The Matriarchy perpetuates Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the feminist rhetoric on the Patriarchy that perpetuates Rape Culture, and hopefully seen through the falsehoods of the narrative. I agree with the feminists to the degree that there is a Rape Culture in the West, and many other regions of the world, but it is not being supported by any patriarchal system in the West. It is the schizophrenic tolerance of every crime committed by The Other that the modern matriarchal leftists and “liberals” espouses that promotes Rape Culture.

I am echoing myself from last January when I wrote the article Bring back the Patriarchy! when I say that if we truly had a patriarchal society we’d have a lot less rape than we do now. The word patriarchy roots from the Latin word “pater” meaning father, and means “system of society or government by fathers or elder males of the community”. Men usually value virginity in women, especially fathers value the purity of their daughters, and therefore do not wish them to become common sluts, whores, sex slaves or rape victims. The feminist claim that there is a patriarchy, or that the patriarchy wants to promote rape, is completely fallacious.

Perhaps if the world was ruled by 20-year old frat boys, or Muslim men, they would happily perpetuate rape culture, but the world is not ruled by men barely past their adolescence. And if, as the feminists claim, the world is controlled by a patriarchy, it is ruled by fathers and elder men. Such people tend more to be overly controlling of the sexuality of young women, particularly inhibiting them of engaging in sexuals acts. This is true at least for Western Christian, and East-Asian Confucian cultures.

Look at how the patriarchy sexually exploited women. This is a picture of a woman a few centuries ago under the patriarchal system.

This is a modern woman under the matriarchy.

Which system tried to conserve the sexuality of the woman more? Which system tried to prevent rape more? Sure there have always been rapes in the world, but before the matriarchy took over it was regarded as a reprehensible act. Not anymore.

Sweden is arguably the most matriarchal country in the world. Rape seems fairly acceptable there. Just a few months ago a Somali raped a 12-year old Swedish girl. The rapist said several times that “black cock is expensive”. He was punished with 180 hours of community service. I guess in practice that means a couple of weeks worth of work. A Swedish Youtuber, Angry Foreigner, commented that the rapist was awarded for the act, since a lot of people would have wanted to get the job he got. This isn’t some quirky exception either, but rather quite common among leftists, feminists and their ilk. They just love to ignore rape committed by non-white people, for some reason.

It should be clear now to anyone paying attention that the matriarchy of the left perpetuates Rape Culture. I’m not sure why, though. Perhaps it is some sick degree of envy that some women hold for each other. If in the past women competed over who has the prettiest dress or the richest husband, now they pride over “I haven’t been raped, you have. Haahaa.” Another thing is the ole Stockhold syndrome (how fitting) where victims defend their attacker. There are cases when some women afterwards defend the rapist that attacked them, or defend men who raped someone else. I suppose the logic in Stockhold syndrome is that the victim is so afraid she mentally joins what she perceives as the winning team, i.e. the rapist, in order not to be victimized again. But truth be told, I’m not quite sure how why feminists and matriarchs promote rape.

All I can say that I’m a man who cares about the well-being of women. Therefore I say the matriarchy must be destroyed in order to stop mass rapes.


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4 thoughts on “The Matriarchy perpetuates Rape Culture”

  1. Someone once mentioned in a heartiste comment feed that women are programmed to give a hall pass to the ‘other’ due to their instinct to cultivate genetic diversity- hence getting you and me to fund ‘group fitness’ by paying taxes fro women to fuck ‘interesting’ guys aka drug dealers, pretend rock musicians, and immigrants of every background. Meanwhile the guy next door has to use psychopath game to get laid at all or just go mgtow…

  2. What the fuck did I just read? Pretty sure this gave me actual whiplash: “…if we truly had a patriarchal society we’d have a lot less rape than we do now.” Are you insane? Back in the day, people didn’t even consider rape a crime unless it was committed by a stranger. You think women had any kind of legal recourse or social credibility if their fathers, brothers, uncles, or husbands raped or assaulted them? What about male victims — or are we just going to hand-wave those away? You think sexual abuse is a modern phenomenon? What. the. fuck.

    Rape isn’t new. The only thing that’s new is that we take it more seriously now. I would like to see it taken as seriously as it deserves, which means not letting rapists off with community service and a slap on the wrist. But then, that’s a hallmark of patriarchy: not valuing women enough to actually punish male offenders and denying the reality that men (aka the “dominant sex”) can be victimized at all.

    I know of no society today that could be described as a “matriarchy.” Calling modern Sweden a “matriarchy” is downright delusional.

    1. Sweden has a feminist foreign policy:
      Swedes try to force boys to sit on the toilet like girls.
      If this is not matriarchy, nothing is.

      In a patriarchy, men do not want their wives, daughters and sisters to get raped. In a country with weak men they either don’t care or can’t do anything about it.
      But if you still haven’t seen feminism as the anti-woman scam it is, I can’t help you.

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