German politician Henriette Reker stabbed by anti-immigration extremist?

Yesterday a German mayoral candidate in Cologne (Köln), Henriette Reker, was stabbed by a man when she was apparently campaigning. The media is blatantly pushing the story that the attacker did it because he’s an anti-immigration extremist. Regardless of who the attacker was and what his motives were, the media’s motives are clear; demonize people who have backbone and common sense and who oppose the invasion of their country.

As far as I know this incident was genuine, i.e. not a false flag nor a hoax, yet I am not making any assumptions, meaning I won’t assume that we are being told the truth either. There are a few details in the story I find perplexing though.

Most of the news articles I’ve seen on the incident report merely that Reker was stabbed by a 44-year old man with two knives, and he was motivated by anti-refugee sentiment. The media spends little effort explaning the scene that lead to the stabbing. Other people were apparently injured as well. International Business Times says that “Reker was handing out roses at a weekly market”. Independent UK says her supporters were handing out flowers, and the attacker asked for a rose before stabbing her. The same article also has a picture of bloody bandages next to an electoral advertisement for Reker, and the caption says it was at the crime scene.

The BBC has a picture of the crime scene as well, with a CDU (Christian Democratic Union) umbrella, balloons and electoral poster.

The Guardian does in fact state under a picture of Reker that she was campaigning for the election.


It isn’t, however, immediately clear from the articles that she was campaigning, since the only reason the media cares is that it fits their “demonize people who care about their country” and “promote immigration” -agenda. If then she was out in public when she was attacked, and other people were injured, it would probably mean there were eyewitnesses to the stabbing. Why hasn’t the media said anything about them? Sure, it’s possible the police is still interviewing them, and/or has told them not to say anything to the press, but the media could at least mention something about the existence of eyewitnesses. Moreover the media was apparently leaked the bit of information that the attacker had “a racist motivation for committing this act”, and he had “anti-foreigner motives”.

If the media cared about being responsible, and not spreading hear-say they wouldn’t be colluding together spreading the same message. All the main stream media websites I’ve seen so far have told the same tale that the attacker did it because of his anti-immigration views. There is a clear agenda here.

International Business Times (IBT) describes the attacker as “a 44-year-old resident”, and BBC says the police “have arrested a 44-year-old German national and Cologne resident”. Calling the attacker a “resident” sounds suspicious to me. It might mean that the guy’s background is actually that is an immigrant, or that his parents were. However, I’ll have to wait for more information to be released.

The IBT article also has a short video of Reker, apparently, on a gurney holding her hand up. She seems to be fairly healthy for someone stabbed in the neck and stomach. I guess the attacker didn’t get a decent hit in, or something. This seems suspicious to me.

The alleged attacker’s motive is dubious as well. Why did he stab Henriette Rekel. She was a mere mayoral candidate, not someone important, it would seem. Her English Wikipedia page has three lines of text describing her accomplishments, and six lines describing the attack. Her German page is a bit longer, but I don’t know what it says. Probably the authorities are just going to paint the attacker as another lone nut going crazy. I’m pretty sure lone nuts do exist, and they sometimes commit crimes, but more often than not “lone nuts” are just a tool for the establishment, such as Lee Harvey Oswald. IBT writes: “police were set to evaluate the suspect’s psychiatric health in an effort to see whether his alleged xenophobia was the main reason for the stabbing”.

Even if the stabbing was genuine, and some crazy guy did attack Reker, I’m still not filled with empathy for her. I don’t condone the attack, I don’t support stabbing of old women even if they are idiots, yet let’s look at the big picture. Based on the media narrative, Reker is supporting the invasion of Germany by foreign forces. She is colluding with the enemy, and opening gates for them. If people like her, such as Angela Merkel, are not stopped these stabbings will become much more common, as will rapes and murders and other crimes. I cannot feel empathy for collaborators when a war is waging. Europe, and Germany in particular, is being invaded. The collaborators are doing much more damage to Germany than any crazy person with a knife ever could.



It appears Henriette Reker was elected the mayor of Cologne shortly after her stabbing. How very convenient for her. Although BBC says “She is in a serious but stable condition in hospital”, “Ms Reker is expected to make a complete recovery, they added.” I may be a cynical bastard, but this seems more like a publicity stunt. A very sick one at that.




It has been 5 days since the alleged stabbing. The suspect is “an unemployed painter and varnisher and had been living off welfare payments.” As far as I know no further info on him has been released. I also haven’t seen any update on the four other people who supposedly were injured in the incident.


A candlelight vigil was held against xenophobia. How sweet. I haven’t seen them hold vigils for the women raped by the immigrants. Rather the police is covering them up, and Germans may have their children taken away for criticizing the immigrants on social media. Let’s just ignore all of this and cry for Reker who wasn’t even seriously injured.



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3 thoughts on “German politician Henriette Reker stabbed by anti-immigration extremist?”

  1. This was a false flag, nothing happened as far as I could see. No blood anywhere and Reker – while being put into the ambulance van – waved goodbye to her party member friends.
    How serious can an injury be if one behaves like that?
    Stabbed in the neck/and/or stomach? No one would behave like her if this would have really happened and such injuries are normally serious ones.
    The press will now go on and on about this forever and brand all Germans who are against the influx of millions of refugees as lunatics, Nazis…..the usual bs.
    What you may not know: Currently German citizens are driven out of their city or town owned houses and flats in order to make room for refugees and nursing homes full of old sick and weak people are evacuated to make room for refugees.
    Germany will be hell soon.

    1. I’ve heard about German people being forced out of their houses.
      This incident looks suspicious as hell, so I’m leaning towards false flag too.

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