Black Goo, Falklands War and disinformation

Updated September 19th, 2015.

I looked a bit more into the matter of the alleged Black Goo, Black Oil, or Sentient Liquid as it has been called. A few weeks ago I discussed German researcher Harald Kautz-Vella’s mention of the Black Goo alongside with alien spiders. I must admit I am fairly sceptical on the matter of the Black Goo, as well as the alien spiders mentioned by Hatibow.

Kautz-Vella claimed in his lecture that the Falklands War in 1982 between UK and Argentina was fought over the Black Goo. As far as I’ve found out so far, the claim seems to originate from a British man called David Griffin. He is apparently part of the Exopolitics UK crowd. Quite frankly, I do not find him credible.

A lecture by Griffin at the Bases Project Conference (a UFO conference, I guess) was for from enlightening, although he did mention various interesting topics. His lecture seemed interesting, but I found it very lacking in content. In fact, I got the impression that since Griffin speaks so fast and throws out various seemingly unrelated topics he makes out to be connected to each other, his goal seems to be to make him seem smart and knowledgeable, and the listener is supposed to feel ill-informed and trust in his expertise. If he truly held important information he wished to share with the public, he would try to make the audience understand it, instead of just spouting it out and moving on. In effect, I think he is using the Emperor’s New Clothes-method of manipulation. Listening to Griffin is like you walked in on a conversation that sounds intriguing, but you don’t understand all of it since you didn’t hear the beginning. The trick is that the conversation doesn’t really have a beginning.

Griffin throws out ideas like that the Falklands War had ulterior motives beyond being a conflict over territory. That certainly is a possibility, but I remain unconvinced Griffin has any actual information on what that was. He also mentions curious deaths of 25 scientists from the British telecommunications and engineering company, Marconi, from the 80s. It is seems very likely they were murdered for some reason, but once again I doubt Griffin knows the secret behind it.

Griffin credits much of his work on a New Zealander called Alec Newald who wrote a book CoEvolution. Newald was allegedly abducted by aliens for 10 days, and taken to the world of the aliens where he learned a lot of important spiritual lessons. His abduction experience may be genuine, but I find these stories of positive alien abductions very suspicious. I am more inclined to believe French Ufologist Jacques Vallee who suggested in Messengers of Deception that whatever the origin of these alien or ET encounters is, is a deceptive agenda that seems to be pushing some sort of New Age religion. Moreover, Alec Newald speaks highly of the Disclosure Project guru, Steven Greer, which is another red flag for me. I’m not quite sure if Newald has said anything about the Black Goo, though.

Harald Kautz-Vella seems to be promoting the claims of David Griffin in the matters of the Black Goo and the Falklands War, which makes me suspicious of his agenda as well.

Another person who has provided information on the Black Goo, or Sentient Liquid, is Alistair Martin. I do not find him very credible either.

So far, I have not found the information that I have seen on the Black Goo very credible at all. Perhaps the Black Goo is simply a fictional substance made up by the writers of the TV show X-Files. Alternatively, if it is a real substance, these men could be pushing disinformation on it to confuse people. This is my interpretation on the matter, I do not have any inside information on it. I am not an expert on the Black Goo. I could be wrong about the intentions of these men, but I am sorry to say they ring of disinfo to me.


P. S.

There seems to be a man called David Ray Griffin who has done work on 9/11. He should not be confused with the aforementioned David Griffin.



I was just watching a video by Arron i.e. Barbarian Rebellion/Police State Radio on the new 9/11 Holocaust cathedral in New York. He also referenced the Black Goo and it reminded me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called Skin of Evil. It’s from the first season, the episode where one of the main characters, Tasha Yar, dies. The crew encounters a black oily creature called Armus. It is “a malevolent being” that was “formed when the inhabitants of Vagra II (a planet) rid themselves of all the evil they had inside”.

The episode was made in the late eighties and predates X-files references to the Black Goo by several years. I’m still fairly skeptical on this Black Goo issue, but thinking of the episode makes me feel it might be significant that the writers decided to use this black gooey monster, the manifestation of evil, to kill off Tasha Yar, instead of just having her die in regular phaser shootout or something. I also recall watching or reading an interview where the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, said the episode was important to highlight the fact that space is dangerous.

I recently read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which mentioned that another name for the secret society, Priory of Sion, is Ormus. Armus, the monster, is quite similar to Ormus.  Maybe the O in Ormus stand for Omega, and Armus stands for Alpha. I doubt there is actually any connection between these names, but I’m putting it out there nonetheless.



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10 thoughts on “Black Goo, Falklands War and disinformation”

  1. Good stuff – thanks for the info on the origins of the Falkland mythos. Not sure what to make of the whole Black Goo thing either…I tend to think it is possibly a can of cranberry jelly food with black food colouring from the limited vids on line.

    I find it interesting that the whole spider/ancient alien thing, whether it be this or the Hatybov stuff, has made an appearance this year online. Tough to say what the end game of it all is. Do you have any thoughts on the spider meme?

    1. I cannot say for sure if David Griffin is the originator of the Black Goo story, but as far as I know he is.

      When Crrow777 first mentioned the spider meme in connection to Hatibow I was fascinated. I think there’s something behind the story, like “Weaving spiders come not here”, but I’m not sure about literal alien spiders. I’m more inclined to think they’re figurative or symbolical of something. But who knows, they might even exist literally. However, to believe that I need convincing evidence.

  2. Yes, Kautz Vella seemed like he was a smart, credible guy discussing science facts, but then he went off haring after the usual new age religious gunk attacking traditional Christianity, particularly Catholicism – notice how ALL these guys are against pre Vatican II Catholicism – from the post Vatican II “Catholics,” to the protestants, the masons, the new agers, et al – and claiming during that one Bases talk that the altar stones in medieval cathedrals were made of black stone without any proof. The altar stones had relics of martyrs bones in them because Catholics are expected to die for their Faith, pure and simple, as Christ died for us. Ridiculous! But he thinks “Mother Earth” is so loving, pure etc even though the example he cites is that “Oh I’m busy – get lost until you know what you want to ask me!” etc. This is LOVING? Excuse me? Compare that to the words of Christ: Come to Me, all Ye who are Heavy Laden, and I will Give you Rest” – not Kautz Vella’s Mother Earth – get lost and don’t bother me until you have something worth interrupting my precious time, you human loser attitude, what he describes as “loving” but traditional Christianity as “evil” – another thing that Icke – Mr. “the entities told me I’m the Son of God” promotes, Alex Anti Catholic Jones promotes – and he LOVES Icke, Freeman Fly “I’m the son of powerful masons” promotes and also LOVES icke, etc. BUT Freeman will talk to anyone, including current and so called REFORMEd Satanists like Mark Passio, but…I’m waiting for him to have a traditional Catholic or sedevacantist on his show. Not happening with that dude. The closest thing he would tolerate was an appearance by Texe Marrs, also an evangelical Catholic hater. So much for the truthers

    1. One comment Kautz-Vella made has been plaguing me especially. He said something like the word “no” is an extraterrestrial or alien concept. I cannot help but see that as an evil and insane claim. If Jimmy Savile asks a little girl: “Wanna sit on my lap?”, the girl shouldn’t say no or she’s being influenced by aliens. Utter tripe.

      Recently I’ve often found Icke and Freeman a bit too soft and leftist in some of their views. However, I’m not willing to think yet that they serve the dark side.
      Moreover Freeman has interviewed Rob Skiba and Johnny Cirucci fairly recently. They seem fairly traditional Christians, although I don’t remember if they’re Catholic or something else.

      I’m not a Christian, but in recent years I’ve begun to find many Christian values more appealing than the alternatives, be they Marxist LGBT, atheist, new age or Muslim.

    2. I just listened a fairly new program by Freeman and Jamie Hanshaw on the “Anti-friendship agenda” about how the Luciferian elite is using differences in people to divide and conquer them. Overall the program was pretty good. I think when Freeman and Jamie get to bring forth their own views, they mostly speak sense. Some guests they have are a bit dubious, but I think Freeman and Jamie are genuine, even though they are bit too hippie and overly tolerant at times.

      The program starts with a silly, fake Nicholas Cage interview, but the proper stuff starts after that:

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong – I think Freeman is probably pretty sincere, and he readily admits he wasn’t raised in any religion, but then, after saying he’s gone and bothered to read all of these masonic and occultic manuscripts (isn’t Jamie his spouse, by the way), the ONLY version of Christianity he will even allow or tolerate is an anti Catholic version because of his having interviewed people like Cathy O’Brien of Tranceformation about her MK Ultra purported experiences – and…don’t get me wrong – we KNOW that these pedo rings exist, we KNOW that these people have infiltrated into EVERY religious sect and elsewhere around the globe – but…do we hear Freeman discuss the protestants engaging in pedophilia or sex abuse of their children in their flock or others, or especially Jewish clerics doing this – statistically they are even higher than the post Vatican II novus ordo missae apostate formerly Catholic, now Montinian Paul VI new order “Catholics.” I’m certianly not going to call Cathy O’Brien a liar; and if indeed, what she claims to have endured actually occurred, then God have mercy on her and the perpetrators were certainly NOT Catholics who did it to her, though they might have infiltrated and been using the structures/institution as cover for their nefarious activities. This is the truth – but has Freeman EVER given a Faithful Catholic – someone who actually still holds the Faith as it was before Vatican II occurred – a platform or a voice on his show? Nope! Of course not – as a mason’s kiddo, he well KNOWS that Alice Bailey, Blavatsky and all the masons want the Catholic Church brought down as THEY believe it to be the true Church of Jesus Christ – and Freeman can READILY read this in most masonic literature – including Pike’s Morals and Dogma which he claims to have copies of. I could reference Fr. Luigi Villa’s long paper on John Paul II published by the Italian uber conservative Catholic magazine Chiesa Viva which carries an old masonic photo depiction of a young masonic male wearing the apron of the lodge, hammer in hand, standing over the corpse of a pre Vatican II Catholic priest in his full cassock, with the masonic youth’s foot in the middle of his back – the murdered priest – with a broken Catholic tabernacle in the background. Oh…but don’t bother me with THOSE facts, ma’am. That doesn’t fit my agenda – never mind that I’m actually HELPING the new world order by doing that and trying to rid Christianity off the planet.

        The Masons bragged they would put one of their own in the Catholic Church as “pope” and have the Catholic Faithful marching under their banner thinking they are marching under the banner of they keys. This was all published in the Alta Vendita docs that Pius IX ordered to be made known and published and had been seized by a courier from an Illuminist lodge – this happened with the Vatican II Council and the placing of a freemason/rosicrucian in the papal chair, John XXII/Angelo Roncalli, who has been “sainted” by the post V2 Montinianists/”Catholics.” Montini/Paul VI whom the novus ordo has just made a ‘beatified” who sat in the Vatican as though he were god, changing all laws – from the calendar, to all the sacraments which dated from apostolic times – including introducing his masonic/cabbalistic and protestant authored new order or novus ordo “mass” which, according to L’Osservatore Romano would be the liturgy for all religions. Why else would the secularist media who normally hates all things Catholic be gushing over “Pope” Francis aka Bergoglio, a layman who was “ordained” under Montini/Paul VI’s new invalidated rite of ordination and at the hands of Montini himself.

        see this link for the Villa piece on Jp2:

      2. Interesting points that you brought up. I honestly don’t know that much about the internal squabbles in the Catholic church, but I can see quite obviously that pope Francis serves the Luciferian cause.

        Being from a Lutheran country I haven’t had a lot of experience with Catholicism and I grew thinking the church is made of pedophiles or mass murderers, but then I met some Catholics abroad, and they seem to have had some spiritual quality to them that many other Christians don’t. There seem to be some disconnect with the street level Catholics and the machinations of the Vatican.

        Regarding Freeman, I think you should politely confront him on this and see how he responds. He seems quite open to feedback. Send him an email.

  3. The common wisdom is that Thatcher needed Falklands victory as a means to boost national morale in the early 80s when she ruined union-led heavy industry in the UK. She rightly figured people would vote her in again as a war hero rather than firing her for basically destroying the native UK working class in one 3 year period. However, the elite does tell us a lot of stuff that’s half hidden, via pop culture or pop scifi culture. If Roddenberry and Carter were tipped off about goo it wouldn’t surprise me as both the shows’ myths and storylines are built out of things the CIA and FBI and MI5 actually managed. There are some great blogs out there with comment feeds posted by ex MI5 spies talking about the crazy shit that actually runs the world…

    They mentioned a lot of slave codes and mission briefings being hidden in Walker children’s books…and you can check that yourself as I did in my local store and lo and behold it’s all there irl. Thus, it’s plausible that ALL the conspiracies are truish, because you can verify a lot of them, just by going outside.

  4. My goverment never lies to me. Satan isn’t real. All the killing is just human nature. Cmon guys the biggest cover up in history and you think you’re going to do “ a bit more research “, on the INTERNET and figure it all out. Not very credible. You’re controllers miic are 20-100 years ahead of the rest of us with technology and it’s going to run us over like a freight train. Try reading his book and Cara St. Louis’s book on the matter. I will always listen to someone that has dedicated their life to a subject over anybody with no experience on the matter. You need to approach this subject from many different angles. Maybe stay away from the INTERNET when you attempt to do your research.

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