The International Clique of Satanic Secret Societies

The people who don’t have their heads up their asses have some degree of awareness of the subversion and attack on sane society. It manifests itself in various ways, such as our countries being invaded by “refugees”, the attempt normalize pedophilia and other sexual perversions, promoting White Guilt to make decent people hate themselves, Orwellian censorship and control over those of us who resist this and so on. The hydra we are facing has multiple heads such as Zionism, Islamists, corporations and governments, Marxists (such as feminists, Progressives, LGBT) and the main stream media. The question then is, what is  the body of the hydra? What controls, or gives power to, these destructive organizations?

I’m an old-school conspiracy nut, so I have an old-school answer: secret societies. Call them Freemasons, the Illuminati, Satanists, Dark Occultists, or what have you, based on what I see they are in control. Feminists, Progressives and LGBT-people are very heavily promoted in society, but many of them are complete idiots or simply insane. Therefore I find it questionable they could have ascended to the high position in society by their own merits. I think it more likely they were allowed to get into power by more competent individuals in order to weaken society to make it easier to be conquered or transformed. Zionism is certainly very powerful as well, but I think they too were built up to be powerful by another group, and did not attain power solely by their own actions. As Revelation 17:12 allegorically refers to the horns of the Beast of the Apocalypse: “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour.” These temporary “kings” receive their authority from someone else.



One of the most disturbing parts of the global establishment is that they seem to be pushing the normalization of pedophilia. The LGBT-movement and some Progressives are doing it too, but I believe them to be mainly useful idiots. The people who consciously push this agenda do not wish to show their faces in public.

The British political establishment seems to have been awash with pedophiles for decades. The BBC has been confirmed to have housed pedophiles such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Many politicians allegedly have been part of pedophiles rings as well. While I am not sure if anyone has been convicted yet, when there’s smoke there’s fire. It looks more like the establishment is trying to cover-up their crimes, instead of innocent politicians being falsely accused. In Scotland a girl with Downs syndrome, Hollie Greig, was sexually abused by the establishment.

This doesn’t seem to be limited to Britain either. President Bill Clinton has been associating with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Researchers like David Icke have been covering these “Satanist” pedophile rings for years. Already back in the nineties he named former British prime minister Ted Heath as a pedophile. Say what you will of Icke and many of his far-out ideas, but his exposure of the pedophile establishment has been spot on.


Sexual Perversion

The sexual perversions these global elites engage in, is not limited to pedophilia. President Obama has been rumoured to be a crack-smoking homosexual. His wife Michelle is supposedly a man, Michael. While these things are mere rumours, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Not to mention Obama’s support of LGBT-issues.

American politicians and other powerful people annually visit the Bohemian Grove, a boy’s club where they run around naked in the woods. Even the rap-industry is supposedly ruled over by the Gay Mafia.

Pedophilia and sexual perversion are one of the most important issues for the global elite. I don’t think it’s merely because they are hedonists who enjoy various forms of sex. Based on my understanding it has a ritualistic, mind-control function. It is called Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). This is how these secret societies maintain obedience and pass on their “values” from one generation to the next.


The Satanic Secret Societies

Several while-blowers have allegedly been victims of these Satanic secret society networks, and they’ve written books or made video interviews of their expriences. Cathy O’Brien, Kerth Barker, Jay Parker and Arizona Wilder, to name a few, have described their experiences and abuse. Then there are researchers like Fritz Springmeier and David Icke who have reported on these secret societies. Mark Passio claims to have been a member of these Satanic networks when he was younger.

I find it unlikely that these people are all merely mistaken or lying about their research and experiences. I don’t think these Satanic networks are a Christian scare tactic to try to coax people into going to church either. While it is possible these Satanic secret societies do not actually exist, and there is a conspiracy to make you think they do, I find it very improbable. It seems more likely that these secret societies are very real, as there is plenty of evidence to suggest they are.

There is a concept called Generational Satanists. Satanism, i.e. mind control through sexual abuse, runs in their family in order the ensure the nexy generation follows in their footsteps. I even found a quote on the internet by the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, saying: “It’s been known for quite some time that the Bush family are Generational Satanists.” While I do not know if LaVey actually said it, based on what I know about the Bush’s it sounds about right.

Transhumanism is one of the core values of these secret societies, I believe. It’s about merging man with machine, and eventually becoming machine, i.e. losing our humanity. That is what the Satanists want. It’s not about being more efficient or smarter, but about being possessed by demons. Whether the Satanists are merely devious, yet insane people, who believe in demons, or these demons actually exist as metaphysical entities, is a discussion for another time.



When you see insane Social Justice Warriors spouting their propaganda and getting people fired for being politically incorrect, it can be tempting focus on merely pointing out the fallacy of their logic, but as you must realize, they are not well connected with reality. They would not have such power if someone didn’t allow them to have it.

Jews and Zionists do have a lot influence in the world, but you shouldn’t ignore the rest of the story. It can be convenient to blame Jews for everything, but I do not think it is correct. Even Hitler back in the day didn’t exclusively accuse the Jews for all of the problems. He spoke of the clique of internationalists who owe to allegiance to any country. However, toppling Zionism can serve as a means of uncovering what is behind it.

In case you do not know much about these Satanic secret societies, I suggest you look into the work of the people I mentioned above. The secret societies seem to have a religious and practical reason for promoting all forms of degeneracy.



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German politician Henriette Reker stabbed by anti-immigration extremist?

Yesterday a German mayoral candidate in Cologne (Köln), Henriette Reker, was stabbed by a man when she was apparently campaigning. The media is blatantly pushing the story that the attacker did it because he’s an anti-immigration extremist. Regardless of who the attacker was and what his motives were, the media’s motives are clear; demonize people who have backbone and common sense and who oppose the invasion of their country.

As far as I know this incident was genuine, i.e. not a false flag nor a hoax, yet I am not making any assumptions, meaning I won’t assume that we are being told the truth either. There are a few details in the story I find perplexing though.

Most of the news articles I’ve seen on the incident report merely that Reker was stabbed by a 44-year old man with two knives, and he was motivated by anti-refugee sentiment. The media spends little effort explaning the scene that lead to the stabbing. Other people were apparently injured as well. International Business Times says that “Reker was handing out roses at a weekly market”. Independent UK says her supporters were handing out flowers, and the attacker asked for a rose before stabbing her. The same article also has a picture of bloody bandages next to an electoral advertisement for Reker, and the caption says it was at the crime scene.

The BBC has a picture of the crime scene as well, with a CDU (Christian Democratic Union) umbrella, balloons and electoral poster.

The Guardian does in fact state under a picture of Reker that she was campaigning for the election.


It isn’t, however, immediately clear from the articles that she was campaigning, since the only reason the media cares is that it fits their “demonize people who care about their country” and “promote immigration” -agenda. If then she was out in public when she was attacked, and other people were injured, it would probably mean there were eyewitnesses to the stabbing. Why hasn’t the media said anything about them? Sure, it’s possible the police is still interviewing them, and/or has told them not to say anything to the press, but the media could at least mention something about the existence of eyewitnesses. Moreover the media was apparently leaked the bit of information that the attacker had “a racist motivation for committing this act”, and he had “anti-foreigner motives”.

If the media cared about being responsible, and not spreading hear-say they wouldn’t be colluding together spreading the same message. All the main stream media websites I’ve seen so far have told the same tale that the attacker did it because of his anti-immigration views. There is a clear agenda here.

International Business Times (IBT) describes the attacker as “a 44-year-old resident”, and BBC says the police “have arrested a 44-year-old German national and Cologne resident”. Calling the attacker a “resident” sounds suspicious to me. It might mean that the guy’s background is actually that is an immigrant, or that his parents were. However, I’ll have to wait for more information to be released.

The IBT article also has a short video of Reker, apparently, on a gurney holding her hand up. She seems to be fairly healthy for someone stabbed in the neck and stomach. I guess the attacker didn’t get a decent hit in, or something. This seems suspicious to me.

The alleged attacker’s motive is dubious as well. Why did he stab Henriette Rekel. She was a mere mayoral candidate, not someone important, it would seem. Her English Wikipedia page has three lines of text describing her accomplishments, and six lines describing the attack. Her German page is a bit longer, but I don’t know what it says. Probably the authorities are just going to paint the attacker as another lone nut going crazy. I’m pretty sure lone nuts do exist, and they sometimes commit crimes, but more often than not “lone nuts” are just a tool for the establishment, such as Lee Harvey Oswald. IBT writes: “police were set to evaluate the suspect’s psychiatric health in an effort to see whether his alleged xenophobia was the main reason for the stabbing”.

Even if the stabbing was genuine, and some crazy guy did attack Reker, I’m still not filled with empathy for her. I don’t condone the attack, I don’t support stabbing of old women even if they are idiots, yet let’s look at the big picture. Based on the media narrative, Reker is supporting the invasion of Germany by foreign forces. She is colluding with the enemy, and opening gates for them. If people like her, such as Angela Merkel, are not stopped these stabbings will become much more common, as will rapes and murders and other crimes. I cannot feel empathy for collaborators when a war is waging. Europe, and Germany in particular, is being invaded. The collaborators are doing much more damage to Germany than any crazy person with a knife ever could.



It appears Henriette Reker was elected the mayor of Cologne shortly after her stabbing. How very convenient for her. Although BBC says “She is in a serious but stable condition in hospital”, “Ms Reker is expected to make a complete recovery, they added.” I may be a cynical bastard, but this seems more like a publicity stunt. A very sick one at that.




It has been 5 days since the alleged stabbing. The suspect is “an unemployed painter and varnisher and had been living off welfare payments.” As far as I know no further info on him has been released. I also haven’t seen any update on the four other people who supposedly were injured in the incident.


A candlelight vigil was held against xenophobia. How sweet. I haven’t seen them hold vigils for the women raped by the immigrants. Rather the police is covering them up, and Germans may have their children taken away for criticizing the immigrants on social media. Let’s just ignore all of this and cry for Reker who wasn’t even seriously injured.



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Rocking MrE Bravely Blocked me

Rocking MrE is a libertarian youtuber who discusses many social issues of today. I’ve watched dozens of his videos over the last few years and I generally agree with them, and I’ve thought he’s a decent guy. A couple of days ago he posted a video titled Recurring German Totalitarianism, which changed my view of him, especially after the treatment I got from him when I responded to his video.

In the video Rocking MrE highlights what he sees as “recurring German totalitarianism”, which has had a negative effect on the world ever since the Germanic Goths raided ancient Rome and started the Holy Roman Empire. He continues onto Martin Luther’s reformation of Christianity, birth of Communism, onto the Nazis and finally into modern day with Angela Merkel. Rocking MrE asks “why Germans were ever allowed to have a national identity again after causing two World Wars?” His solution to the German problem that they “want to dominate others” is not to allow “Germany exist as a nation in any capacity ever again”.

I found Rocking MrE’s claims that German culture is somehow inherently totalitarian outrageous, and his solution is to apparently genocide Germans, or at least massacre them into submission, even more alarming. What else could it mean that he does not want the Germans to exist as a nation ever again other than genocide, or somehow suppress and humiliate the German psyche so that they are mentally and spiritually genocided?

I posted the following comment on his video to address my concerns:

“I usually like your videos, but this time I very much disagree with what you are saying. First of all, I think in WWII the Axis was the lesser of two evils. And if we’re talking about the evil that European nations have inflicted on the world, Great Britain wins the prize. In the Victorian era the British empire dominated half of the world through violence and other underhanded methods. Britain was influential in promoting Zionism and creating the state of Israel. The reason why Germany today is acting totalitarian and telling other European nations what to do is that it’s not the Germans who are in control of their own country, but globalist, US and Zionist -forces. It’s the Zionists who are setting up Germany to be the bad guy, the same as they did in the 1930s, and you seem to believe them.”

MrE ignored my comment. This is fair enough. I don’t mind if someone ignores a comment on the internet. It is a normal occurrence.

I read more of the comments on the video and saw this:


I regarded Rocking MrE’s reasoning for the evil of Germany as an alarmingly Cultural Marxist way of thinking and commented on it. A brief discussion ensued:


As you can see Rocking MrE blocked me and therefore I cannot respond to him on Youtube so I have to do it here. I would have accepted if he had said that he does not wish to argue with me, or that we can agree to disagree, but instead he blocked and calls me “pathetically dishonest” and uses other disparaging remarks, and on top of it he blocked me. I not only take it personally, but view it as evidence that Rocking MrE himself does not have much faith in his claims, and therefore wishes to censor people who disagree with him.

My response to MrE’s final comment is as follows. I did not say he was a Cultural Marxist for opposing the German leftist agenda. I did not say he was a Cultural Marxist at all. I merely commented that his reasoning sounds like it, and I was sort of curious and perplexed by why he would act like Cultural Marxists do. The real issue is not however whether or not the moniker Cultural Marxist is applicable here or not, but that Rocking MrE seems to be advocating war on Germany, because their culture is somehow irreparably wrong. Is he suggesting that other European nations should attack Germany to destroy it? Cause a civil war in the European Union? Don’t you think Europe has enough problems already? Or if he is not talking about literal war against Germany, what is he talking about when he says we shouldn’t allow Germany to “exist as a nation in any capacity ever again”?

You cannot prove that a culture that is thousands of years old is inherently “regressive” with a 10-minute video. This is simply a silly statement. You can take a few negative facts about any culture, downplay the mundane and the good parts, and the culture seems despicable. Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I cannot make a moral judgement on the Goths sacking Rome. It’s just an historical event. I cannot say that the Romans were good and the Goths bad or regressive, or vice versa.

Perhaps I am once again ignorant, but I do not see the connection between Goths sacking Rome over a 1,500 years ago and Angela Merkel’s leftist policies today. Were the Goths the first leftists or something? I hate her policies almost as much Rocking MrE does, but not apparently as much as he does, since his hatred of German culture seems to amplify it. The problem in Germany is that the Germans don’t really control their own country. Instead the United States and Israel, at least, have too much influence over Germany. Many Germans hate Merkel too. I don’t think they’re the exception, the few good non-totalitarian Germans.

Germany was the victim in both world wars. Not the instigator. In the first war it was betrayed by its leftist politicians, and other European nations descended on it like hyenas. Britain started the second world war, not Germany. A document which contains an early draft of the British king’s speech was discovered last year, and it heavily suggests Britain wanted to declare war on Germany before it invaded Poland. It was dated 7 days before the Polish invasion. Germany has been falsely demonized ever since the end of the war. I have written a few posts on this, and alternative media sites such as Red Ice Creations have made many programs on this.

The Frankfurt School, the originators of Cultural Marxism, came from Germany, true. However, they were not appreciated in Germany, and they fled to America. Moreover most of them were Jews. They weren’t exactly the regular beer and lederhosen -representatives of German culture. Same goes for Karl Marx.

Once again I must reiterate that my beef with Rocking MrE is that he seems to be advocating destruction or the genocide of Germans. This is actual Hate Speech. It’s a Marxist term which I despise, but unlike Marxists, I don’t want to see Hate Speech banned. I’m happy to see people expose their true colours. Despite his protests Rocking MrE seems to be advocating the same thing as Cultural Marxists do: destruction of European people, or at least our culture. The difference is MrE has so far announced he wishes to destroy only German culture.

Rocking MrE has added a notification to the start of his video that armies of David Duke have trolled him. I can understand if he is edgy and wants to block people he views as trolls, if many trolls have attacked him because of the video. However, somehow I don’t think David Duke has “armies” or that he would be sending them to attack a youtuber for making a video. I see it as more likely that people were calling MrE out for his insane anti-German rantings.



I didn’t call Britain the most evil nation in Europe because Rocking MrE is British, but because I think Britain’s actions speak for themselves. I also do not blame British culture, but the political establishment. I kind of like both British and German culture.



Recurring German Totalitarianism:

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How Albert Pike’s letter can aid us in the Nationalist Revival

What is happening today in the West bears an eerie resemblance to what the alleged Freemason Albert Pike supposedly described in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini over a hundred years ago. This infamous passage from the letter has been quoted by several conspiracy researchers:

“We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

Someone has certainly unleashed the Nihilists and we are suffering from the effect of “absolute atheism” in the form of Cultural Marxism and its offshoots like feminism, the LGBT, Social Justice Warriors, etc. Sure, the passage does not explicitly mention sexual deviants and people who resent their own race and nation, so I cannot say it describes our current situation exactly, but I still see an eerie resemblance. Yet there is one slight problem with this alleged letter from Albert Pike. It is supposed to be a hoax.

A man named Leo Taxil (1854-1907) had confessed to faking the letter in order to have a few laughs and make money. I’m two minds about this confession. It could be true, and Leo Taxil was simply making the letter up. Alternatively the letter by Pike to Mazzini really does exist, and it does describe a nefarious Masonic conspiracy, which would suggest that Taxil’s version of the letter was not a hoax, but a forgery made with the intention of creating a red herring to mislead people, and prevent the contents of the original letter from reaching the eyes of non-Masons. Even Wikipedia mentions that “Taxil first became known for writing anti-Clerical or anti-Catholic books”. Catholics and Freemasons were supposedly in opposition to each other. Perhaps Taxil had sympathies with Freemasons, but later on he realized a better way of helping the Masonic cause was not to attack the church, but exaggerate the conspiratorial nature of the Masons so that intelligent people would not take it seriously.

However, I am not saying this is what Leo Taxil was doing. I simply do not have enough information on the matter. The alleged letter from Pike to Mazzini co-incidentally does offer some advice on our current situation in 2015 even if it was a hoax.

In recent years, particularly in recent months a lot has happened to bolster the nationalist sentiment and resurgence of conservative values in Westerners. Mass immigration is forced into our countries, LGBT-propaganda is flooding from every outlet, the Black Lives Matter-movement has stirred distrust between the races in America, and so on. I can’t help but think that the conspirators who are orchestrating this situation are so short-sighted as to believe we would just roll-over when Jihadists are being let into our countries, or when Progressive people are trying to normalize pedophilia and transgenderism. I think they’re trying to get us mad and on the warpath, and are doing a good job at it. Just last week I wrote a post saying that Sweden has to do something like Germany did in the 1930s and become a nationalistic state in order to survive.

The political elite is doing all sorts stunts that seem to be for the express purposes of infuriating us, such as the case in Germany where school children are supposed to clean the filth left behind by the migrants. On the other hand Germans could have their children taken away for criticizing immigration on Facebook. In America people are getting fired for saying something that is perceived as racist or sexist. There are various examples of these insanely stupid and infuriating things in the Western world, since Cultural Marxists have been given the reigns of society. However, most of these Cultural Marxists are clearly insane and not too bright either, so I doubt they gained this position in society by their own merit nor can they hold onto it for that long. My belief is that the shadowy elite, be they Freemasons, Jews, reptilians or Your Mom, gave them the power with the explicit purpose of running Western society into the ground, and making people upset. Then they can offer their solution; Ordo ab Chao.

The “Nihilists and the atheists” have been unleashed, now the conspirators are waiting for our response to “exterminate those destroyers of civilization”. To me it looks like they’re trying to make us start a Race War, like Charles Manson predicted in the sixties, and make us become as inhumane as the Cultural Marxists are. My advice on how to proceed on this is to be mindful of what is happening. We have to be cool-headed and rational. While I support the nationalistic revival going on in the West right now, we have to be careful not to play their game. We cannot let them push us too far into bloodshed. We have to defend ourselves when attacked, of course, but must not let it go too far.



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The Matriarchy perpetuates Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the feminist rhetoric on the Patriarchy that perpetuates Rape Culture, and hopefully seen through the falsehoods of the narrative. I agree with the feminists to the degree that there is a Rape Culture in the West, and many other regions of the world, but it is not being supported by any patriarchal system in the West. It is the schizophrenic tolerance of every crime committed by The Other that the modern matriarchal leftists and “liberals” espouses that promotes Rape Culture.

I am echoing myself from last January when I wrote the article Bring back the Patriarchy! when I say that if we truly had a patriarchal society we’d have a lot less rape than we do now. The word patriarchy roots from the Latin word “pater” meaning father, and means “system of society or government by fathers or elder males of the community”. Men usually value virginity in women, especially fathers value the purity of their daughters, and therefore do not wish them to become common sluts, whores, sex slaves or rape victims. The feminist claim that there is a patriarchy, or that the patriarchy wants to promote rape, is completely fallacious.

Perhaps if the world was ruled by 20-year old frat boys, or Muslim men, they would happily perpetuate rape culture, but the world is not ruled by men barely past their adolescence. And if, as the feminists claim, the world is controlled by a patriarchy, it is ruled by fathers and elder men. Such people tend more to be overly controlling of the sexuality of young women, particularly inhibiting them of engaging in sexuals acts. This is true at least for Western Christian, and East-Asian Confucian cultures.

Look at how the patriarchy sexually exploited women. This is a picture of a woman a few centuries ago under the patriarchal system.

This is a modern woman under the matriarchy.

Which system tried to conserve the sexuality of the woman more? Which system tried to prevent rape more? Sure there have always been rapes in the world, but before the matriarchy took over it was regarded as a reprehensible act. Not anymore.

Sweden is arguably the most matriarchal country in the world. Rape seems fairly acceptable there. Just a few months ago a Somali raped a 12-year old Swedish girl. The rapist said several times that “black cock is expensive”. He was punished with 180 hours of community service. I guess in practice that means a couple of weeks worth of work. A Swedish Youtuber, Angry Foreigner, commented that the rapist was awarded for the act, since a lot of people would have wanted to get the job he got. This isn’t some quirky exception either, but rather quite common among leftists, feminists and their ilk. They just love to ignore rape committed by non-white people, for some reason.

It should be clear now to anyone paying attention that the matriarchy of the left perpetuates Rape Culture. I’m not sure why, though. Perhaps it is some sick degree of envy that some women hold for each other. If in the past women competed over who has the prettiest dress or the richest husband, now they pride over “I haven’t been raped, you have. Haahaa.” Another thing is the ole Stockhold syndrome (how fitting) where victims defend their attacker. There are cases when some women afterwards defend the rapist that attacked them, or defend men who raped someone else. I suppose the logic in Stockhold syndrome is that the victim is so afraid she mentally joins what she perceives as the winning team, i.e. the rapist, in order not to be victimized again. But truth be told, I’m not quite sure how why feminists and matriarchs promote rape.

All I can say that I’m a man who cares about the well-being of women. Therefore I say the matriarchy must be destroyed in order to stop mass rapes.


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Reality Avoidance in the mind of the Liberal

There’s something psychologically wrong with people who buy into this contemporary ideology of tolerance, equality, inclusiveness and no-borders, and they rarely even practice what they preach.

First of all, they believe in Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance. Although modern “liberals” pretend to tolerate difference in opinion, they are most digital in their mindset: either you agree with them or you’re an enemy. Plenty of articles and videos have been made of this already, so I won’t waste time on it.

Secondly, “liberals” who believe in the equality of all races and cultures tend to be white Westerners who’ve only traveled in white Western countries. They’ve hardly ever had any significant contact with people from non-European cultures, yet somehow they think that importing hordes of migrants into Europe from Africa and the Middle-East will somehow transform those migrants’ mindsets to parallel theirs, although their cultures are equal so the migrants don’t have to do it, but somehow this European “liberal” mindset is more equal, and the only reason the existence of migrants in Europe cause trouble is that there are old-fashioned, intolerant people in Europe. If that sounds nonsensical, good, since it is.

According to common preconceptions people who’ve never left their home countries, or barely traveled abroad, are ignorant, intolerant hicks. In my experience, however, the most ignorant and intolerant people are the “liberals” who believe in these modern Emperor’s New Clothes-ideologies of inclusiveness, and pretend to be open-minded and worldly. Alas, their ignorance of their own ignorance only makes them more intolerant. Whereas people who have not traveled a lot, in my experience, are well cognizant of the fact that they are ignorant to some facts about certain countries, and are generally not intolerant. Sure, there are probably some Neo-Nazi-types who like to hate people just because they look or sound different, but I haven’t met people like them since I left high school.

Once again, in my experience, it is “educated”, academic people, who have not traveled outside of the Western world, that are most intolerant and backward in their thinking. More down-to-earth people who work in more practical fields tend to be more open-minded, but not gullible and dumb. It is these academic people who despise people who don’t think like them, except when those people are from other races and cultures. However, I do not think that is due to them being tolerant of the cultural differences, but more of blind-spot in their mind. Violence and intolerance can be perpetrated only by people of European stock, and when someone else does it, “liberals” either don’t see it, or somehow the white patriarchy made them do it. The “liberal” mindset is a truly Eurocentric and “racist” way of looking at the world, on top of being dangerously delusional and utopian. I doubt anyone outside of the Western world shares this universalistic idea of inclusiveness and equality.

For example, a few days ago it was reported that a female European “No borders”-activist was gang raped by Sudanese migrants. Her leftist cohorts suggested to her that she shouldn’t report it as it might be harmful to their “No borders” ideology. I guess eventually she came to her senses, since we heard of the story. Clearly these Sudanese rapists do not share their ideology of tolerance. Perhaps the woman who was raped learned something from this incident, but I doubt the other “liberal” zombies did. They’ll probably brush these rapists off as “a few bad apples”, since not every Sudanese migrant is like them. Yeah, not all of these migrants and refugees are like them, but a significant minority is. You have to be insane not to see it.

The victim-praising and mental self-flagellation of the “liberals” reminds me of medieval monks who sought temptation just so they could resist it. They derived pleasure from managing to avoid temptation. Also the practice of religious flagellation, whipping oneself to learn discipline, is similar. Any normal human being would get angry, and probably develops some xenophobic sentiments, when foreigners rape and pillage your country. The “liberals” though, they probably feel like they will be rewarded by an invisible god of tolerance for allowing this to go on.

These people are sick. They despise reason, decency and dignity.



“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

-Mark Twain

True. The “liberals” really need to travel. They need to see not everyone shares their values. In fact, no sane person does.



CLAIM: ‘No Borders’ Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’:

Insight into the Cultural Marxist mind:

The Sweden I knew is dead. Swedes have two choices how to continue

I’m Finnish, and my nation has a long history with Sweden. A veritable love-hate relationship. When I was a child I visited Stockholm a few times, and liked it, particularly because of the three-story toystore called Stor och Liten (Big and small). But there are plenty of things in Sweden I, and many Finns, don’t like such as forcing Christianity onto us 700-800 years ago, and forcing us to study Swedish at school, since it’s the second official language of Finland. But the worst sin Sweden has committed is import countless Arabs and Africans into their country.

Reading news about Sweden makes it quite clear the liberal, although often obnoxious, yet benevolent Sweden I knew as a child does not exist anymore. All things change; people, cultures and nations, but Sweden seems different. Sweden has cuckolded itself into a suicide.

Immigrants in Sweden commit rapes, murders and other acts of violence fairly consistently, and native Swedes who speak out are racists, apparently. Well, I’m saying they’re not racist enough. I see that Swedes have only two choices to make: accept the process of suicide they started decades ago, and let Sweden become an Islamic caliphate; or revive the Norse spirit. Start a new nationalist Sweden akin to Nazi Germany. Voting for the Sweden Democrats party is not enough, but I guess it is a start. Islamic caliphates probably have some degree of law and order, what Sweden is becoming seems to lack even that.

I’d feel much safer in Finland with Nazi Germany as a neighbour, instead of any Islamic country. Especially since Sweden seems to have attracted much of the worst people from third world countries. You Swedes have to make the decision, do you want to survive, or are you so afraid of being labeled racist?

A couple of months a mother and child were killed in an Ikea store by an Eritrean immigrant. An article by Ingrid Carlqvist quotes several Swedes emailing their concerns to the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, since he hasn’t even addressed this killing in public. It’s nice to notice Swedes aren’t completely asleep, but how they express their concerns are rather meek. They say things like the government should condemn all acts of violence, instead of just promoting their anti-racism campaigns. Merely having a politician condemn acts of violence, or speaking about them is pointless. It’s the regular Swedes who have to fight violence with violence to preserve their race. It’s no more Mr. Niceguy for Sweden, or there will be no Sweden.

One another thing I noticed is when a horrible crime occurs, such as this Ikea killing, the politicians stay away from it. However, when a hoax or a false flag occurs, politicians promote their agendas. Obama certainly seems to be pushing gun control after dubious shootings. Same goes for feminists who stay silent after a real rape occurs, but make their song and dance routine after a fake one.

Swedes should cut the crap, and fight for their country. I don’t wanna see the Islamic Caliphate of Sweden become reality.



Sweden: “No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun” – Sweden in Shock after IKEA Murders:

Stor och liten: