Rocking MrE Bravely Blocked me

Rocking MrE is a libertarian youtuber who discusses many social issues of today. I’ve watched dozens of his videos over the last few years and I generally agree with them, and I’ve thought he’s a decent guy. A couple of days ago he posted a video titled Recurring German Totalitarianism, which changed my view of him, especially after the treatment I got from him when I responded to his video.

In the video Rocking MrE highlights what he sees as “recurring German totalitarianism”, which has had a negative effect on the world ever since the Germanic Goths raided ancient Rome and started the Holy Roman Empire. He continues onto Martin Luther’s reformation of Christianity, birth of Communism, onto the Nazis and finally into modern day with Angela Merkel. Rocking MrE asks “why Germans were ever allowed to have a national identity again after causing two World Wars?” His solution to the German problem that they “want to dominate others” is not to allow “Germany exist as a nation in any capacity ever again”.

I found Rocking MrE’s claims that German culture is somehow inherently totalitarian outrageous, and his solution is to apparently genocide Germans, or at least massacre them into submission, even more alarming. What else could it mean that he does not want the Germans to exist as a nation ever again other than genocide, or somehow suppress and humiliate the German psyche so that they are mentally and spiritually genocided?

I posted the following comment on his video to address my concerns:

“I usually like your videos, but this time I very much disagree with what you are saying. First of all, I think in WWII the Axis was the lesser of two evils. And if we’re talking about the evil that European nations have inflicted on the world, Great Britain wins the prize. In the Victorian era the British empire dominated half of the world through violence and other underhanded methods. Britain was influential in promoting Zionism and creating the state of Israel. The reason why Germany today is acting totalitarian and telling other European nations what to do is that it’s not the Germans who are in control of their own country, but globalist, US and Zionist -forces. It’s the Zionists who are setting up Germany to be the bad guy, the same as they did in the 1930s, and you seem to believe them.”

MrE ignored my comment. This is fair enough. I don’t mind if someone ignores a comment on the internet. It is a normal occurrence.

I read more of the comments on the video and saw this:


I regarded Rocking MrE’s reasoning for the evil of Germany as an alarmingly Cultural Marxist way of thinking and commented on it. A brief discussion ensued:


As you can see Rocking MrE blocked me and therefore I cannot respond to him on Youtube so I have to do it here. I would have accepted if he had said that he does not wish to argue with me, or that we can agree to disagree, but instead he blocked and calls me “pathetically dishonest” and uses other disparaging remarks, and on top of it he blocked me. I not only take it personally, but view it as evidence that Rocking MrE himself does not have much faith in his claims, and therefore wishes to censor people who disagree with him.

My response to MrE’s final comment is as follows. I did not say he was a Cultural Marxist for opposing the German leftist agenda. I did not say he was a Cultural Marxist at all. I merely commented that his reasoning sounds like it, and I was sort of curious and perplexed by why he would act like Cultural Marxists do. The real issue is not however whether or not the moniker Cultural Marxist is applicable here or not, but that Rocking MrE seems to be advocating war on Germany, because their culture is somehow irreparably wrong. Is he suggesting that other European nations should attack Germany to destroy it? Cause a civil war in the European Union? Don’t you think Europe has enough problems already? Or if he is not talking about literal war against Germany, what is he talking about when he says we shouldn’t allow Germany to “exist as a nation in any capacity ever again”?

You cannot prove that a culture that is thousands of years old is inherently “regressive” with a 10-minute video. This is simply a silly statement. You can take a few negative facts about any culture, downplay the mundane and the good parts, and the culture seems despicable. Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I cannot make a moral judgement on the Goths sacking Rome. It’s just an historical event. I cannot say that the Romans were good and the Goths bad or regressive, or vice versa.

Perhaps I am once again ignorant, but I do not see the connection between Goths sacking Rome over a 1,500 years ago and Angela Merkel’s leftist policies today. Were the Goths the first leftists or something? I hate her policies almost as much Rocking MrE does, but not apparently as much as he does, since his hatred of German culture seems to amplify it. The problem in Germany is that the Germans don’t really control their own country. Instead the United States and Israel, at least, have too much influence over Germany. Many Germans hate Merkel too. I don’t think they’re the exception, the few good non-totalitarian Germans.

Germany was the victim in both world wars. Not the instigator. In the first war it was betrayed by its leftist politicians, and other European nations descended on it like hyenas. Britain started the second world war, not Germany. A document which contains an early draft of the British king’s speech was discovered last year, and it heavily suggests Britain wanted to declare war on Germany before it invaded Poland. It was dated 7 days before the Polish invasion. Germany has been falsely demonized ever since the end of the war. I have written a few posts on this, and alternative media sites such as Red Ice Creations have made many programs on this.

The Frankfurt School, the originators of Cultural Marxism, came from Germany, true. However, they were not appreciated in Germany, and they fled to America. Moreover most of them were Jews. They weren’t exactly the regular beer and lederhosen -representatives of German culture. Same goes for Karl Marx.

Once again I must reiterate that my beef with Rocking MrE is that he seems to be advocating destruction or the genocide of Germans. This is actual Hate Speech. It’s a Marxist term which I despise, but unlike Marxists, I don’t want to see Hate Speech banned. I’m happy to see people expose their true colours. Despite his protests Rocking MrE seems to be advocating the same thing as Cultural Marxists do: destruction of European people, or at least our culture. The difference is MrE has so far announced he wishes to destroy only German culture.

Rocking MrE has added a notification to the start of his video that armies of David Duke have trolled him. I can understand if he is edgy and wants to block people he views as trolls, if many trolls have attacked him because of the video. However, somehow I don’t think David Duke has “armies” or that he would be sending them to attack a youtuber for making a video. I see it as more likely that people were calling MrE out for his insane anti-German rantings.



I didn’t call Britain the most evil nation in Europe because Rocking MrE is British, but because I think Britain’s actions speak for themselves. I also do not blame British culture, but the political establishment. I kind of like both British and German culture.



Recurring German Totalitarianism:

Document Confirms British were Plotting to Invade Germany Before Germany Invaded Poland:


3 thoughts on “Rocking MrE Bravely Blocked me”

  1. I agree with your post about Rocking Mr E. He has also posted a video titled ‘There is no Palestine’ which is essential an intellectually dishonest defence of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians under the cover of Jewish Nationalism. He even makes the claim that Israel is entitled to even more territory than it now possesses including Jordan based on what I can only assume are biblical claims to that teeritory. And yet he rails against Germany. A nation that has been more sinned against than sinning in the last 100 years.

  2. Personally, I am growing to suspect that Rocking MrE is actually a Muslim himself. He certainly looks like one. He makes the statements about Muslims, merely to make Islamophobia seem stupid. Do not take him too seriously though. His Youtube videos are more of a joke, if anything.

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