Are Hatibow’s and Harald Kautz-Vella’s spiders the same?

I had ignored the enigmatic Russian scientist Khatib Alexander’s (Hatibow) research for a few months, mainly because I don’t know what to make of it. Today I read through another blogger’s account of it. Sagesigma has done great job trying to explain some of Hatibow’s ideas, and he links to my blog as well, which I appreciate.

Sagesigma’s synthesis of Hatibow’s work was quite enlightening in the sense I understand a bit better what the Russian believed, but I have no idea what to make of it. It could be true, science fiction, or something else.

Sagesigma (James Alfred) and Crrow777, the person who introduced Hatibow to the Western world, were interviewed on the Higherside Chats by Greg Carlwood, which was intriguing to listen. Crrow has also written a few articles on the Higherside Chats website. I’m just mentioning this in case someone isn’t aware of it yet.

My interest in Hatibow was rekindled yesterday by an interview by Freeman with a German guy Harald Kautz-Vella. He talks about chemtrails, Morgellons, the black goo (best known from the X-files, but allegedly a real thing), and he seems to have solid scientific background. I checked a couple of other videos on Youtube. In one of them Kautz-Vella also talks about alien spiders that are somehow inside us, because of Morgellons or something. I’m not quite sure. He also said they have the One Eye, and referred to Archons. I didn’t know they had the eye. The Chitauri do have third eye, but I digress.

Here’s an artist’s rendition of the spider. The red dot on the forehead is the One Eye, I guess.

Spiderbody Spiderface

I think the head looks a bit like a Celtic Cross.

Quite frankly I’m not sure what to make of Harald Kautz-Vella’s claims. What he says is really interesting to be sure, but I’m not sure if his claims are to be trusted. He uses a lot of complicated technobabble that regular folks like me won’t really understand. This generally can mean two things: either he really does know what he is talking about, or he is just talking crap which sounds nice to make people think he’s some sort of expert. I really cannot say which is the case. He, for example, refers to Scalar Waves like he knows what he’s talking about, but a layman like me I doesn’t really know what that stuff is and how it works, even thought I’ve been hearing about it for years. He also makes some claims that are intriguing, but I’d like to know what the source of his information is, such as he claims the Falklands War was fought over the black goo.

Whatever the truth behind Kautz-Vella’s allegations is, his mention of the alien spiders and some other stuff about the control system made me think of Hatibow. If in fact, Kautz-Vella has reached similar conclusions by his independent research, then it would somewhat validate Hatibow’s research. Alternatively maybe he’s just reading random stuff on the internet and trying to sound smart by compiling it together. I might be a bit paranoid, but I’ve seen stuff like this before.

I really do hope Kautz-Vella knows what he’s talking about, since if he’s right, his research might be groundbreaking, and he seems like a decent guy. So I recommend those interested in Hatibow to look into his work too.



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6 thoughts on “Are Hatibow’s and Harald Kautz-Vella’s spiders the same?”

  1. No problem man – I really liked your post on the Hatybov stuff and thought it would help people get a sense of the overall universe.

    Looking forward to this investigation; I have been receiving quite a few links regarding Harald’s work, black goo, and a “connection” to the work of Hatybov as well. I’m not sure what to make of it. If i manage to get any “published works” or papers (everything as of now is on Youtube or video) in respect to the black goo/spider stuff, I’ll pass it along to you.

    1. Hi James, keep going, I would suggest to search with duckduckgo and Mozilla, more info may result or get into deep net, might recover lost Hadibow links? Also your interviews with Greg and crrow are AAA+. It made me recall a YouTube video of a guy in a Russian junk yard that claimed he captured a creature similar to these beings? This “shirt” concept fits as the creature appeared transulusent? Or it was tricky sgi(?) I haven’t been able to relocate this link, perhaps your growing fan base can help recall?

  2. More information can be found also with Alfred Weber and Lily Earthling Kolosova. If possible, please keep me posted .


  3. It’s interesting stuff but when Harald starts talking about how black goo reacts and behaves (intelligently) in the lab, ‘shaking the vessel’ and ‘trying to break through’, well, a video of that would really add credibility to those claims. But sure, why not, black goo, alien spider races, immortal fractal beings in the centre of Earth, it’s like an interactive Philip K Dick novel on crack or something ha.

  4. Also check David Griffin on black goo interview with Miles Johnston at the bases … All on YouTube

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