from topics like shape-shifting reptilians, Archons, the djinn or Cartesian (Descartesian) malicious demons that feed us a false reality, but especially in recent times when exploring this far out stuff, I try to come back to something I know to be fact, instead of something that hypothetically could be true. Yet then there’s stuff like this anti-carbon propaganda.

Wikipedia says: “Carbon forms the key component for all known life on Earth.” Carbon is the basis for all life on this planet. Why is it bad then the emit some carbon to the world? I’m not a physicist, but it makes sense to me that very excessive carbon emissions could have harmful effects, but they’re planning zero-carbon cities and buildings that have absolutely no “carbon footprint”. When animals, including humans, breathe they release carbon dioxide. So I guess it means these zero carbon cities should be free of life as well? Breathing is causing global warming, so let’s all commit mass suicide like an insane cult ritual. We can look to Heaven’s Gate for a working model.

This is the ultimate message of the zero carbon cult. Life, with its by-products such as industry, is causing carbon emissions so it should be eradicated. Certainly certain industries are causing harm to nature and the health of living things, but the carbon thing is an attempt to sidetrack the issue. And moreover, when I think about it, it really does sound like some non-corporeal, inter-dimensional entities that despise/envy us humans living in a physical body are behind the anti-carbon cult. They either want to destroy, subvert or invade the physical world, and the carbon scam is another step in their plans.

I’m not saying these hypothetical non-corporeal entities are behind the carbon scam, I’m saying it sounds like it to me. Some of the insanity of our days from celebration of transgenderism, modern feminism, cell-phone zombies, and the so-called environmentalist movement are so detached from reality, it makes me wonder are human beings naturally just so stupid, or have they been enslaved by some sort of demonic consciousness?



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Zero-carbon city:


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