Reality Avoidance in the mind of the Liberal

There’s something psychologically wrong with people who buy into this contemporary ideology of tolerance, equality, inclusiveness and no-borders, and they rarely even practice what they preach.

First of all, they believe in Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance. Although modern “liberals” pretend to tolerate difference in opinion, they are most digital in their mindset: either you agree with them or you’re an enemy. Plenty of articles and videos have been made of this already, so I won’t waste time on it.

Secondly, “liberals” who believe in the equality of all races and cultures tend to be white Westerners who’ve only traveled in white Western countries. They’ve hardly ever had any significant contact with people from non-European cultures, yet somehow they think that importing hordes of migrants into Europe from Africa and the Middle-East will somehow transform those migrants’ mindsets to parallel theirs, although their cultures are equal so the migrants don’t have to do it, but somehow this European “liberal” mindset is more equal, and the only reason the existence of migrants in Europe cause trouble is that there are old-fashioned, intolerant people in Europe. If that sounds nonsensical, good, since it is.

According to common preconceptions people who’ve never left their home countries, or barely traveled abroad, are ignorant, intolerant hicks. In my experience, however, the most ignorant and intolerant people are the “liberals” who believe in these modern Emperor’s New Clothes-ideologies of inclusiveness, and pretend to be open-minded and worldly. Alas, their ignorance of their own ignorance only makes them more intolerant. Whereas people who have not traveled a lot, in my experience, are well cognizant of the fact that they are ignorant to some facts about certain countries, and are generally not intolerant. Sure, there are probably some Neo-Nazi-types who like to hate people just because they look or sound different, but I haven’t met people like them since I left high school.

Once again, in my experience, it is “educated”, academic people, who have not traveled outside of the Western world, that are most intolerant and backward in their thinking. More down-to-earth people who work in more practical fields tend to be more open-minded, but not gullible and dumb. It is these academic people who despise people who don’t think like them, except when those people are from other races and cultures. However, I do not think that is due to them being tolerant of the cultural differences, but more of blind-spot in their mind. Violence and intolerance can be perpetrated only by people of European stock, and when someone else does it, “liberals” either don’t see it, or somehow the white patriarchy made them do it. The “liberal” mindset is a truly Eurocentric and “racist” way of looking at the world, on top of being dangerously delusional and utopian. I doubt anyone outside of the Western world shares this universalistic idea of inclusiveness and equality.

For example, a few days ago it was reported that a female European “No borders”-activist was gang raped by Sudanese migrants. Her leftist cohorts suggested to her that she shouldn’t report it as it might be harmful to their “No borders” ideology. I guess eventually she came to her senses, since we heard of the story. Clearly these Sudanese rapists do not share their ideology of tolerance. Perhaps the woman who was raped learned something from this incident, but I doubt the other “liberal” zombies did. They’ll probably brush these rapists off as “a few bad apples”, since not every Sudanese migrant is like them. Yeah, not all of these migrants and refugees are like them, but a significant minority is. You have to be insane not to see it.

The victim-praising and mental self-flagellation of the “liberals” reminds me of medieval monks who sought temptation just so they could resist it. They derived pleasure from managing to avoid temptation. Also the practice of religious flagellation, whipping oneself to learn discipline, is similar. Any normal human being would get angry, and probably develops some xenophobic sentiments, when foreigners rape and pillage your country. The “liberals” though, they probably feel like they will be rewarded by an invisible god of tolerance for allowing this to go on.

These people are sick. They despise reason, decency and dignity.



“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

-Mark Twain

True. The “liberals” really need to travel. They need to see not everyone shares their values. In fact, no sane person does.



CLAIM: ‘No Borders’ Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’:

Insight into the Cultural Marxist mind:


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