I’m tired of these fake shootings

There was an alleged shooting in Virginia, USA, today or yesterday. A black guy killed a white reporter, Alison Parker, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, live on TV for racial reasons. Or so they say. When I heard about the event, I didn’t go into it with any conspiratorial mindset, I honestly believed the story at first. Then I saw the video:

I cannot claim that it’s obviously a fake, but I certainly don’t believe that a double-murder occurred on the video. No, sorry. Pretty much anyone could stage a “shooting” like that with the camera on their phone and add some sound effects.

Then I saw another video, allegedly filmed by the killer, Vester L. Flanagan II. The video looks like a bad First Person Shooter-videogame. At first the “killer” stands pointing the gun at the reporter a couple of meters away, but no-one reacts. Then he takes the gun away for a while, and finally he shoots at the woman, and of course there’s no blood.

This video, to me, screams fake. There’s no other way around it. Yet the main stream of the alternative media just promotes this story like it was real. Infowars doesn’t point out the obvious fakery in it. They just berate the leftists for race baiting and promoting a race war. But in fact the Infowars is also promoting the race war by not calling out the obviously dubious story, and accepting the official story of Flanagan’s racism.

Red Ice Creations merely repost CNN’s article on the incident, as well as an Infowars article. The CNN articles describes the killer’s manifesto saying:

“I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!” ABC quoted the manifesto as saying. “You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!”

Come on, isn’t this a bit too obvious attempt at creating tension between the races? Also the alleged killer was motivated by the Charleston church shooting supposedly perpetrated by Dylann Storm Roof a couple of months ago. One contrived event followed by another with an overtly obvious agenda of promoting racial tensions.

Yet Red Ice Creations has become so right-wing and wishes to appear respectable it does not want to promote conspiracy theories, so instead it promotes the fake official stories and tries to describe them to fit their agenda. The truth no longer matters as much as appearing respectable. Still, this shooting incident is fairly recent so maybe they just haven’t had time yet to look into it properly. Perhaps an article will appear on the site in a day or two pointing out the fakery. But overall, in the past six months or so, Red Ice seems have become a vehicle for right-wing ideas, which I’m not saying is good or bad, but it’s at the expense of their tradition of focusing on conspiracy facts and the esoteric. Now it’s more political and mainstream, which also means pandering to the lowest common denominator.

At least David Icke’s site still has good ole reliable conspiracy theories. Supposedly the dead reporter’s boyfriend tweeted about her death 12 minutes before she was killed. If it is true, it’s pretty much proof the shooting was fake. Of course, the tweet might be fake as well, or the time on the picture has been altered to confuse people, or something like that.

Overall I’m quite disappointed in the alternative media. They often seem to care more about their PR than the truth. Thank Whatever-Deity-You-Believe-In for independent Youtubers like FYGP who point out the fakery. The best way to prevent a race war is to point out how contrived the whole situation is. It ain’t helping if the alternative media is afraid to point out the obvious. Conspiracies happen every day.


Seems like censorship has hit Youtube. The second video, by FYGP, I linked up there has been removed from Youtube. Police State Radio’s Arron mentioned that he got a video from someone called Truthaddsup Always with the alleged shooter showing his gun. But currently Truthaddsup Always’ channel says the newest video posted there was 2 weeks ago.

This is an obvious attempt to censor the video that shows how fake this shooting is.




Shooter Says Motivation For On Air Attack Was Victim Making “Racist Comments”: http://www.infowars.com/shooter-says-motivation-for-on-air-attack-was-victim-making-racist-comments/

Motivated By “Racewar” and Charleston Shooting: Virginia Reporter, Photographer Shot and Killed Live on Air: http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=34120

White House Pushes Race War, Then Blames Guns For Flanagan’s “Race War”: http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=34130

Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened? : http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/virginia-shooting-boyfriend-of-alison-parker-tweets-about-shooting-12-mins-before-it-happened/


6 thoughts on “I’m tired of these fake shootings”

  1. I don’t know if it’s fake…but my”radar tracking beams” were also in “high-activation” (they always in that mode !!!) when I first heard about this..not sure about the fake aspect…BUT I did hear a view odd things….
    first, it was reported and I remember it stated 8 shots…then it was apprx 10 to 12 shots…then 15 shots,,,where did he get the gun??? what was his CURRENT job status? Where was he living? NO family???
    I heard that after he was removed from his car and it was determined that he was STILL alive after trying to kill himself…that (according to a statement from an “on the scene” police official) that the nearest hospital was 4 hours away…which sounds really bizarre, especially in light of the 3rd victim who was wounded and will survive…my immediate impression was that for some reason…this guy won’t make it, he’s already “gone”….Also…if the TV station where the victims worked was CBS affiliate and I assume it was his, the shooter’s, last (major ) place of employment…why would this shooter and killer send a 20+ fax to ABC??? and what was in that fax??? And if it can’t determined that it was actually him that sent the FAX…why and how is that???
    I just thought I’d pass this along…My “bigger fish” to watch includes The Donald vs The “Jebsters aka “almost 45”, but not quite, yet….and more importantly the very powerful and well connected people behind “almost 45″…I have written extensively on this and its “behind the scenes” ramifications and potential implications, and “tremors” and very probable coming (at some point) “shock-waves”…which most people think are random or happenstance ‘events”….nothing could be further from the truth & is just the complete opposite….

  2. When you watch “The Donald”…you see total independence in its purist form…I’m not saying its good or bad…BUT I lean toward feeling that its a lot better that a puppet connected to $$$$$-tied strings….
    especially those $$$$$-strings (and ropes !!!) that are behind JEB…some real evil, very well connected people…and there is a reason and very calculated one why Mr. Trump is singling him out and attacking him…Imagine in “another time or place” if it were Joe Kennedy Sr.running with the same level of confidence and openness ( to some degree) this is the same thing…”The Donald’s” strategy is highly calculated and straight out of the ‘art of war”…I have no doubt that as of now the “Jebsters” really underestimated him from the start and with their agendas now (possibly threatened–its still “early”) really slowed down by Mr. Trump….oh they must hate him…they must now really hate him,,,Rove, Baker, all the others and all those war-loving neo-cons with their bags packed and prepared defensed-based and oil portfolios who thought, really believed and with an excessive amount of self-entitlement, delusionally envisioned “The Jeb Train To The Nomination” running nonstop and coasting like a hi-speed-train like Richard Nixon in 1968 ot Tom Dewey in 1948 (also part of the early neo-con network) straight to the convention and on to 1600 PA. Ave.
    Donald Trump appears to be in their way and by the amount of money behind and “invested” in Jeb….it sure is showing will all that stress and pressure on Jeb’s face, as well as his demeanor and body language….to be continued…..

  3. regarding the shooting of the two VA journalists and camera-man…you may be onto something but not exactly what you think….perhaps…follow me here….
    First, what story OTHER stories were the 2 TV station personnel working on and covering and/or following -up, on????
    CNN just reported ( or I just caught it) that the car…a rented one (assuming he’s the one who rented it) that was found along the side of the hi-way,where he supposedly shot himself, inside that car. had in it several items of (to me very odd) interest…First, regardless of when he rented the car…how and why would he think he would have gotten away in a rented car…now it gets weirder…
    According to the known facts, the shooter must have followed the journalist, & the camera man to the spot of where he shot them…but a seasoned journalist and camera man, that early hour could very well have sensed they were being followed, right?…possibly…

    The shooter dresses in black and quietly sneaks up on and upon his intended victims without any detection….but supposedly with some type of social media devise records his own task?….while carrying out this action??? first it was 8 shots reported, then 10 to 12…then 15…
    what’s with that????As soon as I caught this story on the news. I decided to go to youtube, and watch and record several bits /clips of this event by the victims own unknowing soon to be fate….I have seen what the news has not allowed…from what I have seen. ..other than the unexpected shock, surprise and fear.and gunshots..there is no gruesome bloody footage, as what has been described…as not tasteful for the public to see…that is total BS….so what I am wondering is,,,is it because of the “glimpse” of the shooter (in all black-akin to professional hit man) who was inadvertently caught, even for a few seconds on that film by the camera man as he was falling to the ground and died, as that clip was part of the “feed” that was being aired…..now follow me here….we have a man, a shooter, a killer.who leaves and supposedly left a bizarre, highly flagrant and noticeable and very transparent paper trail…even describing (himself no less !?) as a “human powder keg”…a man with “some gripe” and major/mega temper issues and NOT hiding and has NO wish, judging from his prior history, and has no compulsion or need to hide his emotional state… in any way shape or form….so instead of accosting and carrying out some type of a hostage-taking and impending dramatic murder-suicide, in order to demonstrate and justify LIVE some consistent pattern (of rage) , of his past behavior and showing some type of rant or “statement” before “ending it all” and “taking others with him”..such action either at the TV station or at the site of his “surprise” LIVE, very live attack/shooting of his victims… SO he decides to sneak up on his victims, after leaving a “well thought out” pre-planned trail and a very, very long winded and written rant/statement (about serial killers-no less…that’s interesting in itself !) which all news anchors were obviously careful to word noticeably and repeatedly…” a 20+ page “statement faxed to ABC allegedly by the shooter”…..the curious operative word used and why???? “allegedly”….what’s going on here….? If he didn’t send it who did?
    Now this morning on CNN it is reported that the shooter/killer who (supposedly) shot and later died from a self-inflicted gunshot from his wounds after driving off and towards somewhere …who was found in a RENTED car…died later from his wound or wounds.. is that PLURAL???? as in more than one shot or wound??? CNN reported that in that car were found: 3 or 4 licence plates, several wigs, sunglasses and umbrella ( an “UMBRELLA”???), the gun that he used and several magazines of bullets…sounds to me like he was off to somewhere…where?…to a possible even “-bigger- date with history”????? Wigs, 3 or 4 licence plates,,,a rented car, a gun…what’s going on here…or what was going to happen later here????
    So after leaving an angry rant…a trail and statement (to a network (ABC) not affiliated with that station—it IS a CBS affiliate, right?) and never ever hiding or showing the compulsion, capability or capability of ever hiding his demeanor, temper of behavioral issues, prior he decides to sneak up and shoot and kill two people and wounds a third, while on camera and LIVE, without any immediate attention seeking follow-up action, words or statement (???) to show and state his twisted known and visible gripe and sick, self-perceived self -entitled grievance or anger ????? Either there or at the TV station or anywhere???…and then drives off, to “nowhere” with 3 or 4 license plates, some wigs, his gun and several rounds of extra rounds of ammo—and an umbrella…( did he plan on opening it- especially on a sunny day ???) So where was he headed and who for?….That’s a safe and logical question based on these items found in the car, that he must have had a specific reason and answer for this, when he put them in the car to begin with, right??? and these items were meant to evade and shield him from and for some perceived action, right??? And what was the nature of his social circle in the past, and recently and leading up to this sad event?

    This is WAY TOO Contradictory in itself…but wait, it gets even weirder…
    According to nydailynews.com, an article written by Nancy Dillon and Jason Silverstein (updated 8/27/15 at 5:22PM)…the shooter’s real and actual, complete name is Vester Lee Flanagan….( another “3 namer” here?) and his background, since childhood appears almost suited, scripted and torn out from a “playbook” for potential patsies…who really gives out and puts that much personal and family information “out there”…real personal details that soon after such an event?….when did the shooting happen..Weds or VERY early on Thursday around 6:45 AM right? So how did the NY daily news find and unearth, so fast documents from over 30 + (!!!) years ago on THursday, sometime thereafter right after this shooting (?) , about his family history . If you read the article carefully, it is NOT quoting in any way, a current statement or word from the father, Vester Lee Flanagan, Sr.
    It is from legal/court documents from over 30+ years ago about issues and problems within and between his parents…but if you just glanced and skipped thru the article, and read it quickly, you would have been falsely and intentionally made to feel and assume it was BOTH current statements and also from the legal -court papers of his parents court documents/papers and disputes…very tricky. Also what weapons as cited and referred in the COURT PAPERS as mentioned in this article is the father mentioning and addressing???.it sounds, perhaps as if , more that just a few??? And what did He, the shooter’s, father do for a living? and what was the purpose of the weapons mentioned here???? You noticed within the last paragraph he, the father asked / “requested” ( not filed for !!!???) custody of the children, but the authors of this article never pointed out, no matter just as briefly, how the issue of custody of the children was resolved….. …l ask these things and point them out because the article appears as if, it were FED ( as in “spoon fed” {(by who}) to this newspaper (we seen this before,, haven’t we????)… (original) Court documents and papers are never this one sided, biased, or prejudiced and never are slanted…it is the entire record for all to examine and judge including the final resolution that is objectively recorded….that article appears as if meant to induce or “lead” the reader” towards on in a certain direction…WHY????

  4. Showing real (written)- bizarre, obsession & fascination with serial killers…interesting !!!I I I expect a diary of some type.to be “found” at some point…..perhaps this “fascination” is within such a “record”??? Perhaps he “went off” too early and/or too “clumsy” ? The way CNN made this their lead story for almost 36 hours is kind of odd…very odd. But enough “nuggets” and “small” facts” when put together with other stuff makes me wonder…I’m smelling and “sniffing” at something. BUT more interesting is what is NOT being said..you noticed no friends, no associates, just one from several years ago who is now shocked and saddened. Well at least they found one one person in this world, on this planet who knew him, & that’s it….since then nobody KNOWS him?…a strange LOUD MOUTH BULLYING, SELF-DESCRIBED EXPLOSIVE “POWDER KEG” OF…. A HERMIT?????? ……you would think this guy lived in the Kalahari, Gogi or Sahara Desert. A monk. a quite, peaceful recluse…not quite !!! ,,,..No reports where, when or how he obtained the gun? No interviews or statements from anybody? Not even anybody from the car rental company/local outlet? … I guess, perhaps some raging nut, a killer and shooter perhaps…. “meant to be” driving thru Washington down a main street maybe near the Capital or the WH was “called off”….No scheduled WH jumpers for that time??? it appears “something” meant for somewhere was shutdown and “called off”…..

  5. the “whiff” is getting stronger and stranger…see what happened to a reporter/journalist when he came upon the scene of the shoot/killer of the VA TV reporter and cameraman, when he, the killer, and his car were on the side of the hi-way. ..The police on the scene gave him an usually difficult time and wanted to either delete what was on the film and/or confiscate his film and camera and seemed very distressed as to what he captured, or might have captured on that film…HIS film…
    see/go to: http://www.westernjournalism.com (article: reporters had footage of on-air killer’s car crash…Here’s the chilling thing that police wanted them to do with it” (8/28/15–4:07 PM)…An odd “whiff” indeed !!!

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