The LGBT-crowd’s idea of love and marriage is that of a teenager

I’ve actually learned something useful in university. Fancy that. When I studied in Hong Kong I had a course called the Philosophy of Love. One of the main points of the course was that although in modern society love is generally understood in hedonistic terms of extremely strong sexual attraction between two people, in ancient Greece they had different words for different types of love.

There was Eros, which is more or less like the modern hedonistic concept of love. There was Agape, the highest form of self-sacrificial love. Philia is brotherly love, I guess nowadays that would be called Platonic love. And there was Storge, which is a word I’m not sure I’ve heard before. Wikipedia describes it as: “natural affection —such as the love of a parent towards offspring, and vice versa.” I’m not an expert on the ancient Greeks’ ideas on love, however, so I’ll impart what I’ve learned by myself.

The professor in the Philosophy of Love course explained that the modern idea of romantic or sexual love encourages the lovers to frown individuality. When you first start a relationship, you have the honeymoon phase, and the lovers just want to be locked up in their own private world for a while. Everything seems perfect in that world, and expressing individual ideas usually means departing from the perfection. It is somewhat like being in a religious cult.

After six months or so, the infatuation of the honeymoon phase passes and the lovers have to decide whether they still want to  be together or break up. If they wish to remain together, and as the magic or mutual delusion is no-longer there, they have to move on to the next stage in the relationship. If the relationship persists, eventually it will lead to starting a family, i.e. having kids, and possibly getting married. In modern ideology this part of the relationship is boring and tedious, and nobody wants to do it. This was more or less how I felt about it too back then. The professor, however, described how sex between a man and a woman with the intent of having children and creating a family can be more fulfilling than the erotic, hedonistic type of sex. (I cannot remember exactly that this is how he expressed the idea, but this is the most controversial idea that I gleaned from his lectures.)

Back then I could intellectually appreciate the idea of these different forms of love being valid, and even more meaningful than hedonistic love, but emotionally I did not want to accept it. Now, however, being older (33, The Masonic Age) and having been in a stable relationship for a couple of years, I can see that what the professor was saying was true. I don’t have any kids yet, but I can understand emotionally that having children and starting a family is more profound reason for having sex than mere pleasure. It does not of course mean you should not have sex if you are not going to try to conceive by that attempt, but ultimately in the grand scheme of things the purpose of sex in a relationship is to have children, and also create close bonds between the man and the woman so their relationship would last so they can take care of the family.

Based on what I’ve seen and heard, the LGBT community is stuck in the honeymoon phase of love/sex. This includes most gays, lesbians, transgenders, gender fluid, panamorous people and people who generally have to come up with complicated phrases to express what excites them sexually. The  LGBT women are of course feminist and want to “have control over their own body”, so they don’t want to have children. Neither do they want to commit to any relationship, since they want to be “free” to pursue the passion of the week. In effect, they seem unwilling or unable to Level Up their relationship status. Instead, they always quit the old one to find a new one and start again. Rinse and repeat.

Not only this, but the LGBT community is quite literally like a cult in some respects. Just as in the honeymoon phase, the lovers frown on expressing their individuality, and prefer being a single organism, the whole of LGBT community seems to pretend to be involved in a vast, multinational polyamorous relationship over the internet. However, it does not seem as enjoyable as regular honeymoon phase relationships are, as there is no true connection between people, and most LGBT people seem dissatisfied with life and mentally are unstable. The relationship seems mostly focused on hating those who do not wish to be part of their collective.

Homosexuals and liquid sexuals and all of these people naturally cannot start a family, as you need a man and a woman to do so. This is a fairly understandable impediment for them to continue to the next phase in love. They could adopt children, but I’m doubtful most of these people are mature enough to actually responsibly take care of children. I’m more inclined to think they’d think of the children as toys to fiddle around with, and I’ve heard of some examples of this. There’s bound to be a few honorable exceptions, but overall I do not think LGBT people can start a family, and for that reason they are incapable of experiencing the higher forms of love.

When you’re a teenager or 20-something, what you’re looking for in a romantic relationship is mostly someone who is attractive, exciting and can give you pleasure and fulfillment. There’s nothing wrong with that outlook when you’re young. But when you grow up, you start to see things differently. It’s no longer about you feelings and desires, but a greater responsibility for your family and society in general. It’s insidious how you just want to be selfish, but somehow these subversive ideas of responsibility creep into your psyche. However, all of the LGBT-allies think like they’re 20-years old forever. They don’t want to grow up and take responsibility. They think something like marriage is only about pleasure. It’s not.

I might have understood the argument that people of the same sex should be able to marry a thousand years ago, since sex out of wedlock was seen as sinful, if not criminal. Nowadays, gays and whoever can have sex all they want. They are not sent into prison or concentration camps, so they do not need to get married in order to do what they want. Marriage is meaningless for them. The purpose of marriage is to start a family, and the LGBT people do not want a family since that entails taking responsibility.

If you think I’m being intolerant or hateful of the LGBT people, I suggest you take a look of a few videos from Youtuber by the name of Common Filth. Especially the Tumblristas and Vine Marathon videos. They are brainwashing and corrupting children into all sorts of sick shit.







Common Filth:



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