In Search of Human Nobility

This is a continuation on the theme I discussed in Of Human Inequality.

Nobility is a rare attribute in the modern world. Most countries are democracies, and positions of power are elected or selected, not inherited. Sure many countries still have a monarch, or even some remnants of the old aristocracy, like England, Sweden, Japan and Saudi-Arabia. However, they hardly strike me as noble.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines noble as: “having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)”


“of, relating to, or belonging to the highest social class : of, relating to, or belonging to the nobility”

The royalty and aristocracy in the modern world is not that admirable, even if they’re not all figurative members of the bloodline of shapeshifting reptilians, and they are not really part of the highest social class, at least not just by themselves. We have the highest social class of the plutocrats, which consists of various globalists, Marxists, socialists, imperialists, Luciferian Satanists, Jews, Jesuits, capitalists, pedophiles and simply despicable people. They are not noble in any true sense of the word.

The Online Etymology Dictionary describes noble as: “illustrious, distinguished; worthy of honor or respect”. This is not in any way applicable to the ruling class. However, such qualities, although not non-existent, are few and far between among the regular people. The dictionary reports that the older use of the word, “worthy of honor or respect”, is from the 13th century, whereas the later usage is from the 14th meaning “distinguished by rank, title, or birth”.  This is representative how the idea of nobility has been reversed, and ultimately eradicated.

In the old days, it would appear, that men who distinguished themselves by great ability were rewarded for their actions and abilities by them being elevated socially above others. I would emphasize that nobility has a spiritual and moral aspect to it as well. Noble people would then use that ability for the benefit of society in general. However later on people of lesser ability grew envious of the high position of the nobles. They wanted to be Sultan instead of the Sultan simply because supposedly possessing a high social rank somehow made you noble, instead of possessing noble qualities meaning you should arise to a high rank.

This is certainly how things are now. The people in highest positions of power are parasites who mask their venomous nature with the trappings of their rank. They are not better than the average man, they might be more cunning and devious, but not more noble.

Before modern times, most societies had a class system of some sort. On top of it was the aristocracy, which stands for “government or rule of the best”. This is what every nation should strive for, a government ruled by the best. However modern democracies tend to have a kakistocracy, rule by the worst. This is the nature of democracy, since you give equal power to decide for the animalistic people who only think 10 minutes ahead and to people with proper rational and moral abilities, the worst people in society, the psychopaths, use the animalistic people to rule society.

I am not certainly saying that 500, 1000 or 2000 years ago things were ideal, but most of the time countries did not have a kakistocracy. The notion of “rule by the best” was applicable to certain extent, but you can argue whether or not those people were truly noble and admirable.

The question is, what makes a person noble? Is it hereditary as our ancestors believed, is it a trait some individuals are born with somewhat randomly, or is it somehow cultivated by society or individuals through hard work? I cannot answer this question. I simply want to see the return of nobility who create an aristocracy in this world. Modern egalitarian dogma would attest that the idea of hereditary nobility is racist and unfair, which is why I like the idea. It would be convenient to have a certain family or bloodline that is noble, and the rest of us would protect them and serve to enable our own well-being. However I do not know if such a notion is mere fairy tale.

An alternative way of looking at nobility is that people of all walks of life can have nobility, as well as people of all walks of life can have a distinct lack of it. To use pop culture as an example, in the Game of Thrones Daenerys Stormborn possesses noble characteristics, and her brother Viserys does not. This is the case regardless of their Targaryen lineage. If we use this line of reasoning by looking at the class system most societies had prior to the modern, democratic age, we can assume there were truly noble people in the upper, middle and lower social classes as well as, very ignoble people in each class.

I am a firm believer in inegalitarianism as some people are simple-minded and animalistic, others are purely psychopathic and the rest are truly conscious, moral human beings. The easy way to look at these human classes and the class system would be to say that the conscious people should be the highest class, and the psychopaths and animalistic people should be limited to the middle and the working classes. However, it’s never that simple. Such a system would probably degrade over a few generations, especially if the trait of nobility is not hereditary. Even if it is partially random, it means there would be noble people in the lower classes and ignoble people in the upper class.

I propose instead that the purpose of a class system is to ensure that there are conscious people in all three classes to ensure the animalistic people and the psychopaths know their place. The animalistic people believe in the social consensus and pleasure, so they should be pressured to living according to the values of their social class. An animalistic person might act like a noble if pressured into it. An animalistic person in the working class would work hard if the society pressured him to value the fruits of his labour. The social structure should be fairly rigid, with little mobility from one class to another to ensure no group of kakistocratic psychopaths don’t try to hi-jack it.

I’m not sure if any of this made sense, but in order to salvage the human race and particularly the European races, we need to rediscover nobility and establish an aristocracy. Whatever nobility is, and what sort of people possess it. The notion of nobility would be racist and ableist according to Cultural Marxism, which means it is a worth-while cause to pursue.







Of human inequality:


One thought on “In Search of Human Nobility”

  1. Any system can be corrupted, the Nobility can be easily co-opted by foreign agents like happened in Britain during the 19th century, many aristcratic families intermarried with jewish Banking families from Germany.

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