Does immigration enrich society?

I would say yes and no. Some amount of immigration does indeed enrich a society as it brings in new ideas and viewpoints. Mass immigration, on the other hand, can only do harm. It’s like when you’re cooking dinner, you want to heat up your food, but too hot a plate or flame, and the dinner will burn.

In principle I agree with the leftist sentiment that immigration does enrich society, but in practice even the leftists know it’s a lie when they say it, as they say it only to further their political agendas. I think it’s fascinating that there are various cultures in this world, and I like it when people from different cultures interact in a voluntary and friendly manner. I’m not against bringing immigrants to my country from Africa or Muslim countries in principle. A couple of Muslims in Finland cannot cause any upheaval in society, nor the be a threat to our sovereignty. Or if they were, it would be a testament to the weakness of our culture. A huge mass of people, however, is another story. And no, I do not know what the numbers are, what percentage of immigrants in a country is a problem, and what isn’t. I just know there is a limit.

The compatibility of cultures and their beliefs are another factor in immigration. You don’t hear much stories of Japanese or Korean immigrants committing violent crimes or rapes in Europe, but you do hear it pretty much every week of African or Middle-Eastern immigrants. Even if some or, even many, of those stories are fake and spread by xenophobic racists, the fact is that there is clearly a conflict between European and African/Middle-Eastern values, whereas the conflict between European and East-Asian values is not that significant. This means that any sensible government would not force vast amounts of people into Europe from regions whose values are in obvious conflict with ours. However, as our governments are run by insane and evil people, that is precisely what they are doing.

The motivation of an immigrant is of great concern as well. I would say that individuals who move to another country to work, to study or to be with their spouse from that country, generally try to have the attitude they are guests, and try to behave themselves, and are probably interested in the local culture and language. Although some exchange students seem to only want to party, which is obnoxious, but hardly a crime. But somehow I doubt respecting the culture and values is not on the mind of the mass immigrants. For a few it might be true, but I doubt most of them care. Especially many of the Muslim immigrants simply want to conquer/convert Europe.

It’s a great deal different whether people go to a foreign country as privileged guests, or as violent conquerors. Mass immigration falls the latter category, as does the American occupation of Japan and South Korea. Over the years there have been several allegations and some convictions of American soldiers committing rape in both Japan and Korea. Once again, even if some of the allegations are untrue, it represents conflict between the East-Asians and the occupying military force. The attitude of some of the soldiers is understandable; they’re not there to do cultural exchange, they’re there as conquerors. It makes sense some of them take what they want. I didn’t say it’s morally acceptable, only that it’s understandable.

However, according to my experience and understanding most civilian visitors from America in East-Asia know how to behave themselves without committing heinous crimes. The difference in attitude between the occupying soldiers and regular individuals in a foreign country should be obvious.

The same as I certainly don’t want NATO soldiers in Finland, I don’t want occupying Muslim immigrants either. A problem is that there’s no easy way of distinguishing a “good” immigrant from a harmful one once you regard them as an occupying force. Not all Americans are rapist soldiers, and not all Muslims are Jihadi invaders, but some are. The positive input that enriching immigrants bring is rendered more or less meaningless, if the harmful immigrants (or soldiers) aren’t booted out.



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