Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US president

Years before Barack Obama was elected the fact that a black guy would be president was heralded in science fiction. Already in the early nineties Star Trek Deep Space 9 had the black captain Benjamin Sisko. The movie Fifth Element had a black president of earth. The TV show 24 had a black guy become president. You can call that predictive programming, prophetic or just an interesting co-incidence, but I think it’s significant whatever the reason behind it is.

Science fiction shows, and has shown for a long time, that the next president will be a woman who rules over a time of great distress and upheaval. Already back in 2009 I discussed this topic on the David Icke forum. I said: “Star Trek Voyager points out that after Obama the president will be Hillary or something… ”

The idea in Star Trek Voyager, which started in the mid-nineties, is that the crew of the starship Voyager is stranded on the other side of the galaxy. It is surrounded by the unknown, and hostile races, and they’re trying to get back home. The captain is Kathryn Janeway, a woman.

The contemporary Battlestar Galactica is from the mid-2000s and suggests Hillary, or another woman, will be president. The story is that the human colonies on 12 planets are attacked by Cylons, a race of robots created by humans long ago. The Cylons massacre the majority of humanity while the survivors escape into outer space creating an exodus in space. The president, and the rest of the cabinet of human ministers is massacred, which leads to the Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin (Rosslyn chapel?), in effect inheriting the presidency.

Both shows, Voyager and Galactica, present the people on the show undergoing great ordeal and fighting for their survival in a harsh environment. The leader in both is a strong female who manages to do well despite the odds and all that. (Granted, in Galactica you could say that Commander Adama is equally important as a leader, possibly even more so than Roslin, but symbolically the president is the leader. The same as in real life. I don’t expect any real leadership from Hillary.)

That is why I’m fairly certain the next president of the US will be a woman. Hillary Clinton was my best bet 6 years ago, and still is. If Galactica’s model is anything to go by, Hillary probably won’t even get elected. Maybe another Democrat becomes the president, and Hillary will be his vice-president but then he gets killed or something. Or maybe a “freak” meteor will hit the White House killing Obama and most of the government and Hillary inherits presidency like Roslin.

I’ve been thinking of discussing this topic for months now, but just as I was watching a video by Youtuber SmokinJoeTrainer he said the market crash that happened August 24th will mean the financial system will finally collapse. Moreover, he said he thinks the next presidential election will not happen, that Obama might be last president. That’s when I felt compelled to write of this sci-fi scenario for US presidency. I don’t know if Joe is right or not on the economic collapse, but if the predictions hi-lighted in sci-fi are correct, the woman president should be inaugurated next year, if not sooner, as Obama’s term is coming to an end.

The female president will also herald a time of hardship, which will mostly likely be some of false flag or series of manufactured problems.

P. S. Donald Trump is most assuredly controlled opposition. Most of the stuff he says sounds nice. His purpose is just to agree with him so you’d keep nodding to what he says instead of actually doing something. Politics is so much like pro-wrestling it’s not even funny.



Star Trek DS9, Sisko, Obama, confusion…: http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=91548&highlight=president+deep+space

Speculations on an Economic Collapse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaNsVCjBZto


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