Alternative Media morphing into the Main Stream Media

Why is much of the alternative media hiding its head in the sand in regard to the Virginia TV reporter shooting incident? They’re not looking at the facts, but promoting their own particular agendas.

In an interview with Richie Allen, Michael Rivero of What Really Happened said he believes the shooting was real.  Rivero points out that TV and movies exaggerate the blood splatter,  and that real shootings look different. Fair enough, he’s probably right, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the video that Flanagan supposedly filmed himself of shooting Alison Parker looks fake. Even the other video looked fake before I saw the shooting video.

Rivero says that even though shooting was real, everyone’s going to use it to push their agenda, such as the anti-gun agenda. A few minutes later Rivero starts pushing his own agenda that antidepressants make people go crazy and shoot others.

Another reason why Rivero does not think the shooting was fake is that it doesn’t fit his interpretation of the agendas the government is pushing; gun control and White on Black violence. He says the guy was crazy, so it doesn’t fit the gun control agenda, since people with mental illness already are forbidden by law to get guns. But as he stated already, most of the mass shooters have been on antidepressants, i.e. crazy, and the incidents have been used to push gun control, so I don’t really follow his logic. Another thing is since the Charleston shooting was used to demonize White people, this incident is reverse, with a Black guy shooting White people. It supposedly doesn’t fit the agenda. But I would say it just doesn’t fit Rivero’s perception of what the agenda is. The enemy isn’t as simple-minded and predictable as Rivero is, apparently. And to me it looks like the Charleston shooting and the Virginia shooting complement each other perfectly if the manipulators want to cause a race war, or at least increase tensions between the races.

As Rivero said the alleged shooting will be used to push agendas, we can find another agenda from Infowars: “Williams [AKA Flanigan] was radicalized by the race war narrative that the leftist media has been pushing since last year, in addition to the toxic politically correct environment being pushed by social justice warriors wherein anything and everything is deemed “offensive” or “racist”. ” Nuff said.

I’ve previously mentioned how Red Ice Creations is pushing an angle that suggests the alleged shooter Flanagan being an Jehovah’s Witness was motive for the shooting. Additionally they’re playing into the left-right tug of war.

In the grand scheme of things, the alleged Virginia shooting may not be a big thing, whether or not it was fake or real. What concerns me more is how the alternative media is handling it, since the narratives they’re pushing do not really contest the allegations of the main stream media and the political establishment. They merely seek to twist the official narrative in a way that suits them. Although main stream media like Fox News and CNN are losing credibility and people are turning to the alternative media for information, but the alternative media is gradually becoming like Fox News and CNN. In the end, nothing ever changes.

Fortunately not all alternative media is like this. David Icke’s website did link to an article by Activist Post calling the shooting a hoax. 21st Century Wire wrote pretty nice and objective article on it. They did not call the shooting a hoax, but did not automatically believe everything the main stream media says either. Moreover the article points out that the shooting video has been removed from Youtube several times. In addition to this countless Youtubers have called out the inconsistencies and the dubiousness of the shooting incident.

Rivero, Infowars and Red Ice are looking at the shooting incident with their political agenda glasses on, instead of focusing on the facts. And sometimes the facts contradict your beliefs and don’t fit your agenda. In that case, the same of the main stream media, these alternative media seem to ignore them. At least Michael Rivero did address the shooting video, and he thought it was real. I can appreciate it, and he might be right. I heavily doubt it, but the possibility exists. The video isn’t the only evidence that the shooting was a hoax, however. The boyfriend and the father of Alison Parker have been all over the main stream media, and their performance is obviously fake. Moreover they appear to be actual actors. Not very good ones obviously.

If the alternative media wishes to remain relevant, they should address issues like these “crisis actors”, or Disingenuous Relatives of Victims, as I call them. Yet, much of the more institutionalized alternative media ignores these things. They might be alternative, but they don’t seem independent.

Or maybe I’m just crazy, since I cannot bring myself to believe these fake videos. I cannot pretend I buy the story when the basis of the story is ridiculous. I certainly feel like I’m going crazy looking at the media reporting on these things and not addressing the elephant in the living room.



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