Migrant Propaganda on the streets in Finland

In recent months I’ve seen some ads on the street here in Finland that promote multiculturalism, multi-racialism, or as it is nowadays known, cultural cuckoldry. Some of the ads are just regular grocery store stuff, while others are more “humanitarian”. I don’t have photos of all of the pictures I’ve seem, but I’ll post the few I’ve taken pictures of.

This one shows a middle-eastern man. The caption says something like: “He is present/here. You decide if he can help.” To be quite honest, I don’t know what it means, but the advertisement is from the Red Cross, so they’re probably asking for money as usual.



Just yesterday I saw this spinning advertisement stand with three pictures of black people.




The caption Tulossa Suomeen means “Coming to Finland”. There is a clear double entendre here. The obvious meaning is that they’re saying this new fashion brand, or whatever it is they’re marketing, is coming to Finland. But the insidious message is that also truckloads and boatloads of people like them are coming to Finland.

I don’t think these ads, and some others I’ve seen, are innocent marketing of consumer products (I don’t think marketing of consumer products is ever innocent either), but psychological conditioning trying to make us accept these armies of people from foreign races and cultures into our country without resistance. It’s sort of like when the United States attacked Iraq, they dropped flyers on the population explaining that they should just surrender and that Americans are the good guys. These ads are a disgusting display of manipulation and cuckoldry.

I also saw posters like this in the city center, probably plastered by leftist turncoats:


I shouldn’t have to point this out, but I don’t hate Africans, Middle-Easterners, or Muslims, but I hate this whole situation of them being forced into my country. It is an invasion that the High Command in the European Union, and the governments of most European nations are willingly participating in. It is a natural reaction to feel anger, aversion, and hate when something you don’t want is forced onto you.

If I invite friends to my apartment, I happily open my door for them. I am not happy when someone enters my apartment without my permission. It is natural to feel hate in such a situation. You should do the same.


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