Is it really a big deal if the Virginia TV shooter was a Jehovah’s Witness?

In my previous article on the Virginia TV shooting hoax I berated Red Ice Creations for not delving into the topic from a conspiratorial viewpoint, and basically accepting the official line. Today I see the website has a new article on it written by someone called Tomfarrar Talley suggesting the fact that Vester Lee Flanagan was a Jehovah Witness might provide a motive for the shooting.

As far as I can tell the article is explicitly written for Red Ice and they’re not just publishing someone else’s newstory.

The article points out that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a weird apocalyptic cult that might screw with your mind. I agree with this assessment. However, the author Talley seems to base his suggestion that “a destructive religious cult shaped him in his formative years, so that later in life, he would be that powder keg he said he was, and would indeed ‘go off’” on the facts that Flanagan was reportedly a Jehovah’s Witness, and he allegedly said that: “Jehovah spoke to me that I should take action (against the white people).”

This sort of reasoning reminds me of blaming Marilyn Manson for the Columbine Shootings, or claiming that kids who play Dungeons and Dragons are dangerous Satanists. I agree that Jehovah’s Witnesses is a cult that can be harmful to its followers, but I don’t really think that Jehovah’s Witnesses suddenly “going off” and murdering people is a common phenomenon. I could find one case in Russia from 2008 when two JWs supposedly went on a killing spree. So I guess what Talley is suggesting is not unfathomable, just far off speculation.

However, if you don’t want to speculate and look at the facts on the incident, i.e. the video where the alleged shooter holds the gun next to the two alleged victims, and they don’t react until he starts firing at the woman, but there is no sign of impact or blood on the woman. This screams that the shooting is a hoax, a false flag, call it what you will. This is not speculation, it is evidence, very good evidence (although not 100% proof) of a criminal conspiracy to deceive the public. But I guess I’m just crazy conspiracy theorist whose eyes deceive him.

Then there’s the little detail that several videos showing this fake shooting have been pulled off Youtube. This is censorship, because they don’t want the truth to be out.

I can appreciate Red Ice exploring other angles on this story, but ignoring the facts is another thing. Perhaps it sounds a bit petty of me complaining about this single article, but it’s a larger problem as of late on Red Ice. They’ve been ignoring the conspiracy facts in many cases, and focusing on not seeming too conspiratorial. I was particularly disappointed with the silence on Red Ice, and most other alternative media, on the Germanwings crash this March that didn’t show the crashed plane, just some random debris, and no bodies.

You could argue that it is not the role of Red Ice Creations to be the Voice of Truth, and certainly they cannot discuss every issue in detail, but as they have grown fairly influential in recent years, they should use that influence to bring things like these into attention. Instead conspiracy facts seem to get pushed into the fringe again, i.e. conspiracy Youtubers and small blogs like mine. Since Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombings we have seen several false flags where no-one probably even died. “Crisis actors” or whatever you want to call them have become so commonplace, the topic shouldn’t get ridiculed or ignored in the media, instead it has to be discussed seriously.

I was a subscriber to Red Ice for many years, but I stopped subscribing this summer for several reasons, such as not wanting to use Paypal anymore, being short on cash, and Red Ice losing credibility as a truth-site. I have a lot of respect for Henrik Palmgren (and it’s not easy for a Finn to say that of a Swede), but in recent months that respect has been dwindling due to Red Ice’s new direction. To elaborate what that means, I don’t have a problem with the Holohoax denial shows, de-demonizing the Nazis, being anti-mass immigration or Europeans taking pride in their heritage. I think those are all laudable goals, however along with that has come their new right-wing attitude of trying to spin stories from a certain angle, instead of trying to make the facts the center of the story.

Most of their guests have been fine too, but then there’s a guy who says the government should ban interracial marriages, and a wanna-be politician who wants to emulate the Mormons, since they’re so successful. I can respect one’s opinion if they think people of different races shouldn’t intermarry, but saying the government should dictate who adults can marry is just stupidly insane or insanely stupid. I think I know why Mormons are so devoted to their cause; because it’s a weird cult like Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the followers are not individuals who think clearly and rationally. If you want intelligent nationalists, I don’t think you should take lessons from the Mormons.

I’ve rambled on long enough. Red Ice Creations has been a great source of truth and all sorts of information. Don’t throw it away.



Another article posted on Red Ice is complaining that the liberal media is hiding the alleged shooter Flanagan’s manifesto, and not telling that he was a big Obama supporter. This is the kind of bipartisan behaviour the main stream media usually exhibits, trying to pit the conservative narrative against the liberal narrative, instead of going for the meat and potatoes. It’s just a case of verbal ice hockey or football with one side trying to up-end the other. This is not a game.

I still haven’t seen Red Ice tackle the issue that the shooting was fake. They’re free to disagree, but so far any mention of the issue has been omitted. This is not the Beacon of Sanity from Northern Europe. It is merely promoting the insanity.



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