The Sweden I knew is dead. Swedes have two choices how to continue

I’m Finnish, and my nation has a long history with Sweden. A veritable love-hate relationship. When I was a child I visited Stockholm a few times, and liked it, particularly because of the three-story toystore called Stor och Liten (Big and small). But there are plenty of things in Sweden I, and many Finns, don’t like such as forcing Christianity onto us 700-800 years ago, and forcing us to study Swedish at school, since it’s the second official language of Finland. But the worst sin Sweden has committed is import countless Arabs and Africans into their country.

Reading news about Sweden makes it quite clear the liberal, although often obnoxious, yet benevolent Sweden I knew as a child does not exist anymore. All things change; people, cultures and nations, but Sweden seems different. Sweden has cuckolded itself into a suicide.

Immigrants in Sweden commit rapes, murders and other acts of violence fairly consistently, and native Swedes who speak out are racists, apparently. Well, I’m saying they’re not racist enough. I see that Swedes have only two choices to make: accept the process of suicide they started decades ago, and let Sweden become an Islamic caliphate; or revive the Norse spirit. Start a new nationalist Sweden akin to Nazi Germany. Voting for the Sweden Democrats party is not enough, but I guess it is a start. Islamic caliphates probably have some degree of law and order, what Sweden is becoming seems to lack even that.

I’d feel much safer in Finland with Nazi Germany as a neighbour, instead of any Islamic country. Especially since Sweden seems to have attracted much of the worst people from third world countries. You Swedes have to make the decision, do you want to survive, or are you so afraid of being labeled racist?

A couple of months a mother and child were killed in an Ikea store by an Eritrean immigrant. An article by Ingrid Carlqvist quotes several Swedes emailing their concerns to the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, since he hasn’t even addressed this killing in public. It’s nice to notice Swedes aren’t completely asleep, but how they express their concerns are rather meek. They say things like the government should condemn all acts of violence, instead of just promoting their anti-racism campaigns. Merely having a politician condemn acts of violence, or speaking about them is pointless. It’s the regular Swedes who have to fight violence with violence to preserve their race. It’s no more Mr. Niceguy for Sweden, or there will be no Sweden.

One another thing I noticed is when a horrible crime occurs, such as this Ikea killing, the politicians stay away from it. However, when a hoax or a false flag occurs, politicians promote their agendas. Obama certainly seems to be pushing gun control after dubious shootings. Same goes for feminists who stay silent after a real rape occurs, but make their song and dance routine after a fake one.

Swedes should cut the crap, and fight for their country. I don’t wanna see the Islamic Caliphate of Sweden become reality.



Sweden: “No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun” – Sweden in Shock after IKEA Murders:

Stor och liten:


4 thoughts on “The Sweden I knew is dead. Swedes have two choices how to continue”

  1. I am writing a post about this very topic. I agree with you – Europe must either accept cultural death at the hands of immigrants, or abandon its “nice guy” policies.

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