Monoethnic Globalism

The main stream media, and people indoctrinated by their Marxist propaganda, call anyone who supports national sovereignty, opposes mass immigration, or has pride in their racial heritage while not belonging to a minority a racist. They paint the picture of hateful bigots who have nothing else to do with their lives than to despise people with a different skin colour. Nowadays even a single comment that is perceived as racist can end a man’s career, as happened to Hulk Hogan and basketball team owner Donald Sterling.

Hulk Hogan allegedly said something disparaging about his daughter dating a “nigger”, and he was purged from being mentioned by the WWE in any way. Donald Sterling, a Jew who owned the LA Clippers, didn’t want his girlfriend to bring black people to his games, so he was banned from basketball. The label “racist” has become equivalent to medieval European label of “heretic”. If the Inquisition labelled someone a heretic, he was burnt at the stake. Nowadays if someone is labelled racist, their career is destroyed. I’m not saying the actions of Hogan and Sterling shouldn’t be criticized. I guess it would be fair to say both men acted like assholes, but who hasn’t acted like an asshole sometimes? He who has never acted like an asshole, cast the first stone. Hogan and Sterling are being treated as if they personally committed the Original Sin, and now they must be punished for all eternity. Or at least as long as the raving masses remember them. This is insane. Especially since both men were spied on. Their personal conversations were made public without their permission.

The proper way to respond to this sort of totalitarian behaviour is not to avoid being called racist, or try to explain “I’m not racist, or he wasn’t racist, since I hate racism too”, but to ignore the whole word. The use of the word has lost all sensible meaning years ago. It is a tool for the Marxist establishment, and it has power only if we fear it.

Instead we should recognize that people who like to label others “racist” support a certain agenda wittingly or unwittingly. I call this agenda Monoethnic Globalism. Monoethnic Globalists are the real haters. For some reason they hate the idea that there are countless different races and cultures on this planet. They want to create a monocultural, monoethnic, monoreligious New World Order where everyone is the same. I suppose the underlying motivation for this is that these people have lost connection with their humanity, and with the ancestry of their own race, culture and nation. The only way they can feel satisfaction is to make other people as hollow as they are. Jack Donovan called this the Nothing from The Neverending Story.

It should be noted there are many decent people who deep-down have not lost the connection to their ethnic humanity, but are being seduced by the ever-present propaganda that tells them they are bad people for caring about their heritage, so they spout the propaganda they hear on TV without understanding it. Hopefully some of them can be de-programmed.

Despite their propaganda that feigns to care about diversity, Monoethnic Globalists abhor it. The world they want to see is much akin to the South Park episode “Goobacks” where hordes of refugees arrive from the future where the whole Earth appears to be monoracial. They all have the same light-brown skin colour, and they speak the same language that sounds like they are vomiting. This is the future that Monoethnic Globalists strive for.

The next time someone calls you, or a person in the public eye, a racist, counter it with them being a Monoethnic Globalist, or a pawn for Monoethnic Globalism. The word “racism” has lost any humanitarian or compassionate concerns it might once had had. It is a tool for genocide, culturecide, nationcide and diversitycide.



Hulk Hogan fired by WWE as he admits to racist n-word tirade where he rants about his daughter sleeping with a black man:

LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant Caught On Tape: Report (UPDATES):

Jack Donovan: “White Tribalism Disrupts Their Regularly Scheduled Programming” :




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