The Irresponsible LGBT-whiners for Rights

The reason why I have little sympathy for homosexuals, transgender people and the LGBT-crowd is precisely because they are begging for sympathy. They make themselves out to be victims that we have to feel sorry for, and that game works only so far. When someone is presented as a victim of an injustice, the initial reaction most people have is to feel sympathy, however after a while if the person keeps whining about the real or imagined injustices, it becomes apparent the person makes himself out to be a victim in order to gain attention. This is certainly what the LGBT-movement is doing.

This comes down the issue of reversal of rights versus responsibilities. Nowadays everyone is passionate about human rights. “I have the right to do this”, “he has the right to put his dick anywhere wants”, and so on. Those people sound like children crying to their parents “I have the right to receive this fancy new toy”.

In the modern world nobody cares about responsibilities, in fact they care about being legally irresponsible. An example of this would be the fact that many coffee shops like Starbucks write on their cups a warning that the beverage is extremely hot. This is not to protect the customer, but to protect the shop from being sued if a clumsy idiot spills coffee on himself. Politicians cannot really be held responsible for not being able fix any of society’s problems, since they didn’t start those problems. A politician usually serves a fairly short term, be it 4 or 8 years, and many of the problems that exist today date back much earlier. Obama didn’t start the War on Terror, so he cannot be expected to fix it, George W. Bush didn’t fund Al-Qaida in the 80s so he’s not responsible for 9/11 (if we take the main stream narrative of events). Serving only 4 or 8 years is a short time compared to feudal times when people often remained kings and dukes until their death. An ordinary citizen is not responsible for the problems our politicians cause, since voting means we have practically no power to affect what happens in politics.

The talk about human rights is utter selfish entitlement talk. Nobody should really care what your rights are as long as you take care of your responsibilities. This is how we should look at society. In a hunter-gatherer society, the men had the responsibility to hunt for food and protect the tribe from threats. In a rural, medieval society men had the responsibility to provide food by farming and protect their village, or their country from threats. If someone takes care of their responsibilities, it shouldn’t be an issue what he does in his free time, be it sodomy (although this could mean breaking one’s responsibilities toward one’s wife), drinking alcohol or what have you. You have the right to dislike their activities if you think they’re immoral, but this should be a secondary concern. However, nowadays nobody cares about responsibilities so people just want have more rights than others, and complain about privileges.

In olden times the aristocrats had certain privileges that others didn’t. This is nowadays regarded as an act of oppression and inequality. I don’t necessarily agree. If the aristocrats take care of their responsibilities, i.e. protect the country from invaders, and uphold the law and order, I don’t mind if they have the privilege of living in a fancy castle drinking fine wines. However, nowadays people just want these privileges, and no responsibilities. But when someone else has earned these privileges, people complain it’s oppressive and immoral. This is certainly what I hear in the media regarding all these LGBT-people.

Now I’m not saying all gay people, for example, are whining babies who just want more toys, but the majority of them seem to be since this is how most gays are represented in the media. I’d like to see some homosexuals who actually are taking responsibility and doing something useful. In modern times most of us regular people don’t have to hunt or work the fields, but we more or less have to fight in the information war, or the war for our souls against the Luciferian New World Order. I don’t recall seeing that many gays in the “truth movement”. Rik Clay, a guy who died under suspicious circumstances back when I was waking up, was homosexual if I recall correctly. There are a couple of Youtubers who have had some homosexuality in their past, but have renounced it, according to my understanding. So based on what I see, homosexuality is a sign of weakness when men only care about their feelings and “rights”, instead of taking responsibility. The same certainly goes for feminists, gender fluid people, transgenders and their kind. I challenge you to prove me wrong.


In order to clarify what I mean by LGBT-people only whining and wanting privileges instead of taking responsibility, I’ll post a few examples. Buzzfeed has an article titled 7 LGBT Issues That Matter More Than Marriage. This picture is included in it:

It sums up the LGBT-agenda. It’s not about human or civil rights, it’s not about justice or equality, but priviliges for people who do nothing practical. It’s about prioritizing the LGBT-people. The rest of the article is just about whining for rights, and wanting someone else to give them.

A Rolling Stone article is titled 4 LGBT Issues to Focus on Now That We Have Marriage Equality. It’s more or less on the same lines as the Buzzfeed article. It only cares about real or perceived issues that LGBT-people have.

A Think Progress article reports how Bruce Jenner has legally managed to change his name and gender to female, but many other transgender people struggle with it. Boohoo. Bruce Jenner is still not a woman even though he goes through a surgical operation, and “feels” like a woman.

The LGBT-people are a professional victim class. Already back in the nineties the late William Cooper said socialists promote victims because when you have victims, you have people who cannot take care of themselves, so you need the government to increase its power in order to take care of them. LGBT-people are agents, be they witting or unwitting, for the tyrannical, Orwellian state. Based on what I’ve seen, they’re certainly not responsible adults that contribute to society.


Rik Clay:


11 thoughts on “The Irresponsible LGBT-whiners for Rights”

  1. We make ourselves out to be victims, you say. Do you imagine that no-one is ever bullied for being gay?

    George Bush might not have funded Al Qaeda in the 1980s, he was too drunk, but he did make Islamic radicalisation considerably worse by his foolishness in Iraq and Afghanistan. He bears a great deal of responsibility for the success of IS now.

    1. People have been bullied for countless reasons in the history the world. Not everybody makes it their identity that they have been victims of something.

      I wouldn’t call Bush’s crusade to the middle-east foolish, but rather a deliberate agenda to destabilize the region. So I agree that Bush is partially responsible for what is happening in the middle-east today. I was referring to the main stream narrative that claims Al-Qaida did 9/11, which I think is false. If you accept that narrative, you cannot hold Bush resposible for 9/11.

  2. Starbucks and the length of a politician’s term have nothing to do with LGBT people wanting to have an equal playing field. There is no shirking of duties or “whining” to get special treatment. And what should we be taking responsibility for that actually relates to what you’re saying?

    1. They are all related to the phenomenon of people not taking responsibility.

      LGBT people, just like everyone else, should take responsibility for society in general instead of parading their sexuals habits in public. There are many serious problems Western societies are facing such as incessant wars in third world countries, society becoming more Orwellian every year, companies like Monsanto trying to pervert nature, mass immigration, people rejecting reality in favour of fantasies and escapism, and so on. Taking responsibility means that we should ensure that the future generations have a decent place to live.

      1. Actually, taking responsibility does not mean ensuring a descent place to live for future generations. Taking responsibility means having a duty or an obligation to deal with something, or someone, and accepting the consequences.

      2. Also sexual orientation has nothing to do with everything you just listed. No one is saying LGBT rights are more important than every other issue. Besides, what are you doing to take responsibility?

  3. I partially agree with you. Responsibility is extremely important. The personal and communal responsibility within the LGBT community is exactly what is driving us to stand up and be counted. We are take responsibility very seriously, and that is why the world is changing. The civilized world is changing FAST, and that change is happening because we have taken responsibility for ourselves. We are furiously working for our civil rights.
    I sense an inability in your opinions stated above, to distinguish between various ‘rights’. Actually you do not even talk about civil rights, what they are, where they come from, and who should have these rights. This is clearly not a coincidence; it is intentional. It appears you prefer to paint LBGT persons as petulant children. Again, not a coincidence. Without cherry picking issues and perspectives, the opinions stated above would fall apart. Sounds to me like a manipulated endeavor to warrant a little whining. And it’s OK to whine. I expect to hear a lot more of it.

    1. Homosexuals have had their rights for a couple of decades now in the Western world. Ever since “gay rights” shifted into the LGBT-stuff it has become a political tool for all sorts of nefarious agendas, such as normalization of pedophilia and oppression of Christians for refusing to provide pizza for gays weddings.

      I didn’t talk about civil rights since I don’t believe in any legalistically defined rights. Most of the political groups that advocate civil rights are actually wittingly or unwittingly working for Orwellian agendas that seek to control people and how they live. I said I believe in responsibilities, not rights. Animals have instincts that tell them to take care of their offspring, procreate and so on. Lions take care of their cubs, birds bring food for their young and so on. This sense of responsibility comes from nature. Human’s aren’t that different from animals in this respect.

      The ideas of rights and equality are just sophistry that bureaucrats and pseudo-intellectuals like to involve theirselves in. This does not mean that since I don’t believe in civil rights that I think anyone has the right to murder, rape or steal whatever they want. It is common decency that dictates these things are wrong.

      But I’m tired of explaning myself to every LGBT-person who has issues with what I said. You’re free to disagree and draw whatever conclusions you want.

      1. You don’t believe in any legal rights bestowed on people? I’m sorry, I mistook you for a person who lived in a civilized society, perhaps the U.S.A., which actually has what is called a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights, which gives exactly what you don’t believe in. Now go figure.
        You write a post which ends with, “prove me wrong.” I proved you wrong and now you are tired of “explaining yourself” Sorry, but you can not have it both ways. Just deal with it. I know a BIGOT when I hear one. You say that humans are “that different from animals.” Are you in 3rd grade? It’s OK with me if you want to hide under your rock. I, unlike you, draw my conclusions based on the facts as I know them. Opinions, like yours, are based on anything but fact.
        Perhaps it would to your advantage not to post such drivel, that way you wouldn’t have to explain yourself – which you are not at all good at!

      2. With “prove me wrong” I didn’t mean “argue with me on the internet”, but do something in the real world. I think I explained well enough in the original post what I mean with responsibilities. I don’t care if you individually live up to those responsibilities or not. I suggested that LGBT people don’t tend to do that in general, and I haven’t seen anything to dispute the claim so far.

        You should save your emotional outbursts for someone who cares.

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