Children’s Crusade of the Modern Left

The event called the Children’s Crusade occurred in 1212 when Europeans got the brilliant idea that children could peacefully convert Muslims in Jerusalem into Christianity. I guess the reasoning was that since children are so innocent they could melt the icy hearts of the Saracens. Possibly as much as 30,000 people participated. Of course the crusade was a complete disaster. None of the crusaders even reached the Holy Land. The children were sold into slavery or died in a shipwreck, and so on.

Wikipedia says that historians aren’t sure to what extent the story is true or not, but it appears to have a basis in historical fact even if it is a bit embellished. The Children’s Crusade must be one of the dumbest mass undertakings in history, because the success margin of the operation was based on complete fantasies. Moreover, the adults sanctioning it were clearly negligent in their responsibility of taking care of children. They doomed tens of thousands of children based on insane fantasies. What underlines its stupidity even more is that Europeans had been waging war against the Saracens for centuries, and earned their ire and distrust. Had the first crusade been a peaceful one, there might have been at least some conceivable possibility of success, but sending children into hostile territory after over a century of wars is incomprehensible. But I guess it doesn’t matter if none of the children reached the Holy Land anyway.

This is more or less what the left-governed Western world is doing today. People are increasingly unwilling in facing the harsh realities of life, and instead choose to bet on fantasies that make them feel good. The West has been crusading in the Middle-East for a couple of decades now; George W. Bush even referred to the War on Terror as a crusade. The West is still waging these wars, which isn’t the best method for making friends. However, in the Europe and America the governments treat the Muslims immigrants as if they’re friends and welcome them into our countries. These modern crusades should never have been started in the first place, and it is utterly insane that they are still going on, but what is more insane is that the West treats Middle-Easterners and Muslims who live in their own lands as enemies, but once they cross the border into Europe, they’re supposedly transformed into friends. This is not how friendship or diplomacy works.

The Children’s Crusade of the left is not limited to relations between the West and the Middle-East. Youtuber Common Filth has been preaching how leftists, and left-leaning West, only care about their “feels”. What makes them feel nice and comfortable is most important, instead of making sure that our children have a future, for example. The West is obsessed about transient hedonism and tolerance of various deviant expressions of people’s identities. Anything practical, realistic and natural is a secondary concern.

It is regarded as progress that children consider themselves gender fluid, and wanting to get a sex-change operation. It is frowned upon if someone points this is stupid and insane, since it makes people feel bad when you point out they’re wrong. People have given up on reality as it is too difficult to affect positive change in it, so they turn to instant gratification and fantasies. This is probably how it was in Europe 800 years ago. They failed to hold Jerusalem by force, which you can argue was morally wrong or right, but at least in the real world, if you want to hold a peace of land you have to fight for it. Eventually the Europeans grew tired and weak in spirit, and there was little will to fight for anything. So they withdrew into destructive fantasies.

Westerners today no longer care to ensure that our children have a future in the real world, so they experiment on them in various ways, and pretend its endearing. Boys become princesses, girls become boys, children are purple penguins. Parents don’t take care of their purple penguins, so they put them in front of the TV, give them iPads to distract them or they’re just relinquished to the state. Soon enough pedophilia will just be regarded as an expression of love. If you speak out against this, you are a hater. Fuck hate; make love to children.

The Second Children’s Crusade has been marching forward for a good time now. I hope it crashes and burns sooner and not later, so more people are not suckered in.



I really recommend everyone to listen to Common Filth Radio. He can explain the decadence of the West much more vividly than I.



Children’s Crusade:

Children’s Crusade:

Tenth Crusade:

Common filth:

A prime example of the Children’s Crusade today:


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