Is Pope Francis Petrus Romanus?

The famous Prophecy of the Popes by Saint Malachy allegedly states that Petrus Romanus will be the last pope. The second to last was pope Ratzinger (or Benedict XVI), the Glory of the Olive, according to Malachy. Since Ratzinger stepped down, and was succeeded by Francis, so therefore pope Francis should be Petrus Romanus, right?

The end of the prophecy states that:

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit.”

And after that comes: “Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

Wikipedia comments that the “final persecution”-bit is a separate and incomplete sentence, but many people interpret it to refer to Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman), while others think it refers to additional popes between Glory of the Olives and Petrus. I’m thinking this sentence might refer to pope Francis, but for some reason his name or the moniker used to refer to him is omitted from the prophecy. Pope Francis possibly is involed in the persecution of the church.

Alternatively, the “final persecution”-bit might merely refer to Petrus Romanus, but I don’t think pope Francis is him. So how does that work (assuming the prophecy is real in the first place, of course, and not a hoax)? Perhaps technically Francis is not a pope. Ratzinger did not die, so maybe in reality he is still the pope, and the whole ritual about him stepping down and Francis being inaugurated may be some sort of ploy to deceive the people.

I’ve heard on many occasions that the Catholic church has been hi-jacked, while on the side of the coin people say the church has always been evil, so it needs no hi-jacking. I’m not a Christian or Catholic, and I certainly hold no love for the Vatican, but I think there is something to the hi-jacking argument. There is a difference between being dangerously misguided and being utterly evil. It might be minor at times, but there is a difference. Certainly pope Francis has exhibited very openly support for the New World Order on countless occasions. There is no question that he is a servant of evil. It matters whether you’re Christian or not to make the judgement.

First of all he’s a Jesuit. Pope Francis is supported by Freemasons, although traditionally the Vatican has condemned Freemasonry. He’s said even atheists will be redeemed. He’s called for a new economic order. Francis would baptise aliens. He doesn’t “judge” gay clergy. He says personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous. Information about stuff that’s highly unusual for a pope to say, and in accordance with the servants of the New World Order just keep popping up endlessly when it comes to pope Francis.

I’m not saying it’s overall a bad thing to think atheists can be redeemed or that gays shouldn’t be judged, but if the pope does it does sound rather cuckservative. From my viewpoint Catholicism is full of shades of gray. It has done various morally reprehensible things in the past, and also some good things. Pope Francis, though, is sort of like Obama of the Vatican where he supposedly stands for all the good things for all the people, which in the end can only mean he’s totally fake. He is so full of shit, he can only serve evil ends. I think his purpose is to lead Catholics from their flawed and human path into the path of the devil, as it were.

Assuming the prophecy of Malachy has some validity (which you sort of have to do in order to discuss this topic anyway), it would suggest that Petrus Romanus is a good guy who will take back the Catholic church from the Synagogue of Satan that has hi-jacked it, as he “will pasture his sheep in many tribulations”. The Synagogue of Satan know it, and fear it will happen, so they’re trying to use this Francis guy to pervert Catholic values as much as possible before Petrus Romanus comes to fix things.


P. S.

I know I use the pope name for Francis, and human name for Ratzinger, which is inconsistent. Francis’ real name is Bergoglio, and Ratzinger’s pope name is Benedict (or actually Palpatine). However, I just use the name that I can remember for each person, even if it is inconsistent. Writing a blog is so much nicer than doing academic texts.


EDIT: In his interview with Caravan to Midnight father Paul Kramer says that pope Benedict relinquished the governance of the papacy, but not the office of the papacy.



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