Cultural Marxism is not only about eradicating white culture, but all cultures

The term White Genocide has been thrown around for a while now as being one of the goals of the Cultural Marxists. I don’t necessarily disagree with the accusation, but that’s not all they want. They want to have a monoethnic globe, i.e. eradicate all traces of race and culture, except for the corporate culture of today.

Last year a “yoga studio” in Texas wanted to have a Bollywood-themed party, where people would dress up in Indian costumes and such. However, it had to be canceled since some “South Asians” might have found it offensive. I don’t think it anyone even found it offensive, but someone said that someone could be offended by it so it had to be banned.

Texans were celebrating Indian culture, and people thought it was offensive. This isn’t about being considerate of the feelings of South Asian people, but rather despising their indigenous culture. Marxists abhor diversity, and want to see it destroyed, although they claim the opposite. I am offended by Cultural Marxism, Harry Potter and the European Union, but I don’t see anyone coming to my rescue to ban them and prevent me from being offended.

Earlier this year candy from the company Haribo had to be banned, since the candy depicted images of “primitive African, Asian or Native American art”. This is apparently racist.

This summer there was some controversy that Western women dressing up in Japanese kimonos is Cultural Appropriation. Once again celebrating other cultures is racist. But if TV shows and videos game don’t depict members of other cultures, they’re racist since there’s no representation. You’re racist if you do, racist if you don’t, so I suggest you stop caring about these Marxist mocking birds’ opinions.

I’ve worn a kimono a few times in my life, and I own one, and one yukata as well. I recommend it, it’s fun. See how racist I am.

Just last week a high school boy from Ontario, Canada, wanted to dress up as a Mariachi musician for Halloween, but of course he couldn’t since that was Cultural Appropriation. However, apparently the boy was Colombian, and the Mariachi band is part of his own ethnic background, but that still wasn’t enough. A “culture is not a costume”, so it’s wrong, ‘mmkay.

The unifying theme here is that the Cultural Marxists despise expressions of unique culture. They are Monoethnic Globalists, i.e. they want a world with no diversity in race or culture. This is a corporate, transhumanist vision where everything we do and think is artificial. Physicist, and NWO puppet, Michio Kaku highlighted the vision in the infamous video where he says that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna represent universal world culture that everyone should accept. If you don’t, you’re basically a terrorist. I kind of like Schwarzenegger, but he’s hardly the originator of the greatest pieces of art on this planet.

The reason why Cultural Marxists adore Islam is that in this day and age Islam is useful for destroying other cultures. However, when the time is ripe, they will turn against Islam the same as they do for all cultures.

I do think that Marxists are genuine in their philosophy of equality. They despise all cultures equally when it comes down to it. The reason why White/Europeans culture is most heavily under assault is that the breeding chamber that Marxists crawled out of, is situated in the West, and they want to devour their own father first, as that is the culture they know and hate the most, but ideologically all cultures are equal for them.



Major Yoga Studio Forced to Cancel Costume Party After Claims of Racism:

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